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Seventh Generation Refreshing Facial Wipes, Lavender, 30 Count

Treat your face to a gentle, thorough clean whenever you like. Gentle facial cleansing cloths are infused with 100% plant-based cleansers that leave delicate facial skin feeling nurtured and healthy. Choose mandarin to refresh, lavender to soothe.

Key features

  • USDA certified biobased 93%
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • Gluten-free
  • Naturally sourced fragrance
  • Removes dirt, oil & makeup

Honest reviews


Gentle but does the job

If anyone can attest to a facial product being gentle it is me. I am on the downhill side of the 60’s and have found hardly any skin products that I can tolerate. Seventh Generation Facial Wipes did the job of cleaning my face without leaving me with a red, itchy after effect. The label claims that the product is alcohol free and hypoallergenic.The wipes are moist enough to guarantee a thorough cleaning and they have a delicate citrus aroma that is pleasant to use. And best of all, they’re made in America.

Serena Cabery, IL

feel sticky

these wipes feel sticky when I used them on my face. I also am disappointed in the lsit of ingredients. It is not what I have come to expect from Seventh Generation items

Dina Mount Hamilton, CA

Horrible smell.

I absolutely hate the smell of these–the lavender smells like puke in this product and I had to force myself to use the whole package. They work fine though.

Olivia Vida, MT

Not for sensitive skin…

I have very dry, sensitive skin. I try to avoid a full-on wash in the morning, because I do one at night and too much gives me flakes and tightness. I was hoping that these facial wipes would fit the bill – just enough to get a quick refresh before my moisturizer. Unfortunately, I cannot use them.They smell pretty good when you first open the package, and it’s not an overwhelming smell. They feel good on the skin, and I could feel a difference as I wiped. However, within 3 minutes of using the wipes, my face began to burn and I ended up with red blotches all over the place. I rinsed it off quickly, and within 10-15 minutes the redness was gone. However, it’s not an experience I will be looking to repeat.The real bummer for me is that I would love to be able to find some more natural facial items instead of what I’ve been using – but most of them don’t work with my sensitive skin. So, while I would have loved to be able to use these, the search is still on.

Latanya Fort Payne, AL

Natural, mandarin scented facial wipes…what’s not to like?

I already like Seventh Generation brand before receiving these wipes, because I know they are a company that cares about what goes into their products and our environment, however I have to say I was shocked when I first read the ingredient label. It was full of “unpronounceable” words, so I started “googling” them. My fears were all for naught because each ingredient is plant-based! So then I went to the Seventh Generation website for more information and found this “Treat your face to a gentle, thorough clean whenever you like. Gentle facial cleansing cloths are infused with 100% plant-based cleansers that leave delicate facial skin feeling nurtured and healthy. Choose Mandarin to refresh, Lavender to soothe.”Okay, so far I’m sold, but how is the actual product? Well, before you even pull out a wipe, as soon as the package is open, you can smell the mandarin scent, and I really love this smell. The wipes do remove makeup and dirt very nicely. Once you begin wiping your face, there is also a bit of a “baby wipes” generic scent, but it’s not bad at all. The cloths are soft, and really the only way it could be better is if they came out warm! 🙂 Seriously, though, I really like this product because of the three reasons I stated:1. All natural product2. Smells good.3. Wipes are soft, do what they are meant to do; cleanse your face.Added plus: my daughter can use these, as they are nut free. Many times natural products contain things like Shea oil or butter, or macadamia or other nut derivitives.I would definitely recommend these Seventh Generation facial wipes.

Tracie Saegertown, PA

LOVE! LOVE, these soft orange citrus scented facial wipes.

I love the light orange scent. They are Gluten Free and great for my sensitive skin. They tale off makeup or the grimy sweat after a day in the garden. These are from one of the leading organic companies Seventh Generation, and I am so glad, that amazon has gotten these avaliable.

Ella Hillsville, PA

“OK” Facial Wipes – But Nothing To Write Home About!

I am picky about my facial wipes.I had never tried this brand before, and they are "OK" but certainly nothing special.I will not buy them again, I will stick with my regular brand that I know that I like so well.

