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SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit – Ultimate Color Combination – New Edition

This functional Palette is perfect for the makeup artist in you. With 168 highly pigmented eye shadows it will be easy to go from day to night. Customize your look with natural colors, trendy shades and bold hues. 98 shimmer shadows provides a rich luster of color. Cool tones ranging from blacks, blues, purples, and greens. Warm colors in reds, oranges, bronze and gold tones. 70 pastel shimmer shadows vary in a wide array of colors. You can use lighter colors to highlight, deeper colors to define and brighter vibrant colors to add an edgy pop to any look. 3 blushes in pale matte pink, vibrant shimmer pink and matte peach. Each blush is perfect to wear alone or mix them together to compliment any skin tone. 6 lip glosses. One in shimmer bronze. 5 matte in pale pink, peach, terracotta, bright red and deep red. With so much makeup to choose from your color combinations will be endless.

Key features

  • 98 Shimmer Eye Shadows – Highly Pigmented & Formulated With Mineral Oil
  • 70 Pastel Shimmer Eye Shadows / Glossy Silky Eye Shadows with Extra Sheen
  • 6 Lip Glosses, 3 Blushes,7 Sponge brushes, 2 Lip Brushes, 1 Blush Brush & 1 Mirror
  • The most gifted, The most wished for and The best seller Makeup set of all time
  • Designed in U.S.A – Not Tested on Animals – Proud member of PETA Organization

Honest reviews


I love it…

I orderd one for a friend and she loved it. I decided to get one for my self. it is realy a good selection of color. I love the color and the quality of the material.

Connie Prudence Island, RI



Christie New Auburn, MN

Great gift

This is a awesome gift idea. you get a lot for your money. My sister absolutely love this. Worked perfect had no issues at all with order. arrived in time for her birthday!

Aisha Bayville, NJ


I should say that this item is a real deal. all in one and I love the color combination. Thanks,

Charlotte Eudora, MO

So upset, waste of money!!!!

I had purchased this as a gift for a friend who wants to be a makeup artist. When I got the package, the box was damaged and looked like it had already been open! When I pulled the makeup kit out, there were broken eyeshadows and the kit was completely snapped in two!!! I posted a couple of pictures of my horrible order. I should have listened to the negative reviews!!!! For a product that is $40, you would think it would be packaged better. This is ridiculous!!! I am so upset!!!

Lara Pomeroy, WA

Great makeup,shipping,everything!

This product is awesome,I really love the makeup colors. The only thing is one eyeshadow was broken,which I wasn’t worried about in such a big collection of eyeshadow. The brushes weren’t the greatest in the kit,but I bought a set of brushes from Shany and they were great to use with this. The colors are gorgeous on my skin,and when used with a primer stick fairly well. I have two minor complaints,which is that the shadow gets powdery so closing this all the way eventually the shadows will get bits of them stuck into each other so I leave it half way open in my cabinet. The other “complaint” is that I really love the lipgloss and wish there was more of it in the kit 🙂 I think for the price it is definitely worth it. I read some reviews on how theirs was broken when they got it etc. Mine was shipped fairly well with bubble wrap and had no problems besides that ONE eyeshadow.

Gladys Harrietta, MI

So Affordable

There are so many colors, and it’s so affordable. It’s the perfect gift. Oh yeah, and its pretty fun to play around with. (:

Marquita Granite Falls, WA


This is an awesome gift for ur bestfriend, girlfriend, mother, etc. It has such a variety of colors of eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss…etc.The eyeshadows are pretty nicely pigmented and its such a perfect gift!!! Recommend it 🙂

Julia Camargo, OK

Pigment is worth-it!

I struggle with trying to get a quality palette that’s pigmented. But when I came across this it is wonderful and you have a variety to choose from witch is always a bargain. The style of it just drives me crazy how cute it is!

Tammie Bowie, AZ

Great product!

Update 10/1/12 I really like this palette, the only downside I could possibly have is that there aren’t any matte shadows, it isn’t enough of a complaint to make a big deal out of this palette.This is a great kit! There’s everything you need for any fun colorful look. It has so many different shades and the shadows are so smooth. This is a great value for anyone looking to build their collection.

Lorrie Ames, IA

Great starter!

What a great starter kit! and at an amazing price! I would love to get this for sister who loves make up and playing with colors!

Dee Norwood, LA

Not worth it. Gross makeup.

Mine came in decent condition – only one pigment broke on its way. The eyeshadows are all FREAKISHLY sparkly and annoying. They flake off throughout the day even with primer. They’re dusty and just kind of disgusting. I only like about four of the textures. The lip glosses burn and are made with terrible quality. Even the applicators that come with are trash. It’d be fine as a gift to pre-teen who is experimenting with makeup, but to any adults, this is garbage. e.l.f. has way better quality palettes.

