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seki Satin Slim Clipper

Satin slim clipper.

Key features

  • Superb cutting edge
  • Beautifully designed satin matte finish
  • Made from the most advanced engineering techniques
  • Includes nail file and catcher
  • 2mm jaw opening
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved
  • Superb cutting edge
  • Beautifully designed satin matte finish

Honest reviews


Snick snick

Yup, what a satisfying sound/clip these clippers make!I’m not so great at using the nail catcher but I just clip over a garbage can anyway ;)The clippers feel great in the hand, light-weight, and the cut feels great both during the clipping and after.Very pleased!I will probably look for a "mini" version so I can tighten up my travel kit but these are great, as others have raved.

Karina Fort Huachuca, AZ

Perfect for smaller finger nails.

My son has finally outgrown the infant nail clipper we have been using for the past 10 years.However, the adult size ones are too big, too bulky, too hard to handle, and they scare him because they are so oversized compared to his fingernails so he panics that we are going to nip the skin too.I wanted to get him a better quality nail clipper, and I have the regular size Seki Edge and I really like it, so the Satin Slim seemed perfect for this purpose.It is well made and the perfect size for him. He has taken over his own nail clipping once again and now that his dad doesn’t have to corral him and wrestle with him to bring his nails back to a safe level, there is calm in our home once again.

Lillian Ratcliff, AR

Great clippers

I bought these because of the catcher, which is very nice, but what surprised me is the sharpness and how much that mattered. It is easier to cut my nails with these because I can slowly cut right through the nail.

Georgia Perkinsville, VT

sharp and precise

This is a sharp and precise clipper, but I’m not sure it is worth paying any premium for it above and beyond the cost of a plain old regular drug store clipper. It might take slightly less pressure to clip the nail due to the sharper blade and slightly better alignment, but I do not think it justifies the higher price.

Maribel Decatur, OH

Quickly dulls. Doesn’t catch nails.

When I first used this, the edge was really sharp. Sometimes there wasn’t even a snapping sound because it sliced through my nail so smoothly. After just a few months, it’s now just like any other cheap nail clipper out there in terms of sharpness. The file works perfectly well. The product looks great.The thing that really frustrates me is that this almost never catches my nails. The gaps on the sides of the front are too large. And when it does catch my nails, there’s this small hole in the back that often lets nails fall out. So I end up needing to very frequently empty out the few clippings that it has caught.It’s too bad, because the nail catching issue alone is making me consider buying another clipper.

Kerry Cross, SC

just wonderful clippers

I also purchased the toenail clippers at the same time. They are both very well made, easy to use on "old hands" (I’m 63) and cut very nicely. I relied on the reviews to purchase and they did not disappoint.

Noemi Belcher, LA

It’s as good as they say!

I am now a Seki Edge believer! I wasn’t really sure if I understood the hype for the nail clipper. It is afterall just a tool to cut off your hang nails….. You can get much, much cheaper ones from your local drugstore or even from Amazon. The others don’t cost $20. The others ALSO all do not have 5 stars for their review. This is literally the highest rated nail clipper on Amazon, at the time of writing this review. I believe that it has earned everyone of it’s stars!When I took it out of the box, it was really tiny. It was about the size of my palm and I wear extra small gloves. Despite being dainty, it was pretty heavy for it’s size. I could tell right away from holding it that it was made out of heavy steel. It was not steel plated. This thing was real. Also, I was surprised at how easily the lever swung around. The nail file part was smooth and had a nice texture. I really liked the FEEL of this nail clipper.The real magic happened when I went to cut my nail. It snipped right off. I didn’t even have the chance to blink. I had to check my finger to make sure my nail actually was clipped. I didn’t feel a thing. It happened so quickly, seemlessly, and easily. The razor’s edge was swift. There was no fuss. It was done efficiently, effectively, and almost silently.In short, I LOVE THIS NAIL CLIPPER. I will never go back. I highly recommend this. I join the legions of others who also have given this a 5 star review. Also, I am in no way affiliated with the company. You can check my reviews. I have like hundreds for other products. LOL. This is the best nail clipper!

Tracey Bowling Green, VA

Sharp and easy to use

These nail clippers work great, and the blades are actually sharp so they’ll cut rather than snap through your nails. The included file is handy and works well to smooth out sharp edges after clipping. Also, it’s made in Japan, which usually means quality.There’s a metal guard on the sides, which catches some stray clippings, but not all. You can slide it back for easy cleaning.

Nadia Cowiche, WA


Who would have thought it made a difference what kind of nail clippers you use? Well, I know now, and these are great! My nails are hard as a rock, and these clip them like butter. So nice

Polly Independence, IA

Nothing special

It is the same exact cutting width as a cheap nail cutter. But it is longer, heavier, made from better steel, cuts better, and has a different nail file that doesn’t go all the way to the edge but rather is enclosed on all sides.Instead of the cheap cutters that have a progressive force cut that results from bending the metal pieces enough until it slowly pushes through your nails, this one is instead a couple of really solid metal pieces that don’t bend but instead have little give and just use a very firm level. So once you push down on it, there is no waiting for the cut but it’s instantaneous and makes a louder click. So it is a faster more distinct cut than most people are used to, so you better make sure you have it lined up right the first time. Also it is easier to cut yourself because it is very sharp, so just be aware of that. I found that this Seki one is harder to get correctly positioned under your nails initially, but the cut is cleaner and does less damage to your nails. The reason I give this 3 stars is because it should be even longer to provide a better grip, and also because it’s just not worth $15. It’s not magical. I would look for an in between option in the 10 to 12 dollar range, but I couldn’t find one so I got this.

Liliana Menan, ID