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Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, 0.53 Ounce

Sexy hair big sexy hair powder play volumizing and texturizing powder is a great hair product that will help you to get that extra volume in your hair that you are looking for.

Key features

  • No
  • Made in USA
  • For extra volume
  • Weightless
  • Odorless

Honest reviews



I like Big Sexy Hair products but this one doesn’t work for me so well.It lifts up roots a bit, but makes hair sticky and greasy looking. I have excellent results with Ojon dry shampoo-volume and clean looking hair when no time to wash.This powder didn’t give me even half of Ojon volume.This powder works better for me as a separator of hair chunks, but overall I will not repurchase and I don’t really need that.

Rosie Baxter, KY

Excellent Product!

I agree with the other 5 star reviews. I used to use hair spray to back tease my hair on the top. This works so much better! Holds and lifts my shoulder length fine but thick hair, and makes your hair feel like it has texture. Use only tiny taps or your hair will feel gummy. It is a little tough to see where it has landed on the hair when you use so little, but if you have a dark wall or background behind you while styling, it helps. This lasts and can be finger fluffed any time during the day. Wonderful!

May Barium Springs, NC


Well back when i bought this, it was closer to $15, Plus $4 shipping. I think thats pretty ridiculous for how little of an amount you get. I guess i assumed it would be bigger judging by the picture, i was wrong. But yea, it does nothing for my hair, which could be due to the fact that i have long thick hair. Save your money

Cleo Greenville, FL


If you want to sprinkle toxic crap on your scalp, get this! I would have never gotten this if the ingredients were listed here. Would not recommend to anyone.

Nadia Eustace, TX

Awful! Unless you like gummy sticky hair!

This powder made my hair feel horrible- gummy and sticky. Like another reviewer stated, it is like gum powder. Just awful! I ended up returning it.

Angelina Fulton, AR

Made of toxic substances… but works well on hair

My first experience with this product was when my stylist used it to puff up my short hair and give it some nice volume. It worked brilliantly.It makes your hair full-looking, not greasy or unwashed.One caution, though. It is made of propylene glycol, which the CDC lists as a toxic substance. It is a “synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water” and has ill effect on your skin, kidneys, nose and lungs. Link here: […]Knowing this, I don’t think it would be a good idea to use this product in the future. Use at your own risk.Shipping caution: I ordered it from Spasourceonline, an Amazon-fulfilled retailer. The amazon box I opened was full of white powder; the product was not well-wrapped and the top came unscrewed in transit. So buyer beware. Because of this, Amazon refunded my product price and shipping. So yay Amazon.

Lelia Kingmont, WV

Big Sexy Hair Powder Volume/Texurizer

My hairstylist put me on to this product. Use shake just a small, small amount of powderonto the roots of hair where you want volume and control. Or you can sprinkle a SMALL amountof the powder into your hands, rub hands together and go through hair. Use on dry hair AFTERblow dry or roller set. The key to this product is just a tiny amount goes a long way.Hair is not sticky, dull nor does it hurt or fade color. Shampoos out completely and easily.Your hair will truly do ANYTHING with this product! Cheapest on Amazon, will not find in stores,but can be ordered by you beauty salon.LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND I AM SPOILED TO HAVE HAIR THAT WILL NOW DO ANYTHING…..I WANT!!!

Amelia Delphos, KS

Big sexy hair it creates!

Takes some getting used to to use. But works to add nice texture and volume! It seems like a small amount of powers in the bottle but a little goes a pretty long way.

Monica Siloam Springs, AR

terrible product

I would have returned it except that I did not try it until it was too late. It is a tiny little overpriced container of powder that you shake on. I have had better results with plain talcum powder; it is the worst dry hair treatment I have ever used. I feel cheated.

Chris Beaver Creek, MN

Check the size

Please check the size before ordering. For $11 I expected a larger bottle. This is about the size of a trial or travel sized product. It works ok. I notice a difference but nothing earth shattering. For the price it is definitely not worth it.

Daisy Lost Creek, PA

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play – Disappointed

After reading so many wonderful reviews on this product, I ordered it right away! I must say though,it didn’t do much for me. It didn’t give me the volume that I had hoped it would. Plus I didn’t like the very sticky feel to it. Therefore, only 2 stars.

