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Shampoo, Organic and 100% Natural for All Hair Types

We have worked for 15 years to refine our formulas. What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. Our shampoo is a rich, nutritious, salon quality shampoo that will clean, nourish & feed your hair with organic & all natural ingredients, including extracts & essential oils, leaving it healthy and beautiful. Excellent for those with sensitive skin or scalp. Lathers and rinses clean with skin & scalp soothing ingredients, without leaving build-up, stripping, drying or weighing hair down. Safe for color treated hair. NO harmful chemicals what-so-ever! No SLS, SLES, parabens, PG or PG derivatives, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance, anesthetizing agents or petrochemicals. Environmentally friendly. Each bottle is made fresh with biodegradable labels & recycled plastic bottles for a cleaner global environment. For best results, follow with Christina Moss Naturals Organic Conditioner.

Key features

  • CRUELTY FREE – NO ANIMAL TESTING. VEGAN FORMULA: Environmentally friendly. Gently & thoroughly washes and nourishes without stripping or drying your hair out or leaving build-up. Greatly improves condition of the hair & scalp. Safe for color treated hair. Produces a very full lather.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR ANYONE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN OR SCALP: NO harmful chemicals (no SLS, SLES, PG, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance or petrochemicals). Hypoallergenic. Baby safe! Our shampoo does not contain toxic anesthetizing ingredients (tear duct numbing agents). Tip: Use a damp folded up wash cloth above baby’s eyebrows to help keep suds out of eyes.
  • ORGANIC & 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our products are prepared on a regular basis to ensure they are at their optimum best when you receive them. We even go one step further and guarantee purity and freshness for 6 months after your purchase date. Should anything appear unsatisfactory to you within that time, simply return it for a replacement or full refund.
  • FRESH, VIBRANT SKIN AND HEALTHY HAIR SAY A LOT ABOUT A PERSON: The question is, how do you maintain the freshness and vibrancy of youth, naturally? No one ever wanted to grow up and have invasive surgery, skin injections or laser treatments. It’s expensive, scary, and it often looks artificial. Human skin is a living organ that absorbs into the bloodstream what is applied to it. The good news is you can, not only halt the damage, you can repair it, naturally. That’s where our products come in.
  • NO HARMFUL TOXIC CHEMICALS: Personal care items found on store shelves invariably contain harmful chemical preservatives and other seriously harmful ingredients. All of those commercial products have chemicals added. They have no choice because their products must support a shelf life of at least two years. This is also the case with products in health food stores. Ours don’t. We mean it when we say that our definition of natural includes the phrase: NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

Honest reviews


A good organic shampoo

I was a bit skeptical at first using this shampoo as I have used others that are "organic" only to find that they have chemical preservatives in them and/or that they don’t clean my hair or lather well. I was happy to find that this wasn’t the case with this shampoo. It lathers well and I shampoo with it twice in the shower. The first shampoo removes dirt and build up, the second shampoo lathers up much more and my hair feels great after. My hair is normally dry and I noticed that my hair feels much better after just a few uses. I would recommend this.

Georgia Newtown, CT


I would say that this shampoo is for fine hair or people who wash their hair frequently. I only wash my hair once a week.Smelled nice and I use it on my kids.

Keisha Westphalia, MI

Way too expensive….

EDIT:I had written that this shampoo worked for me, because on the first day my hair looked great, but by the second day my hair was itching so bad that i couldnt stand it. I have issues with my scalp and only one shampoo has ever gotten rid of the itching (Yes to carrots) but i wanted something more natural, and thought this shampoo was the answer. The first day my hair looked great, no dandruff, shiny and clean. But the next day my hair was so desperately itchy that i couldnt handle it. This has happened to me with every shampoo but yes to carrots. =(—-BUT the price is insane, i know you only need a small amount, but the bottle is only 4 oz, which is incredibly small, so you are paying $12 for a little bottle. As much as i would love to keep buying this, i dont think i could afford it.For comparison 4 oz = 1/2 cup of shampoo 0_0

Hillary Falkland, NC

Christina Moss Shampoo

I love this product because it works! It cleans so well without the build up. I am picky about what I use on my hair as it tends to be combo oily/dry — and I recommend this shampoo

Fanny Alto, NM


Small amount works – hair manageable without additional products – when using flat iron, I still use a heat protective shine.No intense smell, no fragrance, clean minimal components. Christina Moss, love your product, love your philosophy. Great customer service, with free download informational book, and nice your tube videos.

Eileen Paris, ME

Great if you use it right!

I have terrible allergies to most shampoo ingredients, and this wash was a godsend. The first 2 washes with it, it make my hair a weird texture that I wasn’t really fan of. I came to the reviews page to see if I wasn’t using enough and noticed that some people suggested washing with it twice. I tried that the next shower and my hair looked and felt wonderful afterward. I guess it all depends on your hair type, but this wash is really great if you use enough!

Sylvia Fairview, NC

My first time using a natural shampoo and I chose the correct product!!

This product is simply amazing! I have just begun my journey in using naturally made products and this hair product is setting my standards high! I am pleasantly surprised that my hair can look so smooth and silky with all natural ingredients. It makes sense I guess… No more harsh chemicals to strip my hair of all that is it meant to be… Natural. My hair is long, quite thin … And I only need to use about the size of a dime. You really need to work the shampoo through the hair. It was a little different to barely have a lather… But I would rather this happen than have to deal with a chemically infested product. I am so grateful I came across this shampoo when I was searching for naturally made shampoos.The customer service is also incredible. This product is highly recommended!!

Rosalyn High Point, NC

Nice but too little

I’m not loving this shampoo. The consistency is really watery. So you have to use a lot, it runs off your hands almost before you can get onto your hair. The bottle is very small. By two uses, I’d already used over 1/4 of the bottle. Nope, not for me. Love organic shampoos but I need products that are worth the money!

Tiffany La Follette, TN

It’s Truly Organic & Smells GOOD

I’ve been using these products for over the last few months now. I love them. The subtle organic smell of Lavender and Licorice, which are both Organic preservatives. I like that it is concentrated, and you don’t need a whole lot. Most of the high-end lines are that way and this is no exception. I feel my hair doesn’t shed as much in using this shampoo and conditioner and the conditioner works great! And the soap bar is moisturizing! I’ll be continuing to use these products daily.

Toni Fishers, IN

My hair is fuller and has more shine!

Using Christina Moss Naturals has helped my hair – it is fuller, my color isn’t stripped. This all natural shampoo leaves my hair clean and shiny! You only have to use a small amount – it doesn’t lather up like dish washing soap, it’s gentle and cares for your hair. I love it!!!

Iris San Luis Rey, CA