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SHANY 2012 Nail Art Polish Stamp Manicure Image Plates set of 25pcs

Awesome designs, cherry picked styles, lots of marks, faces, cartoon characters, animals, words, Japanese words, Chinese letters, shapes, holiday designs, seasons, and more. All in one beautiful reusable holder/box. The set comes in a pack of 25 and each plates has its own protective layer, please be sure to remove the thin layer before using the product.

Key features

  • Sanded edges for easy handling and thin layer of protection on each plate
  • Stainless steel image plates, light in weight, scratch resistance , 6 to 15 mark on each plate
  • Assorted styles, Words, languages, seasons, Holiday designs, Marks, Cartoon and more.
  • This new set comes with a FREE unique Black Storage Box and Nail Art Tutorials
  • Don’t forget to add the SHANY Brush & Nailart set to complete your DIY application

Honest reviews


Love the plates but their are definite defects.

I loved the 1st set Shany put out so was excited to get this 2nd set. The plates are very thin so I did cut myself pulling them out of the box. I then saw on plate 202 there was a cat stamped next to the snowman – so the stamp came over from the 1st plate so that image is not usable. Then I received 2 of the 204 plate and 214 was missing. I emailed Shany and figured I would give them time to respond and maybe replace those 2 plates. I have not heard from them, it has been a week. So I would be reluctant to purchase from them again although I do love the images and most of them stamp nicely. So good deal for the cost but I wish they would make it right. So check your set when you get them and be careful not to cut yourself.

Dorthy Trenton, IL

defective, and misleading, no hello kitty

I was very disappointed when I received this product. It is no exaggeration when I say half of the plates are defective. Im not sure what happened to the images on the plates, but they were not etched correctly, the images are a dull grey to black on the defective plates. The other half of the plates work ok. I would have loved to provide a 3 star feedback – even with the defects but the 1 star is because plate sh210 (hello kitty) does not exist, it seems it has been replaced with kanji/Asian writing . The main reason I purchased this set was for hello kitty. I could have lived with the disappointment of the defects but I draw the line on an out rite lie. Now, with that being said – the ones that work, work ok. The images are a bit small compared to other brands, I use konad paints and I dont have a problem with image transfer. BUT TO MANY ARE DEFECTIVE…. Sorry Shany, but once bitten, twice shy.

Aida Mountainhome, PA

Terrible stamping results

PROS:Cute designsFast shippingInexpensiveCONS:Horrible protective plasticMost of the cute designs are not stamp-ableI threw away a lot of platesI cut myself on the edges twice (no protective backing at all)I was super excited by these designs! When I received them the protective layer was horrible to remove. I cut myself on the edges twice while removing it and had to clean blood off the plates. These are dangerous. I also ruined 3 nails to remove all the plastic from the plates. Then I started trying some of the designs.:sigh: The cat was the cutest for me. The image didn’t turn out with konad black. Or white. Or a regular polish. I examined the plates and noticed that most of the plates are not etched deep enough for you to get a stamp-able image. Also, they have very thin designs with delicate lines that even if the image stamps, you have to deep clean it in between since it is now full of polish and won’t stamp twice.I’ve tested most of them. Around 50-60% of the images are not usable. Some of them are good and the designs are cute. You can get cheaper knockoffs that work so my advice is to go with another brand. I am scratching an X across the designs that don’t work if one or two on a plate are good and on plates that are totally unusable, I’m tossing them in the trash. Literally throwing money away. 🙁 It’s a shame too. I was so very excited.

Leann Nellis, WV



Tonya Dagsboro, DE

Blue Plastic was easy to remove!

First let me say I am familier with stamping. I own both Bundle Monster sets, lots of Konads, the set from MASH, Red Angel plates and various plates from european collections.I was reluctant to purchase these plates based on the bad reviews on the previous set from this company and from the bad reveiws on this current set. But I saw a few video reviews of the 2012 set one of which had test stamps from the plates and they stamped very well. I also was aware of the blue plastic film from hell and the fact it was very hard to remove. I decided to purchase a set anyway because of the video that showed the designes stamping well.I purchased on 1/19/12 they shipped on 1/20/12 and i recieved them I think on 1/24/12 so pretty good on the shipping imo. I took them out and I didnt look forward to removing the plastic film as I have had to remove difficult film in the past and it sucks. But to my surprise they peeled right off! It took me less than 10 mins to remove all the film from all of the plates.So I figured great I got the set that has the easy to remove plastic but watch them not stamp. Each stamp I tested worked perfectly. I had no issues with any of the plates and I tested an image from each. I can only think they must have listened to the reviews and changed the plastic. I am happy with the images and can recommend these plates.

