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Seventh Generation Pantiliners, 50 Count

Get the confidence you want without added fragrances and dyes. Seventh Generation’s new and improved purefit pantiliners are processed chlorine free to give you just what you need without exposing your most sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals. Seventh Generation’s innovative purefit design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to keep you dry, for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort. They’re a simple and practical solution for low flow days, or as a backup when using tampons.

Key features

  • Chlorine Free
  • PureFit leak-free protection
  • Free of dyes and fragrances
  • Secure, no-slip adhesive
  • Gynecologist tested

Honest reviews


Not a repeat purchase!

Bought these because they were free of chlorine, dyes and fragrances but I am not a fan. I really liked their maxi pad since it was soft and did not bunch up. I can’t say the same about these pantiliners. I found them to have a rough surface and they bunched up very badly which made them unwearable.

Bernadine Shell Knob, MO

Loving Seventh Generation

Good price and just as good as the pharmacy store brands but it’s no chlorine.I will definitely order these again if the price is still good.

Agnes Astatula, FL


Overall I am happy with this product. There are two drawbacks though: price is higher than the one I have been using previously, and that other product is made in Canada, this one is not clear where it is exactly made in. Second, the pads don’t have individual packing which makes it impossible to carry one or two in my bag, so I have to have the similar product from another brand for this purpose. overall, I am sacrificing all this and paying more in the hope to be using something more healthy, but who knows.I do recommend the product based on its quality.

Carol Allen, OK

A more natural pantyliner

This is a natural pantiliner without added odors or deodorizers. So far after one month I like them quite a bit. I will purchase these again. They are very reasonably priced.

Georgette Ossian, IA

Love it

Love Seventh Generation. They never let me down. They are great for more sensitive skin. I highly recommend this brand.

Rosemarie Weimar, TX

Seventh Generation vs. Naturacare pantiliners

I have been lucky enough to have had only 2 periods in the last 5 years due to nursing. However, my period has finally returned to a somewhat normal cycle and so I find myself once again needing panty protection. Joy.Wanting something along the more natural lines, I tried the Seventh Generation and Naturacare pantiliners and I like the Seventh Generation slightly better. The top layer on the SG is more like what you’d find on a Carefree pantiliner, cotton-y. The Natura is like the Always driweave, if you’re familiar with that brand. I prefer the cloth-like texture of the SG more than the driweave-esque texture of the Naturacare.Absorbancy-wise, they are the same. It’s a pantiliner, it does a good job on the first and last day of your period, and for the times in your cycle when you’re experiencing more significant discharge.Stickiness-wise, also equal. They both stay put just fine.I took one star away from SG because I would have really preferred organic cotton, which Natura has.(As a side note, Naturacare offers a thong version of their liner, which SG does not)But, the price for the SG on S&S; with Amazon mom cannot be beat. At the time of this review, I’m paying less than $3 for this box of 50 liners. That’s a great deal.

Margo Harpersfield, NY