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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Empress Lace Front Wig – Bree – Color: PK1/613

Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Empress Lace Front Wig – Bree

Key features

  • Comb Location: Side & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


no thank

the wig look great this is just my second one that i had i like the way it look on the picture hope it look just as great on me

Valeria Waynesburg, KY

Looks and feels real

Love this wig. I have had it for months and it still looks fab!! It’s easy to take care and can be heated with a curling iron up to a certain point. Looks and feel real enough that others always think its my real hair.

Rena Bloomington, IN

Great Wig!

I love this wig. I bought the black and pink one. The hair feels so soft. I really like this wig versus other wigs that I have purchased because it has the combs inside which make it so easy to put on and also make the wig stay in place. I highly recommend this product, and am planning to buy it in another color.

Amparo Idlewild, TN

Five Stars

Absolutely love this wig exactly what I ordered! LOVE IT!!

Christina Treichlers, PA


ive gotten this wig in multiple colors, its comfy and so real looking i cant believe its so cheap. its my go to wig daily.

Jolene Greycliff, MT


Initially I was hesitant to buy this lace front, because of all of the ‘bad’ lace front pictures and memes out there. This is the best wig that I’ve ever owned, and I can tell that it’s going to have some longevity. My only qualm is that the wig is kind of tight, at least for me. I guess I have a large head! I’m most likely going to buy two more with the different two tones so that I can change it up. I’m currently ‘wigging’ for a protective style as I grow out my hair some more. You won’t regret getting this wig!! Oh, and I got a 1B, and it was DARK. So for those of you that want a more natural look, I wouldn’t get just a 1.The wig also doesn’t LOOK like a wig. As someone else stated, it looks like a sew in. Those of you who wear wigs know that it’s HARD to find a wig that doesn’t look ‘wiggy’ and fake. This one is perfect.

Tisha Mc Neal, AZ

Suuuuuuper cute!

Super cute. I got the PK1/Pink. I am white, and the black seemed a little harsh at first but I’m getting used to it! The hair is super soft and looks AMAZING in a french braid! Theres a part on the side where you can see the lace if I pull it back, but I can’t cut it back anymore or else I’ll have a hunk of hair missing… So that sucks, but its not noticable if you wear it down, or if you have some pieces hanging out in the front, which is cute.I cut a couple pieces in the front so it’d look better with ponytails and stuff. I didn’t have to cut the bangs at all, they’re perfect!All in all I adore this wig and plan on buying another with the blonde color:)EDIT: So it’s been two weeks and I still love it! I wear it just about every day. The only thing that I’ve changed is that I colored the “roots” of the pink about 2 inches down so it looks like my real hair growing out. Because I think it looked a little bit like those hot topic extensions and it screamed FAKE to me. I didn’t use dye though, I used a permanent marker. I used a sharpie, but I think you should probably use something different because it is tinted slightly blue(You’d only notice if you looked reeeally close) and it smells like…sharpie. Lol. It might go away though. I just did it.

Michell Chaska, MN