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The secret to a “stop-’em-in-their-tracks” stare is perfectly shaped brows. This little black case holds all of the arching, shaping, and grooming tools you’ll need to achieve that killer glance you dream about. Set includes three brow stencils in varying degrees of arch from natural to dramatic, a duo brow gel and powder compact to fill in and shape brows, a clear brow mascara to hold brows in place, tweezers, and an eyebrow brush.

Key features

  • Sephora Collection Arch It Brow Kit
  • Stencils, Duo Brow Gel, Powder, Tweezers, Brush & Bag

Honest reviews


Love this

Love this i got it today fast i had had the nxy one but this one is way better its stays on for a long time and how i clean for my job i swat alot and its on good love this collection will get it again

Felecia Richfield, PA

Took too long.

It was not my color but that is my fault. I would recommend learning how to shape your eyebrows yourself rather than use this stencil kit. It was hard to achieve the same results with both eyebrows and it took a long time to color my eyebrows in. I liked the other stuff that came with it, but I would recommend the Urban Decay Vintage Box instead.

Elaine Barstow, IL


Not too impressed. The lighter brown was a powder and the dark brown is a wax. I have very dark eyebrows and neither of those colors flatter my face. They make my eyebrows look VERY defined and VERY VERY harsh. Not even the tweezers work well. The only saving grace to this kit is the gel. I have unruly eyebrows with a mind of their own and the gel keeps them in place all day long. The stencils are also good for beginners, but didn’t work for my eyebrows either. Overall, just an okay product.

Katy Loogootee, IN

Great kit but bad stencils

I love the kit itself! The tweezers are not cheap like you’d get from a dollar store. That alone had me sold since I’m a sephora junkie and bought 20$ Betsy Johnson tweezerman tweezers and the ones in the kit does the same greatness in my opinion. The brushes are great also and don’t smear the eyebrow liner in the compact like some cheap brushes would do. I also like the eyebrow gel. It isn’t a glob on clear gel like the one I used to use by Mary Kay. It goes on very smooth and it covers just enough to comb and hold unruly eyebrow hairs.The only con I have is the stencils. I have always wanted arched eyebrows much like the stencils are so I was hoping I’d be able to achieve that look a lot easier. I have a heart shaped face with rather large eyes (like Katy perry). So my eyebrows are more a rounder arch (crescent moon shape) than arched like the stencils. I purposely let my eyebrows grow out too so I could achieve that look. When I apply the stencil and attempted to make the outline (white eyeliner to fill in and tweeze out strays then wipe away to fill in brows) it didn’t work in my favor so I was stuck using my classic eyebrow look that’s still very flattering to my face. Also, they were a little larger than my natural brow which was irritating. I tried angling them but still making sure the stencil is placed accordingly where your natural arch is. It wasn’t a success.I still enjoy this kit though it is a great tool to use. Perfect for traveling too since it comes in a cute storage pouch.-Jill

Sierra Garland, NE


The brow gel was nice, (it did get a little flaky after it dried) but I wasn’t a fan at all of the brow pallets or the brushes. the brushes were so tiny they were hard to grip and the brown gel barely would get on the brush at all. I haven’t really used this product at all, it just sits in my drawer. The stencils are OK

Camille Lexington, MA