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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Empress Lace Front Wig- Giselle Color 2

Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Empress Lace Front Wig – Giselle

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For a Synthetic she Rocks

Giselle is beautiful I totally love her she looks just like the picture.Texture is soft curls are really nice I would buy this wig again

Margot Two Buttes, CO

Absolutely Love It!!!

I am sitting here wearing this beautiful piece right now…I love this wig!!! this has to be one of the best lace fronts out right now as far as the price range goes…Pros: Doesn’t tangle, soft, curls fall back in place, very manageable, and you can wear it in a few stylesCons: There are NONE!!!I definitely plan to buy this again in another color for my trip to Memphis…

Agnes Edgerton, WY

Great and natural looking

I love this wig. It has been my go to wig. I had to play with it a little but I have it looking very natural. I love this wig so much I have bought it in 4 different colors. The only downfall this wig has is that the lace is extremely rough and scratches my forehead so I tend to not wear it everyday.

Bessie Kalida, OH


it a nice wig but messes up a little quick but is good for the 1st few weeks then a rainy day if you dont have no where speacial to go

Roxie Ancona, IL

It beautiful on me

Makes me look so beautiful, I can curl it with the hot curlers and make more styles it is wonderful and awesome, I get a lot of looks, and smiles wearing this wig.

Gloria Clancy, MT

This wig was FABULOUS!

Now I don’t sleep in wigs I do wear them all day as the mortgage crisis stress caused all my hair to fall out in 2006. Only NOW is my hair trying to grow back in 2014. So I wear wigs. I love wigs. I don’t try to make people think its my hair, so I wear whatever color I want, length I want and I can change my hair twice in a day if I am so inclined. I wear my older wigs round the house. Ok so THIS WIG I took a shot because I read the negative and positive reviews. And this is a style that is popular. The one I received was exactly as depicted, not as full as the picture. But I put it on and the tracks were not visable at all. – but I did not wear the wig yet. I trim ALL wigs I get or thin a section but this one I tried it on, cut the lace and have it ready to rock. I will probably buy another one after I wear this one and see how it wears. I think after a day of wearing it, it will fill out but right now I am really pleased. The Wig Makers should make the top fuller just to avoid the tracks showing or take a poll of wig wearers to make better wigs for us to buy! Love it! so far…

Clara Grand Marais, MI

Pretty but Lace front is REALLY short

the texture is great, and color. the only problem i have with this wig is the lace front is VERY short so there is no room for a part really and you can see the tracks really easily from the front. I would only get it in the dark color to avoid it being seeing.

Chelsea Howard, SD

Sheds a lot and is very scanty

It looks a lot fuller in the picture, and the unit sheds like mad! The parting is very unnatural and the lace is a little obvious. Otherwise she’s good.

Geneva Glen Rock, PA

Very Pretty

Very pretty wig and it does not look synthetic. Would recommend, it was a little tight on my head and I have no hair (twa).

Carla Red Devil, AK