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Short Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm by Sexy Hair for Unisex – 1.7 oz Balm

Key features

  • Defines and separates hair
  • Creates volume
  • Creates volume

Honest reviews



I went from long hair to a super short cut and I was looking for products to make styling my hair easy in the morning. I bought this balm and a bottle of gel foam from the same brand and I love them. I just slide this stuff through my hair and style. It holds throughout the day while my hair doesn’t lose it’s movement. Washes off easily with warm water.

Marcie Kensington, OH


Another haircare product that has none of the powerful hold that the label implies, and it doesn’t come cheap. What a great scam, haircare products are.

Martina Indian Trail, NC

Shaping Balm does not do it

The short sexy hair quick change shaping balm did not do anything for me. I couldn’t recommend to anyone else.

Rosalie Alderson, OK

0 stars!

Just seriously do not buy this b.s. smelly, slimy, gross. I almost threw up when I opened it. I wish I could return it.

Octavia Paris, OH

Love this product!

I’ve been using Quick Change Shaping Balm for a few months now ever since switching from a medium-length cut to a very short cut. I love, love, love it! First, let me just say: “Sexy Hair” = dumb, dumb brand name. But don’t let it put you off – they make good products.My hair is fine and tends to get dry and frizzy without proper care. This sticky gunk does a great job of giving short cuts casual texture and definition and preventing frizz. The container is smallish, but you need only a very small amount each time. I usually apply it to damp hair, but it works extremely well on dry hair as well. I use a little dab – maybe half a teaspoon – and work it through roots to ends. If I want more control, I’d use a little more on the ends. It’s important not to use too much or your hair will feel a icky and look a little greasy. The trick is using just enough gunk to shape your style and contain fly-aways. What I love most about this product is that it provides a flexible, natural-looking hold that lasts all day. Amazing. Quick Change is white but is colorless when applied. I am in love with the fragrance: it’s sort of industrial-lemon. Fresh and zingy, but not overpowering or floral.The container looks different from what you see here. They really need to update the photo. The new container has a clear outer layer of plastic and if I fumble and drop it that external layer invariably cracks. I’ve noticed this brittle outer layer will crack in the mail, too, if not wrapped up securely. Small design issue there, but the product itself is in an inner compartment so it’s not really a problem.

Cherie Whitsett, NC

Doesn’t do it for me

I have used BED HEAD MANIPULATOR for years. After I was a little disappointed when TiGi changed the formula, a friend of mine said to try this product because it is less expensive and about the same consistency. It did not fill the HUGE shoes of my reliable Manipulator. I returned the Sexy Short hair and ordered the Manipulator. Even the new formula is better than the Sexy Short Hair. The texture is thicker and it smells better :). I did like the price of the Sexy Short Hair though! Oh well – somethings are worth paying the money for.

Deena Mayo, MD

Loved it

I have longer hair so I use this to separate my curls when I want thick sexy hair. Plus it smells great and doesn’t make my hair feel heavy

Maricela Davy, WV

Great shaping hair balm!

I have short hair and Sexy Hair Balm makes styling my hair very easy, Just a little bit rubbed into your hair to shape and style and my hair is good for the day!

Francesca Whitney Point, NY

GREAT Shaping product

I’ve tried every product of this type.. mainly high-end. This puts the others to shame. It really does create your style and keep it in place. It’s perfect in tandem with Short Sexy Play Dirty Spray.

Ida Cylinder, IA

This stuff is awesome!

This is the perfect combination of hold and shine for my super short pixie like hairstyle. This creates separation and holds my hair in a faux hawk style or a spiked style. And it washes out very easily. Love it!

Erica Ropesville, TX

Just use a tiny amount

I like this product & I would recommend buying it on Amazon as it’s more expensive in stores. You don’t need to use a lot of it. One of my favorite things about this product is that when I fall asleep (and not showering before bed) I can wake up with some really cool looking second day hair. I love great second day hair.

Hester Holt, MI