SHANY Acrylic Nail Brush Sets with Pouch, 5 Ounce

Three drawing tools, seven painting tools (also can be used as gel nail curing brushes), two liners, one dotting tool, two fan brushes for nail art effect.

Key features

  • Set of 15 nail art pens, brushes for design and painting
  • Great for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas
  • Enable you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds
  • Stunning quality and design
  • Color may vary

Honest reviews


Nice brushes

I bought these brushes to use with the Shany gel nail polish. They worked good. They seem to be quality brushes. They made working with the gel nail polish very easy. I will be honest and say that I have never used sepate brushes to apply a polish before. Of course I had never used gel nail polish before. These brushes took a lot of the fear factor out of doing it. They made the task seem so easy. These were definately worth every penny. Linda W.

Liz Camden, WV

Works Great!

All of these brushes are one of a kind! With these brushes I can perfect my french nails and other designs that I would like to create on my nails! With these brushes, I can do my nails in no time! 😀

Lee Ellsworth, PA


These look so pretty and simple to use.I’m just now starting to get into nails and I really want to try to start doing acrylic. I love designs people can make with them. I cannot wait to order this product.

Madelyn East Boothbay, ME

I love these brushes!

I’ve just started getting into painting my own nails and creating designs and so I figured I’d try these brushes. I love how precise these get the details on my nails. 🙂

Kim Woodston, KS


Shany has great colored tools! I am obsessed with nail art and this acrylic nail brush set has everything you need!

Tia Intercourse, PA

Great for the price!

I hate paying so much to get my nails done, SO I’ve started doing my own at home, and these do just fine. If I were professionally doing nails, I might go with something a little better… But these work just great for me!

Glenna Berwind, WV

i love it

ive been trying to learn how to do my own acrylic nails and these brushes are awesome!!! an they are very professional looking!

Juliette Ketchum, OK

Nice Brush Set!

These brushes get the job done just fine! No they are not the most superior in quality but they are priced very reasonably, and for the money, the product is great!!!! I love these as a backup to my main set!

Crystal New Haven, CT

perfect for detail work

these brushes aregreat for detail work if you need to design something small on your face these brushes will do the job just fine. so small it can fit just about anywhere you will love this product i know i do

Allyson Hornbrook, CA



Dolly Hammond, IL


I ordered these brushes and a nail art set and they just came today. I am loving them! The brushes clean up easy with a dunk into nail polish remover and sweeping it on a paper towel. The handles are not hand cramping which is a bonus to me. ty I will buy from Shany again!UPDATE:Since using these 3 times total the heads are coming off and if you get anything wet on the handles they turn sticky and the paint comes off. Wish I would have known that these we not white plastic and were wood painted with white. The friggin heads fall off all the time now. I’m either going to have to buy new ones or tape the handles and super glue the heads back on. Think I just might buy new ones that will last more than 2 uses without falling apart.

Elma Florence, AZ

TRY it!

I’m telling you! Doing acryilc nails is what I have wanting to do for soo long! I’m in training and so I need a set of my own and this is it! I am learning so much and this set is great starting out! (so I have been told)

Abigail Ione, CA

great value!

I have to say these are a great price for being nail brushes! I love the color and they are great! easy on the wallet? I think so! its a must have 🙂

Rocio Bridgeville, DE

Brushes recieved weren’t the ones pictured…

I chose the 3 star rating because the brushes I paid for & expected aren’t the ones I recieved! I wanted the PURPLE Shany brand brushes in the pic, but instead recieved a set of cheap white brushes. I have to be very careful when using brush cleaner to cleanse the bristles or the white paint will disolve off of the handle. I’ve already thrown away 2 of the brushes due to loose metal bristle holders. I wouldn’t buy, again.

Iris Blacksburg, SC

i love it!!!!!!

I love these brushes. I love the color of it and the case rhey came in. I love how the bristles are really soft.

Lesley Goodyear, AZ

GReat for body painting!

I use these for body painting using acrylic colours or aqua colours. They work really well and apply the colour very smoothly…the only thing is the largest brush had a few brissles fall off but that may have been because of the amount i use it.

Jeanette Lead Hill, AR

Nice set

I love going to the salon but my wallet says do it yourself… this set has everything you need to (try!) and recreate your nail techs work.

Kenya Orchard, NE


This nail brush set has a nice purple brush and also comes with a great pouch. This would be a great pampering kit to use on my nails and give the salon effect. Love it alot!

Annie Stonewall, LA

Cheap Product, dont waste your money!

This product shipped and arrived very quickly. I was excited when I got it. I opened the small pouch it came in and took out the brushes. The bristles on the brush are covered with plastic tubing to prevent bending. Well, as I began to pull the plastic tubing off, the entire bristle portion detached itself from the handle. I lightly wiggled the plaastic on the rest and the same thing. I had to use crazy glue to glue the bristles back to the brush. I would nit recommend this product.

Delores Ansonia, OH


finally i’m able to create different looks with one kit. you get so many brushes in this set. it makes it so much easier to have beautiful nails with this.

Anita Manorville, NY

It works

Im a beginner when it comes to doing nails and these brushes are good enough to get the job done although I am sure there are better quality brushes out there

Beth Knoxville, TN

Perfect for Detail!

this product i am reviewing today! is perfect for detail! adding a nice look or touch to anything your wearing! it makes ti nice and SHARP! yes sure its nails! but to be honest some of us like to do ART! on them! even buying shanys NAIL STAMP! are perfect! to add the TOUCH!

Elvia Lake Ariel, PA


Very good quality for a very good price you will not regret purchasing. I even bought three more for my Friends as gifts

Claudine Goodells, MI



Earlene Lakeland, MN

worth it

so many brushes. Lol. Perfect for what i wanted and nice price as well. Could not ask for anything better.

Marisa Trussville, AL

Great Set!

This set is exactly what I needed. I can do all sorts of fun nail art with these brushes. So tiny that I can perfect even the smallest detail. And a great price on top of all that!

Shelby Templeton, IA


For the longest time I was looking for a decent nail brush set. and this is IT! You really can’t beat the price anywhere else, and you get a ton of different brushes for various nail strokes and painting. It’s AMAZING! I have a couple. I recommend to any nail guru or beginner.

Lana Smarr, GA