Janet Titonka, IA

Very inventive product for us flat-heads

This volumizing powder is a godsend to those of use with out any natural body but like to stay on trend with the current styles. I have long flat hair and this product allows me to have some great up and messy hair styles. One word of warning though, barely sprinkle this stuff. Otherwise it almost turns tacky and feels gross. Also, if it starts raining and your hair gets sprinkled when you have this in it will turn a little gluey. So otherwise, avoid water (other than washing) when you have this in. Great product though!

Noemi Tendoy, ID

Big hair change

So I have thick, coarse, heavy hair, I always wanted to teaze my hair where it creates a volume bump on top, but as soon as I did that, pfffft, came right down fast, so a friend told me about this, it was hard to find it in my city, but when I did, I was happy, it does what I was hoping it would, my bump stays up, and I can tease it easy. So I think I like it.

Odessa Masontown, PA

Very comparable

Let me just say that I love this stuff. BUT, this is very comparable to the Got2b volumizing powder. This ones great and it does give me volume and that teased look. But honestly I would not be able to tell the different between this one and the Got 2b. The Got2b is cheaper, I’d try that one if I were you! This ones great. Just whichever brand you prefer.NOTE: it can make your hair look “dirty”

Eula Anita, PA

works well

It works ok, but it has that "dry wheat" feel to your hair afterwards. I didn’t use too much of it either.

Nadia Scottsville, NY

It’s ok

Perhaps I just haven’t mastered the art of hair-teasing, or maybe my hair is just too fine. This product came highly recommended but I am not DAZZLED by it. It works ok, nothing to shout from the rooftops about.

Cortney Tuttle, OK

Big sexy hair powder play

I ordered this because my hair needs all of the volume it can get! I know several people that use this and their hair is pretty voluminous! I love fixing my hair so I got me some.. It works as it says it does but I would like to throw in that this works best when you put it on your roots and then doing 2 back combs. not teasing exactly just plumping your hair. I haven’t noticed any flakey looking stuff, or clumping, or anything like that.. it doesn’t show up in my hair.. it’s a powder. it works for adding texture to your hair.. It’s a small bottle but a little goes a long way! You just put this on your roots, it’s a root lifter. I would recommend to ladies that need a volume boost or texture!

Cindy Fine, NY

Adds a lot of volume

Adds a lot of volume but makes the hair rather sticky and you really can’t brush or comb through your hair after using it. Almost like hair spray but that said I have thin hair and this helps a lot.

Michael Middletown, CA

Fits in Barbie’s Purse!

I knew it was little, but it was still funny to open the package and see it. But you need only a very tiny amount of powder to help your hair. If you find it sticky or need to wash your hair five times to get it out, then you’re using WAY too much. I sprinkle a tiny bit into my palms and rub it through my scalp. And Voila! I look like I have hair! I can’t believe what I’ve been doing to my hair (spiking glue throughout waist-length hair???), only to find this wonderful product. My hair is soft and full and sexy and I don’t have to blow it out or curl it. My hair is extremely straight, thin and very long. I didn’t really expect this to do too much, but I’m so glad I found it!

Maureen Lincolnville, ME


i mix this with oasis and my hair stays puffed for days. until i was it. i also back comb my hair with it too so it sticks all night. i love this stuff

Roseann Denton, TX

Does What Other Hair Products Don’t

Five stars is supposed to mean "I love it," and I can’t say I’m quite that excited about this product. It does, however, make a positive difference. So it shouldn’t be given a mediocre rating. When I first got the product, I thought: "Oh this is just another version of dry shampoo." If you’ve ever used dry shampoo, you know that it fluffs up the hair by employing a powder to absorb excess oil. This product, however, is more than that. It goes on like powder, but then it becomes a stiffening agent. So it really does "volumize" and "texturize." The advantage it has over liquid or foam products is that it can be applied precisely where you want it — on the roots of the hair. And of course, it’s dry. Thus, I find it different from any other hair product I’ve used.One caveat: the quantity of powder is quite small. The photo makes you think you’re getting a container about the size of a medium can of hair spray. In reality, it’s more the size of a stick of deoderant. That said, I use very small amounts of the powder. So I’m sure the container will last me a good long while.

