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Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo, 11 Ounce

Selenium Sulfite 1%. Medicated with menthol. Maximum medicated control. Healthier hair. Healthier scalp. Doctor recommended.

Key features

  • For healthy looking hair
  • Specially formulated to control the itching and flaking of serious dandruff
  • It softens and makes hair more manageable
  • Prevents seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

Honest reviews


Great for my skin

I had this really ugly skin discoloration on my body. It turned out to be a common skin fungus. I HATED how it looked so my doctor recommended this. I rub it on my body and let it dry for 5-10 minutes then wash it off in the shower. My skin is now evenly colored and back to normal (it took about 3 weeks). This is a blessing.

Catalina Seward, IL

not too effective – cons

I have been trying many shampoos for years now. I decided to give Selsun blue one more try and my previous experience was corroborated this time around. It does give you a cool sensation (due to menthol), however, it does make your hair fall more. It has very harsh chemicals such as lots of sulfides and sulfates which is really bad for your color treated hair. it did reduce my dandruff (did not get rid of it completely). but it comes with its cons.

Vickie Ruffs Dale, PA

The only thing that stopped my dandruff

I tried Nizoral, T Gel, and Head & Shoulders and they all had zero effect. I used Selsun Blue ONE day and all my dandruff is gone. I thought i could maybe just use it once a week but i’ve realized i need to probably use it every other day and i’m good to go. Definitely worth it, it’s the only thing that actually works.

Brenda Eagle Rock, VA

Selsun Blue Shampoo

This is best anti-itchy, anti-dandruff shampoo in the world. Been use this over 10 years, and though the smell is not the best but you can count on it to work like it described.

Diana Elysian Fields, TX

A fine product

Works fine, but I do not feel it is as advertised maximum strength dandruff shampoo. The original selsun is better.

Savannah York, NE

The best so far

I have recurring issues with scalp itch every winter. Last year I had a Garnier shampoo I loved which is now discontinued. This season when my issues started up again and I couldn’t find the Garnier shampoo I settled for a Head and Shoulders shampoo with the same zinc ingredient that the Garnier had as it’s active ingredient. Well Head and Shoulders wasn’t working at all for me and my itching was increasing. I’ve now been using Selsun Blue for about 6 weeks. Selsun Blue has a nice smell over top of a really gross chemical smell sometimes as my day progresses I will smell the nice smell, which resembles the smell of a man’s bar soap like Irish spring. But often I get a whiff of the under smell which reminds me of Neutragena’s T-gel. Selsun Blue is a step up from smelling T-gel all day but since I sometimes get a whiff I am self conscious that other people can smell it as well so I only use it on days when I predict that I’ll be doing less activities (work, shopping, outings) out and about with the general public. I can only use Selsun Blue for about 3 days in a row before it actually starts making my head feel burny. So I use it a few days and then d/c use and use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo, usually by Pantene or Clear, on the days I don’t us SB. My issues aren’t sompletely cleared up but less severe and so far it’s worked the best I anticipate by Summer my head should no longer be itchy as that’s my usual pattern. This year’s winter has been especially hard on the condition of my scalp and skin. I’m thankful I’ve found this formula of SB. When I bought this SB I also got a bottle of T-gel which I haven’t tpuched because I dread the smell. I lost the receipt so I can’t return it. It says it expires in 2015 so I’ll use it if I finish my SB.

Consuelo Oak Ridge, MO

Use this for dry scalp!

Selsun Blue Medicated Max Strength is just that, Maximum Strength! It works immediately and keeps itching at bay. It clears up flakes and smooths out the scalp. I would recomened this shampoo to anyone with dandruff and dry scalp.

Francesca Stanley, NC

It works

I tried this at my boyfriend’s place when I ran out of my own stuff. I was scared it would ravage my locks, but I loved it. I have oily scalp and dandruff issues, and this soothes any itchiness in one use. It also zaps oil like a charm. I would be careful not to use it often (I use it twice a month), bc it may cause damage to your hair, as it is drying. But for days when I want a deep, deep clean, this stuff is great.

Ivy Reading, MI


I bought this for my 13-year-old whose friends had started pointing out that he has dandruff. He washes his hair every other day, and this seems to be doing the trick. I told him that he needs to use his fingertips to get to his scalp, and also that he might need to wash his hair every day. So far, the every other day is working. The bottle states that it might take awhile to see results, and this is true. It took a couple weeks before the dandruff went away. Good stuff. Recommend.

Lillie Alexis, NC

Too strong for me

Maybe if you have industrial strength dandruff, you might need this. I had to give up using it and switched to their product with aloe and moisturizers for the scalp. It took a while but I think it may be back under control before I decided to try another brand. I will say this is the only brand I’ve ever found to work for me but you may have to try several different formulas.

Sylvia Cortland, IL

works great!

Deep cleans and works great. Husband loves it. I steal some of his once in a while. Good product but neither of us has terrible dandruff.

Essie Matlock, WA