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Sexy Hair Big Sexy Blow Dry Volume Gel, 8.5-Ounces Bottle

BigSexyHair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel 8.5oz. Helps swell and thickens hair to enhance desired volume, contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract & Whole Wheat Protein and sustains hair from roots to ends.

Key features

  • Design House: Sexy Hair Concepts
  • Oriented Professional Hair Care Products
  • contains Aloe Vera

Honest reviews



I’ve tried so many volumizing products but this one rocks! Makes hair fuller and they look and stay fresh for days, just brush in the morning and fullness comes back.I use it on a wet hair, one pump in the crown of the head, blow dry and that’s it.Amazing product and last long time.I must say that the picture and description (the ingredients) are old version of this product. The new one is more watery but works almost the same, the old version made my thin hair more thick which I liked better.

Roxie Haddonfield, NJ

Didn’t Give A Lift

I tried this and it made my hair look a little fuller but didn’t help with the hold so it was flat where the hair is heaviest which is on the top of my head. It gave body but no lift and hold. I don’t recommend it for people with fine hair looking for lift.

Jody Rockbridge, MO

Gel Volume

This product seems to work, easy to use and don’t forget to put it on the roots ….when wet. I think anyone can use this because its clear in color.

Nadia East Millsboro, PA

great hair gel

so far so good. i use it everytime after showering before blow drying and it really helps give me the volume i’m looking for!

Dolly West Hamlin, WV

Works very well

I bought this hoping that I would not have an allergic reaction to it and I did not. it works well. Holds my hairstyle throughout the day and does not have an overpowering scent which I am very sensitive to so I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

Jane Mullen, NE

Didn’t work for me

Didn’t do anything. I’ll stick with my Pantene gel. Just made my hair heavy and limp. I like their other products though.

Leticia Overgaard, AZ

Won’t buy again

I have loved Big Sexy hairsprays so decided to try this. Made my hair feel dirty and dried out, even when using a very small amount. Didn’t notice a hug difference in volume either. Won’t buy again.

Terri Hazelton, WV

Love Big Sexy Hair!!!!

My hair is flat and boring and when I use this stuff combined with their volumizing mouse it seriously comes to life!!!! I love it and it’s the only product I will spend my money on.

Lillian Allenhurst, NJ

I am in love with this gel!

I have long very fine lifeless hair, so to make it do anything usually takes a lot of work, that being said, my room mate had a bottle of this so I gave it try after i jumped out of the shower. you apply this to damp hair, massage through out then blow dry. i use a round brush and wow the volume is fantastic, will be ordering many times over!

Mollie Pine River, WI

Works good

I like this product. As long as I use just the right amount my hair looks great. If I use to much it will weight it down and make my hair feel like straw.

Sheri Milesburg, PA

Would buy again..

I decided to try this product after using the spray and play hairspray and big volume conditioner from this line. I love all the products. This has worked well for me on my thick, fine hair. I am such a snob about being able to detect product in my hair. My hair is always super soft, so when I use a product if it leaves my clean hair oily, stiff, or gunky…it’s out! This has passed the test. It works well without feeling like I have any product in my hair.

Tori Oneco, CT

Works okay

This product works okay for the most part. I do find that it makes my hair more coarse than usual and it does have a little more volume, but I haven’t seen drastic changes in volume. It okay though.

Yolanda Calera, AL

Just meh

This only gave my hair a very small amount of volume and not even at the roots where I really need help. The volume it did give was nothing special or anything that made me go "WOW"…it was just…"meh", just average volume like any other cheap volumizer.I do like how light weight this gel was, it left no residue, wasn’t sticky, no scent and after my hair was dry it did not weigh my hair down or dry it out, but considering I paid nearly $20 for the bottle, it still was not worth it.This felt more like just a regular hair gel to me, nothing special, nothing that could justify me paying for another’s just a disappointment. I’m still debating whether or not I even want to keep the bottle or try and return it.

Heather Hernando, FL

Finally some body for my limp hair!

Over the years I’ve used all kinds of mouse and gel in order to give my fine hair some body. From the drug store brands to the most expensive salon brands nothing worked as well as this.

Beulah Pope A F B, NC


You think I’d learn…I got no extra fullness or body from this product. It’s no better than any other volumizing product I’ve ever tried. In fact, it’s worse than some. Not worth the money.

Kitty Spickard, MO

Definitly more volume

I used it after I took a shower then blow dry it. It works wonderfully. My hair has the most volume ever. Highly recommended!

Karyn Fountain Run, KY

Love this~

Use this product in my hair almost every day. It gives it good volume and makes it easy to manage.

Kathrine Churchville, MD


It seems like an ordinary hair gel to me. Nothing special. Not even a volume on my hair. It’s trash.

Ruthie Youngstown, OH

Pump up the volume

I love all Big Sexy Hair products and I really like this even for just let my hair air dry to waves.

Kari Roland, OK

Works well

I like this product.When applied to roots it does give volume. And it lasts for a long time.Yet I don’t think that it gives as much volume as I would like. I have used other products which give much more volume.I like this product but don’t think I will purchase again.

Dona Bowmansdale, PA


This is great for volume and doesn’t leave your hair all sticky. The down fall is the squirt top will not work so I have to open it everytime. But definitely recommend!

Michelle Fredonia, WI

Great service, not so great product.

This stuff made my hair tangled and dry looking. I wasn’t really impressed with it. But the sellers definitely sent this right away and I was happy about the delivery.

Nellie New Salisbury, IN

My hair like it and a little goes a long way

one squirt works for my blow dry and I think it’s definitely working and it was a good buy compared to retail.

Lora Lyons, TX


I didn’t like this at first, but now like it very much. I just just a small amount on my barely damp hair and blow dry for a few minutes.. The nice volume stays for at least 2 days.

Karyn Latham, OH

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Blow Dry Volume Gel, 8.5-Ounces Bottle

I use other products from this line…suck as the shampoo and conditioner. All work well on my hair.This does give you a fuller look. No need to apply too much as a little is just fine. I put it in the palms of my hand…and rub it through from roots to end. Love It!!

Stephanie Emerado, ND