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Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

Stainless steel nail clipper with cast iron lever. The cutting edge is hand-grinded and honed for precise cutting. Tempered-twice to be long lasting and have a sharp edge. Little effort required to cut through the thickest nails.

Key features

  • Twice tempered stainless steel
  • Hand-finished cutting edge
  • Smooth and easy action
  • Stylish design
  • Ergonomic design

Honest reviews


Could have been better – especially given the price

I was in Stuttgart when I found a German nail clipper for sale in a gift shop. It was a shocking $29 but since I was on vacation and in a pretty good mood, I examined it and tested it in the shop. It did such a good job that I bought one. It remains to this day in my night stand, unshared with my family. Feeling a little guilty, when I saw the Seki clipper at a tempting price, I pounced. Alas, the quality is about as good as a $3 clipper I recently bought and no where near as good a give-away clipper I keep in the bathroom. There must be a better clipper out there and I’ll keep looking. This isn’t the dream clipper I hoped for.nail clipper

Tracy Sipsey, AL

Definitely NOT worth the price

Yes, it cuts the nails well.yes, it is stainless steel.But frankly speaking did not find it worth 14 us$.I did not return it as its too cumbersome and too small a product to return.I suggest do not waste money on this.Their are cheaper cutters which will do the same work for 1/3rd the price.Giving it 3 starts because it does the job BUT not worth the extra cost.

Olivia Lansing, IL

my cheap clippers are better

I pretty much only use these because they’re stainless steel and I clip my nails in the tub when they’re soft so they don’t chip or fly across the room. I am a woman with medium width nails and I love the size of these clippers. But they aren’t sharp.. at all. They pull on my nail and tear it. Its just odd because really they seem well made but when you look at the blade, it actually appears rigid. Its a total ripoff. Majorly bummed. Since I probably wont keep using them, I splurged on trash.. because I’d never spend this much on a pair of clippers. It was just something that was important to me because I like having nice nails but I hate actually doing them and I thought this might help a girl out.

Lucile Wabasso, FL

Finally sharp nail clipper !

I always had these dull old nail clippers and always ended up with split nails,after using that for a while my nais are healthier than ever.It cuts well and it is very sharp !

Tamara Altamont, NY

Who would have ever thought I’d review a clipper

May seem ridiculous but I’ve owned at least 10 pair of clippers. All of them were capable of clipping my nails. However until using the Seki Stainless, I had never realized how much the old ones squeezed the nail (mild discomfort), then cut it, leaving a rough edge.These are like using a razor to slice right through my nails. I cannot say enough about how much easier and faster it is to trim my nails and our children’s. Our kids used to complain that the old clippers hurt. Not a peep since using these.No rough edges to smooth out, no bending my nails – wow! I wish I had purchased them sooner. Worth every penny to me. Will buy more for travel since they aren’t too big to take with me in my bag.

Minnie La Monte, MO

Luxury Class Fingernail Clipper!

Luxury Class fingernail Clipper! I’ve lived in Asia for over 25 years and have many fond memories of the bathhouse ladies cutting my nails with such precision.. perfect every time. They used these. The view wasn’t bad wither.

Jessica Riverside, CA

the best nail clipper you can buy

I have always wanted some good nail clippers. In my profession I have to keep my nails clipped short. The clippers you buy at the drugstore or discount stores tear nails more than clip them. I always end up having to file my nails afterward to get a smooth edge. But the Seki Edge stainless steel fingernail clipper changed all that. I bought these, along with the Seki toenail clippers, about a year or two ago. I will never use another clipper again.These clippers are very sharp. They cleanly clip, and do not tear, your nail. The edge is very smooth. You can sand the edge afterward if you want, but you won’t need to do so with these clippers. They are also very ergonomic. I have arthritis in my hands, but these clippers are easy to use. Their only negative is they lack a little tool to clean any debris from under the nail like the cheap clippers usually have, but that is a small annoyance for such a high quality clipper. They are expensive, but if you want quality nail clippers that leave a nice, clean edge these are the ones to buy.

Lila Huletts Landing, NY

Pricey, but worth it.

This line of implements is worth every penny of it higher price. If you’ve been using the cheap models sold at the drugstore, treat yourself to one of these.

Mary Conneaut, OH

clip away

best clippers i have ever used! bought two more for my husbands toiletry case and one for my own that we travel with.

Virginia Denver, IA

Very Fine Instrument

OK, when it comes to certain things, I am really picky. And the personal grooming tools I use have got to be high quality and sharp. I don’t like cutting toenails anyway, but when I have to do it, I want my clipper to be comfortable in my hand and above all, the blades must be sharp and properly aligned. Nothing is worse than a clipper for your hands or your toes that break the nail instead of cutting it. Treat these tools with care and don’t leave them out where your kids will rip them off. It seems like every time I spend a small fortune on these types of tools, my daughters come over and when I need them, they have walked off all by themselves. So now, I buy really good quality grooming tools such as these and keep them where my kids don’t know where they are at.These clippers are great, the blades are so sharp it takes no effort to cut through any nail needing cut. The handles fit my big hands and don’t slip out while trying to use them. If you are anything like me, spend the bucks and buy a good set of nail clippers and then guard them from getting up and walking away. These will last for a long time if you take good care of them.

