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Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, 3.4 Ounce

Big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo is a clay and mineral based dry shampoo that will add volume while absorbing excess oil, impurities and product buildup. No need to use water. Big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo is great for use as a refresher in between washings.

Key features

  • A mineral based dry shampoo
  • No need to use water
  • Adds volume to hair

Honest reviews



I have used many different dry shampoo’s and have always come out unhappy. Recently had my brothers wedding and with all the running around, I didn’t have time to completely wash my hair before getting my hair done on the wedding day. I have blonde hair that is kinda thin, so it get’s greesy FAST. Knowing that they could just wash my hair before getting it done, I didn’t even want to try this stuff at first, mostly because of all the let downs of previous products. I’m glad I did use this stuff tho! It’s worth the price, considering it’s about $20-$25 at the salon. It works great, doesn’t leave your hair sticky or with a massive hairspray smell. It lasted all day and worked like I thought it should. I bought it off of here since than, and works just as good as it did at the salon. I would recommend!

Cathleen Powhatan, VA

it works!

I have used some bad dry shampoos before, and some good dry shampoos too… This product gets the job done. It smells good, and it takes the oil out. I have no complaints about it. My hair is so thin i never thought i could go a day without washing my hair but with dry shampoo i can wash every third day. that’s amazing.

Josie Fort Smith, AR

Not good.

I like other Big Sexy Products, but this dry shampoo makes my hair feel dirty. The smell is ok, it doesn’t clog, no need to shake the spray and there is no white residue, but no-thanks for dirty hair feeling.I will stick with the Ojon dry shampoo that adds volume and work for second or third day hair as a refreshment.

Beverly Swansboro, NC


I have been using this just a couple of weeks and I love it!!I also have another dry shampoo but it does not offer the volume this shampoo does.It is great for when I am teasing my hair!On a normal, oil is gone, and my hair looks great!!

Carlene Meadville, MS

this stuff is great!

I love this stuff! it makes my hair full and so pretty, even second day hair! and it is very easy to use! it does not weigh my hair down, or make it greasy/oily looking, or messy… I really like this, and have been using it often, and I will always make sure to have at least an extra bottle for when I run out, I cant find it at the salon or in stores here, so I will have to be ordering it on here, and make sure I always have it! it is great to use to give your hair a change in style, if you are going out for the evening and don’t have time or want to wash your hair, or just to give your hair a pick me up for the evening, or even midday if you need it! also for second day hair, if you are in a rush, or for whatever (many) other reasons that you need to use it, it works wonders! I recommend it to everybody, even guys could use this if they wanted to…

Elinor Spencer, WI

Great for volume

Great for volume! It leaves hair a little stiff in the roots, but it is very worth it for a night out or a date!

Carol Attleboro, MA

not met expectations

I heard so many good reviews on this and figured i would give it a try. I bought the travel size and the regular size. Man am i disappointed. This leaves a sticky, hard hair spray life residue on my hair. Makes my hair feel really stiff and un natural. Im cant believe i spent over $20 on these. I am going back to my sauve keratin infusion dry shampoo thats only $3. Works so much better.The only thing that i do like is the scent.Some people complain that the smell is strong, but i like it. Even my boyfriend commented that my hair smelt good.

May North English, IA

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, 3.4 Ounce

I have try other similar Dry Shampoo, but this leaves the hair like using some hold spray. I prefer other like the one from suave or even better batist dry shampoo

Tami Lafayette, CO

Very Good

I have black hair and I have tried many many different dry shampoos. This is the best, and the smell is just like a hair spray. It doesn’t make my hair white also (so you don’t need to brush through it). And after applying it, hair feels fresh and dry (not oily).

