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Set of 3 Sable NAIL ART Brushes Pen, Detailer Liner and Striper

Set of 3 Sable NAIL ART Brushes Pen, Detailer Liner and Striper

Key features

  • Set of 3 Nail Art brushes (Detail, Mini Stripper & Stripping brush)
  • Ideal for the professional nail artist and the beginner expecting real results !
  • Length (excluding hairs) : Approximately 15cm (6 “)
  • The set comprises of a fine detail brush, medium liner and a long striper.

Honest reviews


Can do better

The brushes are okay. But the package could be better and it would be more usefull if there was a usersguide.But it’s okay.

Whitney Germantown, NY

HORRIBLE, very cheap!!

The worse set of brushes i’ve ever purchased. They are very cheap. The brush itself is very stiff, even after soaking. They do not work like they claim. Horrible, very very cheap, waste of time.

Corrine Monmouth, OR

Cheap is the word, not inexpensive!

The brushes look like they have firm brushes, but are flimsy & come apart. The do not paint well at all & the color is very very hard to get out.

Octavia Monaca, PA

Great for striping/design work, but a bit flimsy

The 3 different sizes are great for doing any nail designs. Do be aware that when u clean this brushes (which u should after each use, so the hair isn’t ruined) be sure to not get any acetone on the plastic part of the pen. It WILL disintegrate the plastic. Idk if acetone free nail polish remover would do any damage – i assume it doesn’t. However I use acetone so I can tell you that the plastic will melt if comes in contact with the handle. The handle as well, is hollow. So they are not exactly the sturdiest. But for the price, and sizes, this is a great deal nonetheless. I’ve had mine for almost 6 months, an they’re still in good condition.

Margery Potwin, KS

Set of 3 Sable NAIL ART Brushes Pen, Detailer Liner and Striper

Not sure why other people don’t like these, The brushes arrived in perfect condition,I received this package in the mail, the brush set is not professional quality, but It is great for me, because I practiced nail art on my own nails, make beautiful lines The handles are made of hard plastic, the only thing is the brushes that i purchased are not the same as the picture.

Eileen Townville, PA


I guess you really get what you pay for…. So, I got crap! I ended up giving them to my kids to play with.

Francesca Niobrara, NE


you need use it work for nail design good price good deal real thin brush good dealyou use it more once

Sophie Catheys Valley, CA

not the product pictured

Received these pens, they dont even have the same writing on them as they do in this picture. they are not numbered 1, 2 or 3 they are numbered 0, 00, and 000. Waste of money and time wasting for it to get here. BUT you get what you paid for.

Tracey Hygiene, CO

but it you know how to alter your brushes this is perfect.

Not what I was expecting, but it you know how to alter your brushes this is perfect.

Priscilla Verdon, NE

wish i’d gotten more

these were awesome! very easy to work with….very easy to clean. definitely makes all the "harder" designs easier to do. a must have if you do any bit of nail art. I loved them!

Lindsey Belle Chasse, LA

Deck the nails

A great item to make small designs on your nails, the price at the time was more than perfect and I received the brushes way before the time frame and they came appropriately packaged. I’m sill an amateur using the brushes but I had fun making birthday designs for my nails. Practice makes perfect and this is a nice addition to my nail art supplies.

Rosario Glenwood, FL

Very good

Love these. makes lines easier to make. It works for my needs.They also seem to be able to last a long time. I have no complaints about these brushes.

Tameka Sugar Loaf, NY


yay got them yesterday in the mail haven’t used them yet so assuming so far so good on them. good buy

Elsa Billings, MO

Perfect for detailing

I ordered these brushes because I needed finer, thinner bristles for nail art detailing. These work perfectly. I don’t really use the longer bristled brush (the green one), but I use the other two for pretty much all of my nail art detailing and freehand nail painting.

Justina Holland, KY

Great liners for mere pennies!

Was pleasantly surprised how these work for as cheap as they were. Great for practicing nail art. Getting better with them everyday!

Christa Plano, IL

There okay

one of them is broken the red one on the red part has a little crack >.< im afraid to used it but ill whenever i truly needed and if it breaks forever oh well its was only $4 plus shipping

Gracie Neffs, OH

Nail art brushes.

I am new to using detail brushes but these are really easy to use on both hands, they are forgiving and give a nice light touch to the detail or design added to a manicure.

Marta Shrewsbury, NJ


These arrived early which was great. The price was just right and they work great for nail art. Would buy these again.

Tommie Bridgeport, TX

Not the very best

Have not used it a lot. Still They fray a bit at the end.Could have been better. Will try other products.

Rocio Racine, MO

Love Nail Art

Love to do nail art, even though I am not a pro at it. Love to mess around with nails and all the new items out right now for nail art.

Rena Lance Creek, WY

A+ fir nail design

These brushes are great for nail art designs. I love them. I need to order a few more. You can never have to many good brushes.

Trudy Seaside Park, NJ

Just fine

Good price and nice sizes. It should work fine for its intended use. This wasn’t for me, rather a birthday gift for my daughter, so I can’t say specifically whether she will enjoy using them.

Carolina Belleair Beach, FL

glad I bought these

I am def glad that I bought these. I paint my nails a LOT and do many diff designs. These brushes have really helped with that. Plus they were pretty cheap and they shipped fast!

Doris Reklaw, TX

Over all happy

I rated this 3 stars because for the price being so cheap it didn’t hurt to try them out but I was worried they would be cheap. The aren’t fine expensive quality but they’re not bad. I thought it would be nice having brushes to dip into any polish I have and make stripes rather than buying every color in a striper, but it is hard to clean the brushes. I have to soak them in polish removed and rub it off then wash in soapy water. The brush is stained but for the price and as little as I use it, they get the job done. They make nice lines but still aren’t as fine and thin as I wanted.

Tara Hinckley, MN

good product

These brushes are good. They hold nail polish on them and the bristles stay together good so you can make little designs on your nail. I would recommend.

Harriett Underwood, WA

Great Stripers!

These brushes ROCK! The have made my life as a nail tech so much easier! So easy to hold and do the work for me! I use them with plain acrylic paints and seal with a top coat and it lasts!

Aileen Slovan, PA


Glad to design my kids nails with these great brushes. Brought the fun back to painting my kids nails. Thank you

Lorena Holloman Air Force Base, NM

Its ok.

The package came very fast and I was very exited to use them. I have used them a couple pf times and they are a little on the cheap side. With alot of nail polish on them and patience they can get the job done, but overall I was a little disappointed in the quality of the material.

Letitia Isaban, WV


I love these brushes. They are really skinny so its really easy to do outlines for nail art. Happy with my purchase

Lorena Bellflower, IL

Not impressed

Whatever coating they used to ship these brushes in, it doesn’t seem to want to come off. The brushes are maybe meant for acrylic paints?

Marina Herndon, KS