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Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo, Moisturizing with Aloe for Dry Scalp and Hair, 11 Ounce

Selenium Sulfite 1%. Dandruff control for dry scalp and hair. Healthier hair. Healthier scalp. Doctor recommended.

Key features

  • Moisturizes
  • For Healthy Looking Hair
  • It Softens
  • More Manageable

Honest reviews



Does the job needed, I use it on my maltese and it keeps his coat dander free and bright white

Edna Plainfield, IN

Second purchase.

Does not dry my hair out. Love the second lathering as it tingles and you can feel it working. Does not have a bad smell. I follow up with Caviar conditioner and my hair is very soft. Will repurchase.

Sheryl Fort Wingate, NM

The best for dandruff but….

My dad always had the WORST dandruff and used Head and Shoulders for years. However, when this stuff came out, he found that it worked TONS better and completely alleviated the problem. Anyone in my house that’s used it has found it to be true as well. However, although this is the moisturizing formula, it REALLY will dry out your hair. Mine resembles the consistency of wheat toast after using this stuff and if your local city has a tendency to use too much chloride in the public water, well, then you’ll be toast for sure as well! Chloride seems to react significantly with this product for some reason when it comes to drying. That said though, you cannot beat this product for relieving the dandruff. Or, if you have a child that has ever had an allergic reaction to shampoo, Selsun Blue will get rid of that too. If you’re worried about the conditioning element I mentioned, I’ve found that if I mix it with a regular shampoo, that helps considerably. If it’s still drying too much, I use one of those glossifiers/leave-in conditioners and that REALLY solves the problem. And I know too – I have SUPER thick long curly hair and well, if that works on mine, it should help others. Great, great stuff, highly recommend but with the above condition.

Juana Howell, MI

best itchy stopping shampoo

If your scalp itchy and flaky, use this and it will be all cured. It works for me and my wife.

Kendra Loveland, OH


this product is good my hair use to fall out more then usual i started to use this and the aloe kept my hair normal again.Another thing that keeps your hair normal is putting extra virgin olive oil on your scalp. first for 15 min in a heating shower cap andthen wash it off with this . then condition.

Reva Newark, MD


Tried buying this online instead of the stores since the price was better. Happy with this all in all. It’s much easier buying online than going to the store. Glad I can save time and money.

Juliette Cason, TX


It works great but does have an unusual smell. A lot of people complain about it but I actually kind of like it. I usually use every man jack thickening shampoo and conditioner after I use this so the smell doesn’t stay anyways.

Randi Turton, SD

Works to get rid of dandruff

This stuff does work to get rid of dandruff/dry skin whatever you have…but it really drys out the rest of your hair (you kind of have to figure that because of the harsh ingrdients they use to get rid of the flakes)…but it is a decent product…just use a really good moisturizing conditioner haha…

Misty Elizabeth, LA