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Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish 71587 Pink Chiffon


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  • Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish 71587 Pink Chiffon

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If You’ve Never Tried Gels, Read My Review!

This is a long review, but if you’re trying gels for the first time, read on.I wanted to give gel nails a try, to see what all the fuss was about. I had no expectations at all. Mostly because my nails are a disaster. They’re very weak and thin, and prone to every sort of problem: chips, splits, peels, curls. On top of that I’m very hard on my nails. Long baths, keyboards, garden dirt, pottery making, etc., all contribute to my nail issues. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really wanted long nails. It doesn’t suit my lifestyle. But I see others with gorgeous nails, and there are times when I would like my nails to look at least well-groomed, and maybe reach my fingertips. When I worked in an office, I’d occasionally get acrylic nails. They looked good for special occasions and kept my nails from breaking. But even the most natural acrylics always looked like acrylics. Not to mention, they also made an annoying clatter on the keyboard and other surfaces. My natural nails were always destroyed by acrylics, so they were “special occasion” only. I know there are those of you out there with nails like mine.Anyway, to get to my Sensationail review. No expectations. I bought a cheap LED lamp and a couple bottles of Sensationail gel, just to try it out. I really thought it would be an ordeal to apply, so I set aside a few hours for practice and learning. I carefully cleaned, prepped, and primed my nails. I applied Sensationail Pink Chiffon in one coat, without a base coat. It was the same consistency as nail polish, making it very easy to apply. So far, so good! The first thing I noticed is it didn’t really run or “build up” while being applied. You could take your time, as it doesn’t start to set during application like regular nail polish. It will only set with the lamp. It goes on very smoothly and evenly, and sort of “self levels”. After setting the first coat, I simply repeated for a second and third coat. Three coats of Pink Chiffon turned out a lovely shade of milky sheer pink. Perfect for a nude look with just a hint of color. Once finished, my nails were immediately completely set with a flawless, glossy surface. I wasn’t used to the feel of set gel nails. I was expecting a hard finish surface like with acrylics or regular polish. After wiping off the residue, gel has a very strong, stiff, yet slightly flexible feel, so at first I wasn’t sure if they were completely set. But after some durability testing, I realized that’s how they’re supposed to feel. My favorite things about gel is that my nails look and feel completely natural (not rigid, built up, or fake) and they don’t make that annoying clatter on my keyboard.So now, on to durability. Before trying gels, I would normally wear a few coats of nail polish to protect my fragile nails. Polish will look pretty on me for a day or two. 3 max (if I am very careful). I have tried every polish brand under the sun. I’ve tried pro manicures, treatments, etc. All with more or less the same results. Peeling, wear, yellowing, dulling after a day or two. I had heard accounts of gel nails lasting WEEKS, but I always figured those accounts must be from women who have nannies and maids and gardeners – not real people. After my very first Sensationail gel manicure, I went about life as normal. I kept checking my nails, expecting some sort of wear and tear. A week went by. My nails still looked absolutely perfect. I noticed my two most troublesome nails (that NEVER grow past the quick without breaking) were actually growing! 8 days in, one of my nail caps got a bubble, and I had to remove that gel and re-apply, but I only re-did that one nail. The other nails still looked fantastic, so I didn’t bother them. I wanted to see how long they’d last. Two weeks later, all of my nails still looked amazing. The surface was still flawless, and every one of my nails had grown to the ends of my fingers for the first time in years. The cuticle base was starting to show, and I was dying to find out what condition my nails were in underneath the gel. So I removed them. My nails looked great underneath. No peeling or splitting. Not even a hint of yellowing! I loved the gel so much I re-applied another Sensationail set immediately after filing and prepping. Those lasted another two weeks before they began to lift. If you’re like me (hard on your fragile nails), please try this product. If your manicures don’t last but a couple days, you’ll be blown away by having perfect nails for more than a week or two. It really is true! They last that long and longer!My third gel manicure I decided to sample other brands of gel. I ordered another brand in a similar shade of milky pink sheer. Immediately, I wasn’t as impressed as I had been with Sensationail. The other brand made me appreciate how evenly and smoothly Sensationail went on. I’m wearing that other brand now, waiting to see how durable it will be so I can review that product later.If you’re a first timer and want to try gel nails at home, I strongly recommend Sensationail! The application process is beyond easy. The product is very high quality. The results are not only amazing looking, they will last an exceptionally long time if you prep correctly. True, removal is not as easy as nail polish, but it’s nowhere near as much of a hassle as acrylics or ceramics.I love Sensationail. I’ll be back to update this review in the future.