Saundra Brownsville, PA

Cleans Nicely and Generously Sized

I like almost everything about these wipes, especially compared to some others I’ve tried. Most importantly for cleansing wipes, they do a good job of cleaning my face, taking off makeup, leaving my skin feeling nice without being either oily or too dry.I like that these wipes are quite large, allowing for lots of cleaning area, not making me feel like I’m trying to clean my face with something the size of a square of toilet paper.And I like the smell, but with a caveat. The mandarin smell is really nice, very pleasant. However, there is another smell that seems a little odd and unpleasant to me. I think this is from the disposable cloths themselves and not from the solution on them. That smell is the only negative for me.The packaging is simple, not overdone, but seals nicely so I don’t have to worry about the solution drying out too quickly. The seal is hard plastic rather than those little sticky flaps that stop sticking after a few uses. There is quite a bit of solution in the package, more than others I’ve tried. The package is not too large, fairly standard for those types that don’t come in their own large plastic bin, so it’s not a problem to stick a package in a suitcase when traveling. The simplicity and ease of use, plus the cleansing ability, makes these wipes a winner in my book.

Deann Walnut Creek, OH

Very handy, for a *wash* on the go

I’ve never tried facial cleansing cloths before, so I can’t compare to other products – but that said I did like what I sampled here. The cloths have a very gentle/subtle scent (I’m very sensitive to strong odors), so that was a huge plus for me. Like another reviewer, my skin gets irritated easily by certain products, and I haven’t had any problems at all with this product. The cloths are handy to have on the go, or even by the sofa or your desk for a quick refresher, and I don’t feel the need to go and slap on moisturizer immediately afterwards. This is a product I will use and would purchase again.

Ronda Felton, DE

Very Reliable

I’ve been using Seventh Generation products for many years, so when these facial wipes came out I knew I wanted to try them, especially since they are made with real essential lavender fragrance, no synthetics, which I can not use with my allergies, sensitivities.They are soft, a perfect size for me, soothing and do the job.I LOVE REAL LAVENDER so I would definitely purchase these facial wipes again.Make sure you snap the top securely closed, or they will dry out.This isn’t my favorite kind of packaging. I would rather have them as individual facial wipes, so that you could put them into your purse or when you travel, when you might want a smaller size than this is, but it’s standard these days for facial wipes to be in this type of packaging.

Kelsey Zephyr, TX

I wanted to love these, but…

I had a reaction to one of the ingredients. My face started burning and turning red immediately after use. I rinsed my face, but it still burned. It was still burning even after washing my face with my usual cleanser. I like the company and can appreciate their efforts to be environmentally sound, so they get 2 stars instead of 1, but I will never use these again.

Rosie Strasburg, MO

Great wipes

I do really like these but they aren’t a love for me. I really like my burt’s bees wipes much better. These have a nice scent and they take off what they are supposed to take off. They aren’t too thin or too thick. I would recommend them but they just didn’t WOW me.

Enid Milford, MI

Love these

Remove make up, don’t have any "off limits" chemicals, and they don’t make me break out. Plus they smell good.

Ruth Bluebell, UT

this is part of my daily routine 🙂

i love the clean feeling i get with these and the SMELL!! so wonderful! i will be buying these again for sure

Hester Lenni, PA

very refreshing

These are refreshing. love the mandarin scent. I’ve tried others and have had to use three wipes to get all my make up off. I only use two or sometimes one of these. They do a good job at removing makeup and making your face feel fresh and clean.

Kerry Marble Falls, TX

these are not very moist

the package i recieved were just slightly damp, not very moist at all, so i would not repurchase these again. they worked okay but with more liquid i would be able to remove my eye makeup easier. they smell nice, i love lavender.

Leonor Venus, TX

Quick Wipes

I use these wipes to wipe my hands. I carry them in my tote bag. They are very convenient. The downside is they are not organic.

Marva Tonganoxie, KS

Great for your face

Another seventh gen product I will buy over and over. Great for taking off make up at night and just a general refreshing feeling. No chemicals and good for the environment. Can’t beat that!

Ingrid Athol, MA

works well without burning

I loves these wipes because they have a low toxicity rating, they work well at taking off make up, and they are refreshing to my skin without burning. I don’t feel a need to rinse my face off with water afterwards like I did with other brands.

Claudette Millville, UT

Hot Weather or Hot Flash?

Keep these in the fridge for a quick pick-me-up.I do a lot of baking, and that often translates to a rushed, hot kitchen. In the hot summer months it can be brutal. One time, rushing around to get 4 yogurt cakes out it got so hot I smeared cold yogurt on my face! While it made for a fun selfie, it’s a wee bit messy.Now, with these in the fridge, you can get a 10 second refresh and get back to what you’re doing. They have a light ‘feel good’ kind of scent. Very happy with these.

Chelsey Painted Post, NY

smell great!

I like that they don’t have any harsh chemicals. Reasonably priced too. Seventh Generation is a reputable company; I look forward to trying some of their other new hand soaps and lotions.

Nell Collins, NY

Irritated my face.

Yep, this irritated my skin too. It was disappointing. I have very sensitive skin and it’s too bad that I couldn’t use them.

Beryl Spencer, TN