Miranda New Hampton, IA


I was overall disappointed in the quality of these image plates and the size. I have previously ordered MASH plates and have been very happy with the quality and was on the fence about these because of poor previous reviews. The plates are very thin and will cut you if your not careful, Images are not fully etched in all the plates, and full images are tiny and may not fit a full nail for stamping. I have incredibly tiny nails and even I cannot get complete coverage on some of my nails. I will not be purchasing from vendor unless quality increases on the plates. Gave 3 stars because designs that do work are very cute and not a bad bargain for amount you get, though not all plates or images will be usable.

Shelby Tonganoxie, KS

Work perfectly

But to me the images are boring, that’s the only reason that I gave 4 stars instead of 5. Make sure you really like the images before you purchase.

Bridgette Camden, OH


doesn’t work very well, it’s hard to get them (stamps) to transport from the stamper to the nail perfectly but it could be the polish or my technique so who knows, it takes too long to use it for a manicure. I don’t know why I bought this. I think I even had to buy the stamper and scraper separate. Never gain.

Lynette Ashland, PA


This product is easy to use. love the detail of each one.looks so cute on very polished and i adore them on my toes.great deal on a great product will buy more.:)btw did i say the designs are so cute 🙂

Nelda Gorham, IL

Good, but not Great.

I purchased the Shany stamping plates to give the nail art trend a try. I received them super fast and I like that they came in a box to protect them. A few of the images work with my Konad polish and a few don’t. Overall for the price I paid it’s not bad. I wish they came with a better selection instead of flowers and holiday themed stamps.

Rosalind Campbell, CA


To me, these look a little hard to use. I have not ordered them and are a bit hesitant about them because I am just beginning to really get into nails and these don’t seem very beginner friendly. But on the plus side, the designs are gorgeous and you have plenty to choose from and will never run out of ways to use them. I have watched several videos on youtube showing the gorgeous designs that you can make with this.

Alison Winona, OH

Waste of Money

I bought it reading the reviews and most of the reviews were good. It came on time and had all the components, well packaged. I was so excited until I used the product. My stamp wouldn’t pick the image, and when it did the image didn’t come completely, and I’m not sure if its the stamper’s fault or the plates are bad, but either way my images didn’t come onto my nails. I used a different stamper, and that too doesn’t pick up the images, but it works for my other plates, SO I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THE SHANY PLATES DON’T WORK AND ARE DEFECTIVE. Now I’m not happy with my purchase.

Glenna Knox, ND

Love It!

PROS: Variety of designs a little something for everyone. Even includes holiday designs which I love.More individual designs (ex: butterfly, heart, flower…) than full nail designs (ex: abstract, zebra, swirls…)(^^^ might be a con for some, but I prefer individual designs)CONS: Only con I have is the plates are very sharp around the edges, be careful it will easily cut you :((^^^ this is the on;y reason it recived 4 stars)Overall: Very happy with this item, for the price you cant go wrong!

Maryellen Wingo, KY


So much fun… there are stamps for any day of the year including most holidays! I was a bit sad to learn that the leopard and tribal print were not included in this packet though. I highly recommend that you order the other bundle with more plates. Might as well spend the few extra bucks!

Justina Max, MN


My sister bought this for me for Christmas after seeing it on my wish list. I often do my nails, and was looking for a fun way to decorate them while saving some time from hand painting each nail. I jumped right into this stamping, and never looked back. It’s super simple to do, and my nails look amazing. There are literally thousands of options that you can achieve, and every day at least one person stops me and asks me where I got my nails done or how they were done. I love being able to tell them they can do it themselves so easily as I did. My niece, who is four, is able to use this as well, so it’s really easy to use. I suggest it to any one who likes to do their nails, whether they are young or old. It is fast and easy, but looks professional and intricate. Definitely worth the investment.

Jaclyn Rocky Mount, NC

Love It

I would recommend.Great plates, nice designs.No problem with designs transferring.Packaged very well. Cute little reusable box.Very pleased.

