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Seventh Generation Sensitive Care Lotion, Chamomile, 8 Ounce

Moisturize your skin with everything it needs to feel healthy and refreshed. Our gentle, 95% plant-based formula glides on and absorbs quickly to help you recapture the pure, naturally soft feeling you love. Fragranced with natural oils and botanical extracts.

Key features

  • USDA Certified Biobased 95%
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • Gluten-free
  • Naturally sourced fragrance
  • Moisturizing formula
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Biodegradable
  • Bottle made from 96% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • You will receive 3, 8 ounce bottles
  • USDA certified biobased 93%
  • Moisturizing formula, won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Subtle aroma; absorbs nicely

This Canadian-made moisturizing lotion does what it claims: it moisturizes the skin quickly without leaving a greasy film on the surface. That’s because it doesn’t contain petrolatum which does nothing more than coat the skin. This lotion provides hours of moisturizing. I put this on in the morning after my shower and my legs still feel soft when I come home ten hours later.The lavender scent smells more like eucalyptus and pine rather than lavender. And that’s because this lotion contains oils from eucalyptus and pine. I don’t mind this, but people who prefer a sweet, floral lavender scent may be disappointed. I find the eucalyptus adds some zing to the skin.The oval-shaped bottle makes this convenient for gym or travel bags.My only complaint is that this is pricey. I bought the lavender lotion when it was featured as a lightning deal. I’m so glad I grabbed this when it was on sale! For those who do not tolerate the aroma of eucalyptus and/or pine, this may disappoint.

Carey Trinity, TX

Thick, leaves white, powdery layer

We got rid of the remaining bottles of this stuff. It takes an eternity to apply, smells slightly medicinal, and leaves a white powdery residue that rubs off on clothes. This is not what you want on professional clothes in the morning.

Lakeisha Norman, IN

Love the Lavender Scent

Really smells like lavender, fresh and clean. Great bottle design – stands upside down to easily dispense. Good consistency, easy to apply, feels good on skin, absorbs quickly. Got the 3 pack so I have one for the bedroom, bathroom and office. Use it all the time. Will buy again.

Yolanda Gilmore City, IA

LOVE!LOVE this Chamomile sensitive care lotion form Seventh Generation for lightly scented for dry sensitive skin.

I love all Seventh Generation products, and I am glad Amazon has a deal on this.Pros: No parabens or phthalates, Gluten-free , Moisturizing formula that did not irritate my skin, Won’t clog pores, soaks in quickly leaving skin feeling soft.Cons: cost if not on sale

Patrica Ogdensburg, NY


really small in size..even with the % off from Amazon I think i overpaid for a ok product!

Angelia Gorham, NY

clean fresh scent

Thick and creamy. Moisturizes without a greasy feeling. Soaks into the skin quickly. My sister who has extremely bad eczema loves it! My mom got jealous so I had to give her my bottle. You will want to keep this in stock through the winter months!

Madeline East Berne, NY

Did not smell like chamomile; smelled more like plastic

I was looking for a non-scented or lightly-scented lotion suitable for sensitive skin, and this seemed to fit the bill. It has safe, mostly naturally derived ingredients and no unnatural fragrance. The reviews on Amazon for this product indicated the odor was pleasant and light. I am not sure if I rec’d a bad or older batch (seems impossible since this product is new to market), but the lotion smelled very much like plastic. So much so that my husband could smell plastic when I was sitting in the back of the minivan with our kids.It did not cause any reactions to my skin, but I ended up giving all 3 away to my aunt who didn’t mind the plastic smell and found it moisturized her skin well when used right after her shower.Seems like it would be a great product if it didn’t smell like chemicals/plastic.

Traci Pisgah, AL