Belinda Immokalee, FL

Makeup Kit

Came in very good condition. I like all the colors and all the different makeup with in! The handle makes it easy to carry too.

Aline Cambridge, IA

Great for the price

Ordered this product because I wanted a shadow palette for stage makeup. I needed something bright I could pile on. The box came unopened, unbroken.The shadows are fairly pigmented, extremely blendable and very wearable. They were still vibrant after 8 hours dancing.This product, for me, was a great purchase. It arrived two days after my order was placed.

Lacey Kiamesha Lake, NY

your search for pigmented colors stops here!

Amazing quality! I have medium toned skin and am always scouting for highly pigmented shades, whether it’s eye/lip/cheek colors. I was introduced to Shany by a friend and have been using this line ever since! The colors also dont irrirate my sensiitive skin and stay all day, without making me break out – definitely great value for money and a lot if fun !!!

Karin Millston, WI

Good, but use primers!

This kit comes with so many colors! It’s great, but I do wish all the space they used for applicators was used for more lipsticks or blushes (maybe a few light ones)… Also, if you’re fair skinned you’ll want to use a good primer under the brighter colors and especially the red shades since they can stain.

Loretta Chavies, KY

Great product.

Great product, great packaging, great shipping. Good coverage, pretty colours. No issues at all, I will buy again, and recommend you do too.

Dolly South Bloomingville, OH

So Many Choices!

This company is very good at shipping! This product has so many choices to choose from and if you wanted to haul it around you can, because its so perfect for mobility. I like the feature of it folding out it makes easy for storage. It has blushes, lip glosses, and eyeshadows! This is so helpful when they are all together in one place. Kudos!

Katelyn Sartell, MN

I don’t need anymore makeup because i have this!

This makeup kit is amazing. The eyeshadow are pigmented and high quality! With this whole kit, I would be fine without buying any more makeup since it comes with everything from blushes, lip gloss, to eyeshadow! And I can carry this with me when I’m going anywhere!

Katherine Northwood, IA


SHANY Studio Quality Natural Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch, 24 CountSHANY 2012 Edition All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, 25 OunceSHANY Professional 13-Piece Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch, Set of 12 Brushes and 1 Pouch, RedI love this product , everything blends in very nice. All of my Shany palettes I love them all.

Rowena White Oak, TX

Good as a Gift

I got this for my sister for her 12th birthday (b/c she is following her sister’s steps of becoming a makeup addict XD) and so far she has liked it. It kind of reminds me of the sephora block buster set. Anyway if you are familiar with the 120, or 180 palettes, this is the same quality as those. Each individual eyeshadow is pretty small but from experience it takes forever to use even one. There is alot of selection and at a very affordable price. As always with prime shipping, you get the package super fast and do not have to deal with the uncertainty of evilbay.

Sophie Saint Elmo, IL

Make up kit

This is an affordable makeup kit that has everything from eyeshadow to blushes. This kit contains everything you need to complete a look. The packaging is very nice and durable. The shadow to the blushes are very pigmented and nice. Very vibrant colors.

Cora Norway, KS

Great Beginner Gift

This set is amazing for a teen or preteen who loves makeup. It’s compact and has just about everything a girl needs. Even if you are not a teen and want to experiment with color this is the way to go!

Elizabeth Huntley, MT


Although this sounds like a great concept it has too much going on. It broke after one week of use because the plastic just could not handle me.

Frankie Alamo, NV

Bring Out The Makeup Artist In You!

This is the greatest kit! High-end, high quality packaging, rich and brightly pigmented colors. This totally would make a great gift. Create some of the hottest makeup trends around with this palette. Create the smokey eye look, the classic eye look, the neutral eye look, etc. With eye shadows, blushes & lip gloss colors the looks you’ll create are endless! A makeup lover’s dream! And what a great gift to give or receive for Christmas!

Megan Mcadoo, PA


this has so many colors and diffrent types of makeup. it is a perfct gift for someone who is just now getting into makeup! great price for what you are getting

Lourdes Birdeye, AR


For that many shadows, at this price…how can it get any better? I think the little kit itself is adorable, too.

Crystal Hancock, NH

Can’t wait!

I am so excited about this product. You get a great range of colors to choose from and all are highly pigmented. You have everything you need to create almost any look you can possibly imagine and at such a great price too. Purchase this with the 13 peice brush set and you have everything you would need as a beginner to launch your collection and have everything you need to venture out into the makeup world.

Kimberly Gifford, IA


I bought this for my sister who goes CRAZY for makeup! She was so excited to get it, and I was happy that everything was of great quality. She says the makeup holds up through the day very nicely and she loves all the colors.

Peggy New London, OH

i love this!

this product is really a life saver! it comes with everything needed to have a completed eye makeup! it amazing and there is so much variety! i will definitely recommend this!

Beatrice Hi Hat, KY