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Shalimar By Guerlain For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 Oz.

Introduced in 1925. Fragrance notes: an alluring, classic fragrance of exotic florals and vanilla. Recommended use: evening.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Honest reviews


Gagging Smell

A friend of mine recommended Shalimar perfume to me. She said it was so beautiful I had to try. So during my next trip to a perfume store, I asked for Shalimar. Sprayed it on paper, and then on my wrist. Both the paper and my wrist smelled so terrible to me, that I felt as if I was going to vomit. Couldn’t wait to get home and wash it off my wrist. Very old-smelling, nasty, and pungent perfume. Like some kind of old rotten wood/pines. This is not to offend anyone. I understand that every perfume smells different on different people. I also understand that what one person likes, another may not like at all. We all have our own tastes in perfumes. Well, this is the case for me with this particular perfume. To me, it smells so ancient that it reminds me of old rotten/moldy woods! Yuck!

Shauna Page, ND

I wish was “scratch & sniff!!”

I’ve loved Shalimar since I was in college. It’s not just beautiful, but evocative of sentimental memories. If you’ve worn it yourself, ladies, you know what I’m talking about.If you are anxious to try it or use it again, get it from Amazon now. Check around at all the department stores in your area and you’ll see that this is a great price.Free shipping makes it that much more delightful!

Claudine North Falmouth, MA

Wonderful scent

I love the way this scent envelops me without being overpoweringly sweet or floral. It is just the right combination of both.The eau de parfum is extremely hard to find in stores, at least in the part of the USA I live in. And this is a great price!!Way to go Amazon!

Laura Limaville, OH


I have been wearing my Shalimar since the 60’s. This did not disappoint. Love coming back home at the end of theday after my place has been closed up and the fabulous scent greets me!!!

Lana Black River Falls, WI

shalimar review

Shalimar By Guerlain For Women. Eau De Cologne Spray 2.5 Oz.I am a lifetime user of Sharlimar Eau De Cologne Spray by Guerlain. It is a superior product and one of the things I love about this essence is that it blends with a woman’s own body chemistry to give the wearer the wonderful scent of Shalimar with one’s own unique essence. I love the quality of the product and the fact that it has not been bought by other perfume companies nor has the formula been changed in over 50 years. I am allergic to many of today’s popular fragrances but have never had a problem with Shalimar. I would recommend this beautiful scent to any woman who is looking for a perfume that is elegant, sensual and classic.Thank you,Marilyee Dowling

Allie Louin, MS


Shalimar is awesome and an must try for anyone interested in fragrances. I have all three concentrations, which wear very differently on me and serve different purposes in my fragrance wardrobe.The EdC – a leathery, skin scent that’s wearable in summer, albeit a bit harsh – easily unisexThe EdT – a sweet vanillic, easy-to-wear wonder, but not long-lasting – best for those who like gourmands but something easier to wear than an EdP oriental. 3-4 hours on me. Better in vintage.The EdP – an oriental vanilla with a classic progression from top to bottom, simply gorgeous, long-lasting all-day commitment.

Edwina Baltic, OH