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seki Satin Straight Clipper

Satin straight clipper.

Key features

  • Compact With A Satin Smooth, Matte Finish
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved

Honest reviews


Very sharp and accurate, must have!

This goes through nails with very little pressure. Does not leave any ragged edges. Perfect for achieving the square nail look. I have a problem with peeling nails after I cut them but this stopped that and your nails don’t even need to be filed after because it leaves a smooth clean edge.

Luz Franktown, VA

Love it!

I love these clippers! they are made really well and have a straight edge so when you clip your nails it has a perfect clean edge.

Penelope Bejou, MN

Sharp and nice

These are the best clippers I have ever had. I have thick, strong nails and have no problem with my nails bending when I clip them. I will be giving this brand as stocking stuffers or for any little gift idea.

Lucia Ebeye, MH

very sharp, precise, sturdy, also prevent ingrown toenails

never in my life what I have paid so much for a freaking clipper, well the company that makes this product also makes samurai swords…nuff said!

Clare Cedar Grove, IN

Straight across manicure without having to file your nails to death.

I am a big fan of the straight across manicure – not round, not oval – squared. When I try to file them that way it’s very difficult to get them all the same lenghth, same shape, etc. Using this straight edge clipper, I get a perfect straight line. All I have to do is file the sharp corners a bit to blunt them, but other than that I only have to paint. I LOVE this. It’s great quality, has a good texture for grip and has lasted for over 6 months, being used about 3 times a month really well.

Ernestine Milan, GA