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Setting Spray


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  • Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray 2 oz

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setting spray

This stuff is absolutelu terrible. First of all, it sprays out and gets all over your face and looks like hairspray on your face. It is hard to get off. I put my makeup on and trying spraying it, it went into a single stream and nearly glued my eyes shut. The burning was so bad that I had to shower and rinse my eyes for ten minutes. I think the best bet would be an aeosol can. Yes, if it only gets on your eyes, it keeps the eyeshadow on, but the way it sprays out, just awful

Andrea Harris, MO

this stuff is AMAZING

i decided to give this a try only because i was sick of spending SO much money on other brands of setting sprays.after trying this, i dont understand what those sprays even did?!this is by FAR, the best setting spray. usually my makeup will crease into my fine lines on my forehead and under my eyes by mid day – but not anymore. plus the pigmentation in my blush and eyeshadows are just as perfect at the end of the day thanks to this spray. i will continue to use this forever.

Robyn Garden Plain, KS

OMG!! Underrated-Product

So I was looking for a good makeup setting spray without the expensive price and I came across this product I read the only 2 reviews the product had and I was skeptical because not many ppl wrote reviews on it. Anyway I bought it. OMG! This Stuff is awesome, It lives up to its Hype but not too many ppl know about it. It shipped so fast to me I started using it immediatly and my makeup as been flawless and I love the dewy effect it gives me, Makeup rubbing off is a No-No for this setting spray. You can feel it actually working its magic once u mist it on. Wish I could give it 10 Stars!

Earnestine Warrenton, MO

great product

This is awesome. Nothing compares. It’s just as good as the expensive stuff, for not even 1/3 the price! great!

Patrice Pioneer, LA

Better than those expensive sprays!!!

This is the best spray out there to set make-up. I will not be purchasing anymore $25-$35 make-up setting sprays because this works just like it! All I did was poured it into one of those $32 bottles and sprayed – it worked like a charm!!! Try this product because it can’t hurt, it’s only a couple a dollars, not $32!

Catalina Pine River, MN