Seriously Hot- Bronzing Lotion

Bronzer/Tingle Get Ready to set your skin on fire and glow with deep reddish brown color. 10X bronzers and a level 10 tingle complex will give you the color you’ve always wanted.

Key features

  • Super Dark 10x Bronzing Complex
  • Natural Melanin for Optimal Bronzing
  • Extreme 10X Tingle & Sizzle Complex
  • Monoi de Tahiti Oil & Coconut Oil
  • Gentle Mocha & Light Berry Scent

Honest reviews


lotion made me have white spots!

I have never had white spots ever using a tingle and I love tingles! But when I started using this one I had white spots everywhere. It didn’t make me darker and the tingle is way more intense than I thought. I still had a full bottle after a couple uses and just threw it away it was that bad. I wouldn’t recommend this lotion to anyone.

Allene Saint Olaf, IA

It Tingles Slightly, but Not Much Change in Color

It worked really good the first 2 times, but I just maintained with it after that. I would recommend Bombshell if you want a good tingle. I was looking to purchase something cheap that did the job, and this did not cut it. It would be perfect for first-time tanners or tingle users, but not already tanned individuals. This will not enhance, just buy the $20 stuff…..sorry but true.

Louella Rosharon, TX

wonderful tanning lotion Sylvia dover

Wow great great stuff.I will order several more bottles at this price.This stuff is hot hot hot.Love it.I received my lotion quick.

Rosalia West Union, MN

its OK

I already have a decent base tan….used this lotion in my tanning bed (set on 30 mins) it took about 15 to 20 mins before I could feel a “tingle” and even then it wasn’t that hot. It has a good smell to it though. Overall its a good product for what you pay. I will use the rest of it and then probably order “bombshell” or something with more heat to it.

Earnestine Chillicothe, OH

Very informative Review- for all “tingle” tanners, whether you’re Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, etc

It’s says it’s a Level 10 tingle complex fused with 10x “bronzer”First let me say, it’s definitely not Level 10 tingle / T10. I’d consider it to be about a 6-7Second, the ” 10x bronzer ” – No, the bronzers that consists in the ingredient list are just natural/cosmetic. Which means it doesn’t matter how long until you shower/bathe, it’ll wash right off. This lotion does Not contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) , the bronzing ingredient that makes you darker.~ See customer images. I posted photos of back of the bottle, which includes ingredient list, etcBut as a tingle lotion, I like it. I don’t feel tingly or like I’m burning but it does turn my skin somewhat red, & makes me feel a little warm.I recommend this lotion to Intermediate tingle tanners.For Beginners it would probably tingle/burn you more.So,For Beginner tingle tanners I’d recommend any tingle that says “T2″…. If you want to keep trying Pro Tan’s products, you can try “Totally Baked Blazin Hot Action, Black Bronzing Gelee” I’ve made a review on that as well. (When it arrived I tested it at home put some on my forearm. I didn’t even feel it, so when I looked at my arm it was just a little pinkish/red patch. I’M an Experienced / & Frequent Tanner & also when it comes to tingle lotions.) & I’d consider the “Totally Baked..” lotion for beginners. It doesn’t specify what tingle factor it is, but I’d say it’s a 2-3 tingle. IF It may be too hot for you, don’t get rid of it. Just start out with a Level 2 (T2) & work your way up.Australian Gold Tingle Bronzer T4 was a good one, turned my skin red & very little tingle, I used that when I ran out of Pro Tan’s “Totally Baked”. Australian Gold was a stronger. They had the Australian Gold Tingle bronzer T4, at my salon(buy one get two free) I needed something so I got that while I was waiting on my lotions from Amazon to arrive.Which leads on to the next thing I’m about to say & recommend…..*** For more Advanced tingle users, looking for a more Powerful/Stronger Tingle lotion (& it contains DHA), I recommend Millennium Insanely Black. It doesn’t say what level tingle factor, but it’s definitely a lot stronger than this “Pro Tan Seriously Hot Extreme Sizzle 10x double.dark Bronzing”. The second you put it on you “feel” the burn/tingle. Texture is So slick and smooth,..smells better too. It’s only a couple dollars more than this lotion & Millennium Insanely Black is 13.5 fl oz. Whereas this lotion is only 8.5 fluid oz.(For me & my skin though, since I’m such a frequent & “experienced tanner” , certain higher tingle factor based lotions, I’ll really “feel” the first couple times.But after repeated use I think my skin just gets used to it)On the back of my Pro Tan’s bottles, (whether it’s the “Seriously Hot Extreme Sizzle” or the “Totally Baked-Blazin Hot Action Black Bronzing Gelee”) ~**}THEY BOTH say “Level 3 Advanced” — Not exactly sure what it’s supposed to mean, But what I can say is, it’s NOT referring to the tingle factor. Those two lotions are completely different, with different Tingle strengths, & the Seriously Hot Extreme Sizzle is specified as a Level 10 tingle complex. The Totally Baked lotion doesn’t specify the tingle strength anywhere on the bottle, but as I said above, it’s about a 2 – 3.~ I am posting pictures of the back of this bottle for the Pro Tan “Seriously Hot” lotion **The other pictures will be posted on the other page for the Pro Tan’s Totally Baked lotion.

Nettie Pope Valley, CA