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Seventh Generation Purifying Hand Wash, Mandarin, 12 Ounce

Turn ordinary hand washing into a quiet little indulgence. Gentle, 97% plant-based ingredients foam into a rich lather that leaves your hands clean and noticeably soft.

Key features

  • USDA certified biobased 93%
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • Gluten-free
  • Naturally sourced fragrance

Honest reviews


nice “real soap” feeling natural handwash

A new version of Seventh Generation’s handsoap, with a larger size than before and a strictly neutral, natural smell.Some reviews here complain that this handwash is “drying”, but I actually prefer that it acts/feels like real soap– capable of getting scents, oils, and chemicals off my skin. My hands distinctly feel clean when I’m done, and I prefer to put on a lotion of my choice rather than have moisturizers in the soap leaving a coating on my skin. It doesn’t seem unusually drying to me, and does not irritate my fragrance-sensitive skin.The pump mechanism works smoothly and one pump is plenty for washing with the water here in the mid-atlantic (Maryland). The word “handwash” is embossed in the plastic, in case you’re one of those people whose guests are confused by the lotion/etc pumps in your bathroom.I like most Seventh Generation products, and greatly appreciate their corporate philosophy of sustainability. Their products are worth the premium, although I did find a coupon for my first order of this hand wash.Recommended.

Christa Carlile, WY

Cleans well, smells good, but dries out my hands

This product would be great if it didn’t dry out my hands. I actually have to put lotion on after every use. It smells wonderful and cleans off all the dirt, but I will definitely not use it again. Jason hand soap products are better.

Blanche Osage, OK

Safe, and you only need to use a little

Pros:- Lavender scent is really nice- A little goes a long way (half a pump is all I need to lather up my hands)- It lathers up really well- It has SAFE ingredientsCons:- Price without a discount or coupon is a lot more than regular soaps

Aisha Chester, GA

Seventh Generation fan!!!

I love just about everything Seventh Generation so I was excited to try out the handwash. The smell is a light citrus scent and the pump bottle works great, however, I do find that is does dry my hands out. I have really sensitive skin so it may just be me. But if you can afford this and want to get rid of nasty chemicals on your hands, try it for yourself!

Corinne Carrollton, MO

Highly recommended– great size, neutral fragrance, perfect for delicate skin.

We typically love Seventh Generation’s products. This handsoap is no exception– a larger, convenient size and a VERY neutral scent.Unlike other reviewers, I have not had any problems with "drying" of my skin. I have found that this soap is a great balance between being super delicate on my hands and feels like "real soap" in terms of cleaning hands that have been busy cooking.The pump mechanism works perfectly well and is generous– one pump is plenty for washing hands.Highly Recommended.

Juanita Muse, OK

It Works

This hand wash can be found on EWG’s website for safe hand wash. I research all the products my family uses before buying them. This one is relatively safe and it works well. Will continue buying.

Dena Dunnell, MN

very watered down

You cant even smell the lavender.Very thin and it does not even suds up.Don’t waste your money.Buy Bath and Body instead

Kimberlee Wells, ME

My favorite scent from Seven Samurai Shien organic products Mandarin orange.

Seventh Generation is one of my top favorite organic manufacturers, and my favorite scent of all thEIROnline product is Mandarin. This is a great light orange cent hand soap. If you like orange scent then you should also try their face wipes.

Frances Huddleston, VA

pure, clean, fresh

just got introduced to seventh generation and I love their products. they clean well, and I love this hand wash. it is a big bottle as most you get at the grocery store are 6-8 oz. and so it last longer.

Judith Marshall, IL

Best yet

I love this hand soap. You get three nice sized bottles. The mandarin (orange) scent is very nice. This soap cleans just as well, if not better than dial soap, etc.I’m a fan!

Daphne Tullahassee, OK

Like it

I really like the smell, which is nice but not overpowering. My hands feel clean and not at all dried out. Yep, I will buy this again.

Brittany Frankenmuth, MI

Love this soap

This is a good size container, love all seventh gen products especially this soap. No chemicals is always a plus for our family

Marie Elizabeth, NJ

Dry hands

I liked the smell well enough, but found that this product leaves my hands dry. It’s OK for occasional washing, but not as often as I use the ones at home. I got a 3-pack and brought it to work for our kitchen, and no one seems to be complaining. If you are only using it once or twice a day, I think it’s OK.

Clarissa Wall Lake, IA

Nice scent, great wash, but is slightly drying

Add me to the list of people who are big fans of Seventh Generation products. I love that they make more environmentally friendly products. I tried the lavendar wash and it has a nice fresh scent. I also like the clear colored, not too thick consistency of the wash. It is not greasy and I find that it does a great job of washing our hands, including all sorts of messes on my toddler’s hands. However, I agree with many of the other reviewers that say that the only downside is that it is a bit drying. If you have really sensitive skin then it may be a tad too drying for you. But for most people, if you just use lotion occasionally, then it should not be a problem.Also, you do not need to do a full pump of this soap to wash your hands. I find that only half a pump gives me plenty of soap to wash my hands and cuts down on the drying factor on my hands because I am using less of it. Overall, I like the product and will continue to purchase this hand wash.

Merle Kelleys Island, OH

My go-to hand soap for everyday use

Pros: cleans hands, lathers well (without too much lather), naturally derived safe ingredients, larger container to reduce environmental impact, no Triclosan, very pleasant mandarin smell.Cons: Bottle isn’t too pretty to look at; would be nice if had some sort of decoration or less utilitarian looking packaging. I don’t really mind this, though…it’s the only con I could come up with.Verdict: Highly recommend!

Francine Shermans Dale, PA

Light Citrus and Clean Scent

I have a few friends that are allergic to lavendar and other strong scents. So far, this is in the bathroom most my guests use and closest to the pool. I’ve yet to get complaints, and I think I am an open enough person where they might politely let me know if this bothers them… plus their reactions are usually visible. Oh, and I like the scent too, very citrus clean like.

Darcy Clarksville, TX