Rhonda Lawton, ND

Ok for in a pinch

I have used almost every dry shampoo on the market, and this one is just ok for me. I will use it in a pinch if my go to favorite Batiste tropical is out of stock, but I won’t buy it otherwise. Pros-the product does absorb oil, and smells nice and fresh. Cons-The texture of my hair afterwards was hideous. I could barely even brush the products out! It made my hair so sticky and stiff that I could not stand it. It definitely does not allow for second day restyling the way others do. I think it would be good for use if you have an event and are going to put your hair up, since the dirtier the better! I have never used a dry shampoo that made my hair so stiff and gross that I cannot even run my fingers through it. It is kind of pricey without the amazing results of the cheaper varieties (aka Batiste!)

Samantha Spring Hill, FL

Smells great, works well, but runs out quickly.

The seller I ordered this from was amazing, shipping within 24 hours and at 30% cheaper than any other vendor. While I love the scent and the product works great, I found that this lasted about a third as long as the last brand I tried. I may order another and just use when I really need the volume.

Mayra Marfa, TX

Good, but no value

I really, really wanted to like this prodcut. I dye my hair red and as we all know, red washes out very qickly so I try to avoid washing my hair a lot. This was the solution I had been waiting for. Sadly from the 3.4 oz can I only got a couple uses. So for the money, its not worth it. I can buy 3-4 bottles of shampoo for what this cost me. I would be more happy with it if the product/can wasn’t faulity. I too thought it was a little tacky feeling and made my hair feel dry. But it did in fact take away the oily shine. I too wosh they sold it on tinited shades. I don’t have long hair either so there is no real excuse for only a couple uses.

Janell Sherman Mills, ME


Arrived super fast. This dry shampoo is the best on the market. I have limp hair so is my daughter and we have tried all kinds of stuff before. This one is easy to apply, does not leave residue and it smells nicely, and not too strong. I purchased several of those and continue to use only this product from now on. Thank you! 🙂

Rosalie Odell, TX

Best for the price so far…

I’ve tried many dry shampoos to take care of my fine and somewhat oily hair. I can’t go very long without washing it. Probably every other day tops. But even on the second day (the day I don’t wash it) my hair is a tad too oily at the roots for my taste. Enter dry shampoos. So far I really like Oscar Blandi dry shampoo which I used in Spain and was impressed and now Big Sexy. Big Sexy wins out purely for a price point and volume. I feel like Big Sexy did the job, lasted longer and filled the bottle more. It gave my hair a bit of oomph on the non-washing day which is hard for me to come by. The only thing I disliked about it was the scent and the somewhat gritty feel. Usually scents don’t bother me but the scent on this one wasn’t as good as other dry shampoos I’ve tried. Basically if you have cash to blow, try Oscar Blandi. But if not, this is the stuff that is worth it! My ratings so far for dry shampoos are as follows:1. Oscar Blandi2. Big Sexy3. Batiste4. tresemme dry shampoo5. Tigi rockaholic (don’t waste your money)6. Psssssssst! (garbage)

Terry Amity, MO

Got it!

Besides the shipment taking a little while, this product is always great. I love the brand and it was a great price.

Guadalupe Frenchmans Bayou, AR

Freaky texture…but works!

Works great for volume and the ‘shampoo’ aspect. Doesn’t leave a white residue like the cheap brands do. BUT I can’t handle the texture it gives my hair. Even one little spray and it feels like I washed my hair in chalk. Not worth the money to me. I love the big sexy line of products so this was pretty disappointing.

Imogene Everson, WA

Holy VOLUME Batman!

I have long hair, but it’s fine AND flat. This stuff not only gets the oil out, but WOW does it add volume! Like, WHOA volume! It’s the type of hair you have the morning after your 8,000-bobby-pin-french-twist-up-do you wore as a bridesmaid in your friend’s wedding. Yeah, THAT type of volume! I had so much volume on the top of my head that I had a hard time getting the paddle brush through it like the directions said to do after you spray it and wait 2 minutes. I’ve tried other dry shampoos before, but I am completely sold on this stuff. I hope they never stop making it. And on a side note, I actually like the smell (I know some did not).

Marie Mount Bethel, PA