Lacy Montague, MI

A bit disappointed.

Where to begin. I did a very short search on the product and was expecting to get the bundle monster set 1 image plates with 4 extra image plates. As it turns out I got Shany image plates. The quality on SOME of the image plates is horrible. I got one image that was partially overlapped with another image, and on another plates there was a random imprint. The stamping quality is okay. Not as good and Bundle Monster or Konad. Now the pros: I ordered my package on a Saturday Night and got here on a Wednesday. Took around a day to ship and process. Theres a wide variety or images to choose from so I wasn’t so mad when I got something else. Overall I would recommend this but only to someone who’s trying to save money and is NOT a beginner.

Myrna Seneca, SD

I threw them all out

I should’ve listened to other reviewers.The edges are too sharp to work with, and the images are too small for the whole nail.Luckily I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on this, I didn’t care to toss all out in the garbage.Save your hard earned money on this and buy either cheeky’s or bundle monsters.Trust me because I spend hundreds of dollors on plates oby Konad, BM, Cheeky’s and this.

Elinor New Fairfield, CT

Works perfectly, minor issues!

I love these Shany plates! They are easy to use and you really get a lot for your money. Having read reviews about the sharp edges, I fully expected to slice my finger open the second I got these. They really aren’t that sharp, especially if you are using them as intended. The only reason I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the packaging was really annoying. The plates come with blue plastic over them and you have to peel it off. Sounds easy? Nope. I had to get my tweezers out to start the peeling process. Once I had the piece peeled enough to grab it with my fingers, I had to work around it slowly so it wouldn’t rip and become ten times more difficult to do! It wasn’t terrible, but annoying enough to mention.

Robert Hanksville, UT

Great Plates… Lousy Distributor!

I ordered these plates on December 20 and received them a couple of days later and I was delighted and surprised to receive them so quickly. The plates were in great condition. I have read a few complaints about a brown substance, I had a little on one of my plates that peeled away with the plastic. A bit of residue from the manufacturing process, I figure. No biggie. They certainly weren’t used or dirty. These plates are a bit sharp around the edges, be careful when handling them. While I was removing the plastic I used a fine diamond foot file to smooth the edges and make them safer and more comfortable to use. These plates work great. I get sharp, crisp images from them and I am happy with them.I am not, however, happy with the distributor, Shany. The set of plates I received was short two plates. I sent two e-mails to the distributor asking that they send me my missing plates and they have refused to even acknowledge my e-mails. Amazon offered to make it right by offering me a small refund. Good for Amazon. Not so much for Shany. I am keeping the plates because I like them and I can live without the two missing plates. But you may rest assured that I will not be purchasing any more items from Shany in the future. Customer service matters, just as much as quality of items sold. One is worthless without the other.

Rosanne Billings, NY

As described, quick delivery!

Ok, now I have the stamper in, and have gave these a test run! I must say, they work great! I had no problem even with a fine detail design. (now to try my luck at a full nail design!)Quick shipping, bonus! As for other reviewers who had the plates loose in package, mine came packed up tight in a small cardboard box. I can see how someone could think they were shorted in the order, as the plates ARE thin, sharp and do stick to each other at first, but I did have the full 25 pcs, and no duplicates. Once i unstuck them, I had the full count..(Now that I have received another brand of these as well, I can at least say that the SHANY plates are slightly thinner, but also much flatter – the Red Angel set I just received is thicker metal, but a tad warped from the stamping process – they all do not sit flush with each other – SHANY plates, nice, snug & flat!)

Sara Clementon, NJ

Got a bad batch

Opened this product to find several plates were deeply scratched, some were not centered so the images were halfway or all off the plate. And some of the images that seemed okay were not deep enough to get an impression. These plates should be inspected before packaging takes place. I’m very disappointed, I was so looking forward to using these plates soon. Might give them a try again later because many people really love them and maybe it was just my batch that was bad. Wish me luck.

Olive Harrison, AR

Whole different set than shown in pictures

I was excited to receive these in the mail, but when I was removing the blue film, I began to realize I have a whole different set than shown in the initial pictures. I was a bit disappointed because I really liked the set shown in the pictures.

