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Sexy Hair Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty Texturizing Hair Spray, 4.80-Ounce

Gives hair dimension, separation, shine and a medium hold without a sticky mess. Won’t build up in hair. Creates a second day look in 2 minutes. Provides weightless texture that’s never sticky. Leaves hair shiny.

Key features

  • It is a flash-dry finishing spray with featherweight hold and control
  • This professional lightweight vapor mist delivers zero gravity hold and allows you to shape hair into loose, casual, natural-looking styles
  • It is recommended for daytime wear

Honest reviews


Texturizing Hair Spray not for me

I did not get the texturizing I wanted from this hair spray. Regular hair spray would have done the same.

Lessie Childs, MD

Great Stuff

My hair is short.. growing back from chemo.. and this stuff really helps rock my style. Love it. Get yours!

Lourdes Henrietta, NC

Love the spray, love the shine, hate the fragrance

Yes, “Sexy Hair” is a stupid brand name, but the products are great. I recommend the Play Dirty spray, which I’ve been using for a couple weeks on my short pixie-type hairstyle. I have been using Quick Change shaping balm for a few months and decided to see what the texturizing spray was like. Well, I love it! It delivers an ultra-fine mist that you can use to give your hair instant shape and definition. It also makes hair nice and glossy, which is a big plus in my book as my hair tends to be dry.If you want very light definition and to prevent frizzies on a short hairstyle, give it a try. You might not even need to use any other products. For my hair, I’ve been applying a leave-in conditioner, then working through a dab of Quick Change balm and getting the shape I want, then spray a bit of this on top to keep the ends from straying as the hair drys and also to add that nice shine. In terms of value for money, the shaping balm is probably better value than the spray. I don’t see this bottle lasting as long. On the other hand, it does deliver shine, which is great. Also, it’s like an instant styler when you’re on the run. Just spray a bit on your dry hair and style roughly with your fingertips…done! Very convenient.My only complaint is the fragrance. Whereas Quick Change has a nice slightly lemony smell, this spray has a very sweet fragrance that I would describe as sickly. Some may love it, but I’m not a fan. Don’t let that put you off, though. Overall, a very nice product!

Winifred Forest City, IL

Love it!

I love this stuff. My hair is very flat and this sutff gives it some umph. I love this product and use it everytime I go out.

Olga Dillsboro, IN

Texturizing hair spray

This product is way too expensive and does not work for me. I actually prefer a mousse but thought I would give this a try because of all the rave reviews. I found it to be too heavy for my fine hair and because I don’t shampoo every day, it made my hair feel crusty.

Nellie Benezett, PA

Great for texturizing fine hair

This is the only spray wax that allows me to texturize my very fine hair without weighing it down. Will buy this again for sure.

Dena Little Plymouth, VA

Works great, overpriced

This product works great but is like hairspray and with that being said it is too expensive for simply hairspray.

Patsy Glenoma, WA

What you want it to be

Not often a product does exactly what you hopes – giving you a firm hold for messy styles. This is it.

Daisy Manly, IA

quick delivery & reasonable price

I found and ordered this for my neighbor. She loves the product. It’s exactly what she just ran out of and she said the price ws reasonable. Very quick delivery.

Lorie Maytown, PA

Been Using it for Years

I have fine hair and like a carefree style – usually have a pixie cut or a short shag. This is my favorite hair “spray”. It keeps my styling all day but maintains that effortless look. I like the smell too. Spray on very lightly; less is more with this product.

Juanita Winona, MN