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Sexy Hair Curly Sexy Curling Detangler, 8.5-Ounces Bottle

Sexy Hair, Sexy Curling Detangler 8.5oz. A weightless, styling detangler/leave-in that has styling properties to help shape the curl, while conditioning and moisturizing the hair. It also combats against environmental stress.

Key features

  • Doesn’t give a sticky feeling or hardness to the hair
  • Gives your hair great moisture
  • Ideal for normal and curly hair

Honest reviews


Almost through my first bottle

I have fine, curly hair that tangles so easily. This detangling spray is awesome, I use after every shower and the tangles come right out with a wide tooth comb. It is light and doesn’t weigh my hair down. I will be ordering another bottle soon!

Polly State Park, SC

OK spray on.

My hair is already sexy and curly, so I thought this might make it even better. I was disappointed. It really didn’t enhance my hair type in any way. May be better for other hair types. I had hoped that it would work on my 6 year old granddaughter as a detangler. It was a failure on her thick curly hair.

Kellie Mc Neill, MS


I perm my hair to get some life,volume and loose curls. This product is absolutley amazing! It allows me to easily comb through my hair while keeping it soft and manageable. Doesn’t grease my hair down like some products do.

Haley Shorter, AL


This has drastically improved the feel of my hair which had been dried out from excessive highlighting/coloring. When I’d shampoo, my fingers would get stuck in my hair from the gnarly tangles and damage (felt like broomstick hay). I started using this after every wash, in addition to another leave in spray from Pravana, and my hair really does feel different now. It is great at undoing tangles and improves hair’s feel. I LOVE it.

Marcia Clarksburg, IN

Works good, detanlges

Love this product, it detangles easily and makes hair feel soft but doesn’t have a cloying, strong or unpleasant scent.

Shana Childersburg, AL