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Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush Century #100 * Made in USA *

* Stimulating Scalp Massager* Plastic with Finger Ring* 1/2″ Long Concave Bristles formed to the curvature of the human head * 3.25″ dia. x 2″ Tall * Color: Blue* Made in USA

Key features

  • Stimulating Scalp Massager
  • Made of plastic with a finger ring
  • 1/2″ Long Concave Bristles formed to the curvature of the human head
  • 3.25″ dia. x 2″ Tall ** Color: Blue
  • Made in USA * 1 – Only Brush

Honest reviews


A little pricy but it works wonders

I was a little hesitant about paying $9.99 for this item, but I read the other rave reviews and thought I would give it a try. Item is indeed Made in the USA, and is decent quality though I think it’s overpriced. It does indeed work well and stimulates the scalp immensely during shampooing, more so then I ever could attempt to get with my fingers.The brush is made of two materials, rigid plastic for the handle and the bristles themselves are made of a firm rubber material. The contoured design definitely hugs the scalp nicely.I did see the same brush listed for $1.29 on another site, as well as $6.99 for 6 of them from the same place. Only catch is the shipping charges were nearly $10, so better deals exist on other sites if you wish to buy 6 or more at a time so it pay’s to shop around.There may be other options available that are lower cost that will do an equally great job, but I feel this one works well and hopefully it will last long enough to justify the cost.

Jewell Brave, PA

Nothing short of perfect

My hairdresser uses a shampoo brush and recommended I get one. I bought one at a beauty supply store that was terrible. I only decided to buy the brush due to the great reviews, I agree. This brush is concave so it will contour to your head, it’s flexible yet durable. I used it on my son’s hair and he completely raved about it and was glad it didn’t scratch his head like our other brush had. Excellent brush.

Virgie Friendship, OH

I like it

I am very satisfied with the brush. It provides very good massage sensation and cleaning of the scalp and hair yet gentle enough that it’s completely safe and worry free. The only downside is the high price.

Kendra Garryowen, MT

Great product for the price

This is a nice little scalp massager for a very low price. I got it for my husband to use with his dandruff shampoo and it does a good job removing skin flakes.

Adela New Ringgold, PA

Works great to comb conditioner through wet hair!

I heard about shampoo brushes years ago but never tried them until I started having scalp issues recently. Decided to try this one out and I LOVE it! The brush tips are harder than I expected but it gives a great “massage”. Feels like a nice wash at the hair salon without the feel of a beautician that digs their nails in too much and scratches the crap out of your scalp…it’s just right!My scalp is almost always flaky after I blow dry but I used this with a scalp treatment and shampoo and I had way less flakes. I was afraid that it would tangle and pull out my hair (I have AA relaxed hair) but it did just the opposite!It also works GREAT to comb through conditioner after washing…much better than a wide toothed comb. I’ll always keep a couple of these on hand.

Beulah Saint Charles, VA

Does the job!

– Sort of Massages your scalp- I can feel it scrubbing my head- Color is much darker than in the pic (don’t think this is an issue)Overall a great item if you are looking for this!

Chelsea Jefferson, CO

Feels Great

I have very thick, wavy hair, so I wasn’t sure if this would be able to reach my scalp through all the hair, let alone massage my scalp. Luckily it does. I use it after shampooing, to get the suds into my scalp. This always leaves me feeling clean.

Katina Marlborough, CT

Great Brush!

nice and stiff, this really does stimulate the scalp. i use with nizoral shampoo for my thinning hair. another plus is that since i lather my scalp with it, the top layer of my hair does not tangle like it used to when i was rubbing it in with my hands so i can run a comb through it easily after drying.

Alexandria Southfield, MA

Very good!

This is very good brush. It gets through to the scalp without scratching. The handle holds very well. Good price

Beverley Atlantic, NC

works great~

i feel like i am getting a soothing machine when i shower! it also feels like it gets all the gunk out! i am using this with Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner, and i am seeing great results! my hair is no longer oily with dandruff, and its not getting brittle and falling from shampoos that are for oily hair, those just strip the hair or good and bad oils!p.s. i use this comb to mix in shampoo, and when im rinsing out my conditioner. i see better results like that.

James Eckerman, MI

best I’ve ever used

I not only use it to exfoliate the scalp but also to comb my shoulder length hair! It’s that sturdy and easy to use. Combing with this is not something someone with really thick or very tangled hair will be able to do of coarse but for me it’s the only travel brush I need.

Lavonne Butte Des Morts, WI