Karla Hendersonville, NC

Very classy, natural shade of pink…

I use the raspberry wine and espresso bean regularly so I decided to try a new color.The pink chiffon is a pretty shade of cotton candy pink, however it is extremely sheer. I had to put 4 coats on and it is still sheer enough to see slightly through, but the color is now more opaque. Just putting one or two coats on gives you sort of a natural manicure look though it makes your tips look sort of dingy if you don’t have french white tips. The first coat goes on completely sheer just to give you an idea.You also have to be careful about the streaking because this color is definitely prone to it…though it gets better with 4 coats. I honestly didn’t like this color at first but it grew on me. I have olive skin and pastels/taupes don’t usually look flattering on me. I’ve received lots of compliments with this color. This shade of pink is very natural but there is enough color there for an impact. It’s perfect for anyone who wants slightly more than a natural look or anyone who has avoided wearing pink because they thought they were too “mature” for it.

Laverne Forest Hill, MD

I got a hot pink in a Pink Chiffon bottle?

The product was sold by Lord N’ Trade. It arrived very very quickly. Thumbs up for that. I ordered the pink chiffon which should be a soft pastel/blush pink (as shown by the product picture, user picture, AND user reviews). When I opened the bottle, even though the bottle clearly has a label that said "pink chiffon", the actual polish inside was a HOT PINK. I’m a female, and I can distinguish the difference between a hot pink, and a blush pink. Even a color blind person can tell it’s completely the wrong color. That brings me to wonder if the product is a knock-off since it came without any packaging. I emailed customer service immediately, and they promptly offered a refund but suggesting maybe the picture online is distorting the "shade". Like I said, there’s NO mistaking between a blush pink and a hot pink! Anyways, I ended up trying the product, and it did work very well. I used the CND shellac base and top coats along with my hot pink SensatioNail. I had the polish for about two weeks (enduring moving, and digging in the garden) before I decided to change it. With proper application, and care, I’m sure the polish could’ve lasted a lot longer than 2 weeks. So overall, everything worked out well. It was just really odd how a completely wrong color got into a pink chiffon bottle.

Enid Rutledge, MO

Okay but not great

This is a nice color but it doesn’t go on evenly or smoothly like the Gelish brand. It’s fine enough for a base coat under a glitter coat but I don’t think you could get away with any less than 3 coats if you’re using it just for a solid color.

Sabrina Industry, TX

Love this

It comes in a rather small bottle not as much as other brands for the same price. But the color is awesome and just like the photo.

Kim Voluntown, CT

Very pretty, natural pink polish

I started doing the gel manicure myself about 8 months ago as I didn’t want to pay $60 a month for my manicure habit and I used the SensatioNail brand to get me started. I love this color so much! It’s a milky, creamy pink with no glimmer or shimmer to it so if you’re looking for a sparkly pink, this is NOT the color for you. I have very fair skin and this color looks great on me as well as on my mom who has a more olive skin tone. It’s a great color for any skin tone.I’ve used another gel polish brand, as well, and I like this brand much better. Another reviewer mentioned that 4 coats were needed but I find that 2 coats gives me the coverage I like. This brand is a bit thinner that other brands and I like that in that you can control the color better.Give this lovely pink polish a try ~ you’ll be glad you did 🙂

Millie Tower City, ND

Great color

This did not shrink up on my nail like other brands. Which is great. I like the pink, it is very soft and pretty. Don’t like that the bottle is so small, won’t last long…

Susanna Weidman, MI

3 plus coats

I bought the full kit at CVS and it came with this Pink Chiffon color. I’m very pale skinned and the color looked pretty on my nails. The formula was not my favorite, though. I needed 3 coats to get a uniform pink color and I still could see some streaking. I was laying it on pretty heavy, too and I could still see my tips in certain lights. I hear the other colors have better coverage. I followed the directions exactly and it really did last for 2 weeks. You just need to make sure your cuticles are in top notch condition, away from the polish, and your nails are buffed nice and smooth before you polish. It really looks great, just wish it had better coverage.

Dionne Elliottsburg, PA