Nannie New Holland, IL

Great for a night out

I like to run my hands through my hair…or at least I have that habit. Not good with this stuff. It feels a little thick or sticky or something.That being said, this WORKS. It gives my hair great body…80’s hair type body if I want it. And when it starts to drop, I can stick my hands in and easily refluff it. So for a night out, when I want to have big hair and feeling a little overdone is acceptable, this stuff is awesome.The bottle is TINY…which is cool because you only need a tiny amount for BIG hair.

Selma Danville, WV

Awesome, but weird smell

I got this to round off my cart when I had some other add-on items in there and wasn’t sure what else to get… totally on a whim. I’m EXTREMELY impressed with what it does to my hair. I have fine, long, curly hair that tends to go limp within a few hours of washing/styling. This stuff is like magic, i put some near the side part in my hair and fluff it up and my hair stays beautiful and voluminous all day. The only negative is that it has a bit of a scent that I really don’t like, but it dissipates after a while. I’m not particularly sensitive to smells and it does bug me a lot when I first apply it.

John Sterling City, TX

Great for thinning hair

Due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), my hair has been thinning for years. Now, it’s not really at a point where other people might notice, but I do, and this stuff really makes it much thicker and gives me more confidence. I just sprinkle a little here and there and fluff it. My ponytail becomes instantly thicker and I can poof up the top and sides to give myself more volume. The one downside is that your hair won’t be as shiny (I mean, it’s like putting baby powder in your hair after all), but it does really thicken it. Also, I thought maybe the powder would be evident, since it’s white, but once you rub it in it disappears!

Winifred River Rouge, MI

Builds volume, but feels sticky and dirty

My hair is pretty fine, so getting volume in the crown is a chore. I’ve tried lots of different things to make my hair look fuller, so I thought I’d give this a try. It’s a powder, so I thought it might be a nice alternative to baby powder but have more umph. It doesn’t smell bad and you don’t need much of it. It’s pretty easy to apply. It shakes out and then you just work it in at the roots and fluff the hair up. It works alright, but it left my hair feeling sticky and gross and made me feel like I wanted to wash it out. Usually, I can get go two or three days before washing my hair. I get better results with dry shampoo and/or brushable hairspray. I wouldn’t buy this again.

Haley Belle Rive, IL

Did not work at all for me

I was disappointed. This only made my thin, fine hair greasy and stringy. I think this product might be intended for longer hair- mine is chin length.

Corina Wacissa, FL


The powder blends into hair perfectly, doesn’t show, yet made my hair feel clean & styled very nicely! Love it for quick late mornings when no time to wash hair.

Leanne Marcella, AR

Great product, hard to use

I love this, it really adds a huge amount of volume to my fine, thin hair. It’s actually kind of crazy how much volume it adds, I’ve tried a million products and none have worked as well as this. I am knocking a star because this is really hard to use; you have to tilt the bottle to sprinkle the powder and for me it is impossible to see and tell if anything has come out, especially in the back of your hair. I’ve tried sprinkling it in my hand first but it seems to clump up with the oils on skin before you can even get your hand to your scalp. It doesn’t seem like it matters if you accidentally overdo it because because it isn’t visible on the hair, but I feel like I waste a lot of it trying to guess at whether or not any powder is actually coming out.

Martha Jarbidge, NV


I am on a restricted calorie diet, so I have been losing some hair (don’t worry, it will grow back). So my hair is really, really thin and flat. This was delivered this morning, pre-shower time. Used a little blow dry gel and round brush as usual to dry my hair. Then sprinkled a tiny amount on the top of my head, and did some finger fluffing. Instantly, my hair was about twice as high. I love this stuff. My hair feels like I used a little texturing wax on it, but it looks great, and is not at all stiff like hair spray. Have been out and about all day, and have done a couple of fluffs, and it is still great. I am going to be using this every day.

Tina Cairnbrook, PA


I didn’t like this product at all. It comes off on your hands and clothes and the coverage isn’t all that great. There are other products out there that are more reliable and less messy.

Angelica Sanborn, ND