Becky Oneco, CT

Much better products out there, but some cool designs

I have to be honest, I haven’t used many of the designs yet.So, the good the bad and the ugly…Cons:
• A lot of the designs are doubled on other plates with within the package.
• There were a lot of scratches and discolorations to the plates which doesn’t seem like it effected stamping much.
• Patterns aren’t deeply etched in the metal so they aren’t as clear as other plates. (I purchased these with a set of MASH plates, and I like the MASH quality better)
• I don’t have very long nails at all, nor do I have wide nails, and unfortunately the whole designs will not fit my nails. I have issues getting them on my nieces much smaller nail beds as well but they work better for them over the single images because the single images are too big. Whereas for me the single images work perfect, but I can’t do the whole nail designs.Pros:
• Cheap.
• Some cool designs. I mainly bought it for the horror plate with the "scream" mask.
• I liked the package it came with. Just stackakble in a little box. Some people don’t like this, but I was ok with it.I’ve heard from others that Shany is known for sending doubles of plates within their packages, and have terrible support.

Cheryl Judson, TX

Nice deal

I bought these for my Konad stamper. You get a pack of 25 different plates which is a bargain considering other Konad plates can cost $4 for just one. Some designs are better than others, but if you’re looking to add some variety to your set, this is a good place to start.

Zelda Glenns Ferry, ID

These work really well

I learned on these and one of the Bundle Monster (and a couple of Konad for comparison) sets a few months ago. I waited to do my review because I didn’t have very good luck at first, and I didn’t know if it was my fault or the plates. It was all me (and my fan and not using pure acetone to clean the plates). These work great, especially with the actual Konad double stamper (the stamper matters, I’ve tried two kinds and did many comparisons) and I highly recommend these plates to anyone into nail art, or just wanting to get started.I’m not very picky about the images as I like to have a lot of images. I use these on myself as well as my little nieces. You may imagine, what an 8 and 3 year old like, differs quite a bit for a 30 something. There’s a good selection in this set, although there are a few I can’t really see using, but you can zoom on the images and judge that part for yourself. This review is focused on how well the image picks up the polish and transfers. I have no complaints at all about that as I’ve had really good luck with these, and I’m glad I started out these.If I have to find something to complain about it’s that there is one duplicate image of a tropical flower. I can’t see any difference in the images and it drove me nuts for a couple of minutes trying to find the difference, thinking it has to be there, and there’s probably something, but I gave up. If it is, it’s hard to see. If you look at the image Amazon provides, you can see the same flower in the top row on the first and last plate. Not a big deal, and at $11.99 for 25 plates, I don’t think it brings down their value at all.I’m addicted to the nail stamping and have so much fun doing it and impressing my little neices. To date, I’ve tried MASH, Shany, Bundle Monster, Red Angel & Konad (I say this so you know I’ve done many comparisons). I have a couple of actual Konad, and they do seem to work extremely well, but I don’t think there’s much of difference between their quality and Shany or MASH or 2012 Bundle Monsters, except for the price. The Bundle Monsters are really good. The 2012 batch performed the best. The newer ones are better. I can tell they’re perfecting and improving them with each newer batch. I think BM has just been out a lot longer than Shany & MASH. I had a probelm with the Red Angel plates, but they’re the only ones to date that I’ve truly been upset with.To date these are the Shany plates available. Without a doubt I’ll order more if they come out with them. I love the MASH plates. There’s only one set available on Amazon, the first set on their website is mostly dups of another brand I have, so I didn’t buy them, but I will buy the next batch of that brand as well (if they come out with them) based on the 26-50 they sell on Amazon.

Cathryn Waverly, PA

great bargain, best nail art i’ve ever purchesed

i love this nail art set. its the best ive ever bought. i like to do designs on my nails and the nail salon always charges too much to do one little design on my nail. this set is so easy to use and i can choose from so many diffrent options it has to design my nails for such little price and its reusable unlike those stickers. it makes a grat gift bc i bought one for my sister and she just cant get enough of them 🙂

Madge Argyle, FL


These took sooo long to deliver like more than a month. The images are not the same as the pictures. The images are not long enough or wide enough for my nail beds. They came all out of order in the box. I wish I would have listened to the other reviews and saved my money!

Catalina Mc Neil, AR

somewhat useful

there are alot of good images here but you have to watch the sharp edges, and there are other quality issues too

Deana Stella Niagara, NY

amazing deal

I love this. it has a variety of images. the stamps leaves the image very clear with all the details. fast shipping. Thanks,

Daphne Sergeantsville, NJ