Trisha Grant Town, WV


These clippers feel good in my hand and they actually cut my nails better than anything I have used before.

Rebekah Ozona, FL

Best Clippers I have ever owned

This clipper is very sharp and well made. I also own the toe nail clipper and it works great too. Definitely worth the price.

Avis Pawnee, IL

The Last Clippers I’ll Need, I Think

I’ve had many clippers over the years, but none as good as these. They cut cleanly and easily. I just have to find a place to hide them so my kids don’t walk away with them.

Isabella Hammond, OR

Five Stars

The best !

Kristin South Amboy, NJ

Excellent and worth the money

Awesome. This is how fingernail scissors should work. We need to get a 2nd paid since my hubby is always accusing me of hiding these from him 🙂

Patrica Ottumwa, IA

Will never buy another brand

I love these clippers and will never buy a different brand again. They work better than any other pair of clippers I have ever owned. I was going to buy the small baby cliippers for my daughter’s nails but didn’t like that it had a catch for the nails.

Francesca Big Rapids, MI


Since I use these clippers for trimming my cats "fingernails" I look for 2 things. A wide opening to accomodate thicker nails and a Sharp cutting edge. These clippers are great!!! Hope they stay this sharp for a long time. And they are easy to hang on to.

Freda Oracle, AZ

A little expensive, but worth it!

Egronomically sounds. I love that it is stainless steel. It is sharp, and cuts nails cleanly. It will last for a long time!!

Ester Coarsegold, CA

Life changing.

Who would’ve known something as trivial as a nail clipper can make a difference in one’s life? I’ve been using the cheap dollar nail clippers all my life and finally got tired of replacing them every year. Since I didn’t do any research, I just decided to buy the most popular nail clipper on Amazon and ended up with this. Upon first use, I was amazed at the quality and build of the product. The weight feels nice in the hand and the spring action is wonderful. The blades are amazingly sharp and cut through my nails with ease. No more carpal tunnel from struggling with cheap clippers! They also leave a nice finish that’s not sharp like some of the reviews have mentioned. Guess everyone’s nails are different. I highly recommend giving this product a try regardless of what people say. You don’t want to miss out on something great. I plan to buy a few more to gift to family members.

Rae Huntington Beach, CA

Better than an average nail clipper

These nail clippers are made in Japan (not China) and are made of high grade steel with sharper edges and better leverage than an average nail clipper. You nails will be cut noticeably more precisely and with less effort. You will hardly need to press on the lever to cut your nails. The result is your nails will look cleaner without jagged edges.These will cut your toenails as well. I personally prefer these over the regular toenail clippers since these are smaller and can cut with more precision than regular toenail clippers. These also have enough leverage to cut toenails with ease.If you are looking for a bargain then I would stick to the regular nail clippers that cost only 1/3 as much. I never had issues with regular nail clippers. But then again, these clippers are clearly better and built to last and will serve me well for decades.

Stacie Bridgeport, WA

Great Clipper

I’ve always bought the < $1 clippers from the store, but randomly decided to splurge on these. They’re great! Super sharp and require much less force than the cheapo ones.

Lillian Inverness, FL

Great control

I’m pretty picky when I cut my fingernails and this clipper really gives you precise control over your cuts. It’s really not a curved blade so that can be tricky to not have sharp edges but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Much better than a generic fingernail clipper from the department store.

Maggie Pownal, ME

Made in Japan

If you’ve worked your way through a bunch of ordinary nail clippers that eventually lose sharpness or make unclean cuts, you might feel like you’re ready for the real deal. This stainless steel nail clipper hails from Japan, straight from the forge of Hattori Hanzo. As an anecdote for how sharp it is, samurai use it to cut their toe nails. Right from the package, it looks and feels significant. The blade is sharp, the hinge is smooth and doesn’t shift, all leading to a clean, decisive cut. It’s design is clearly calculated for those with no time to waste, where one second could spell the difference between life and death.Don’t expect any features and frills, like a nail collector that never works. It doesn’t even have a nail filer, although you won’t really need one. This is a tool. It is simple, effective; it tells people that you mean business, and that you’re not afraid to do a little cutting to get where you want in life.

Katheryn Monterey, IN


Simply the finest fingernail clipper I’ve ever had my hands on. It actually cuts the nail with sharp edges instead of smashing through it with blunt edges like the rest. Well worth the money.

Leanna Piketon, OH

The Absolute Best Clippers!

We purchased the infant Seki edge clippers and liked them SO much that we just bought the Seki Edge Stainless Steel clippers for me and my husband! These are the best! The nail clippers are actually sharp, thus not snagging your nail and breaking off the ends like the cheap grocery store brands. Trust me, you will never own another brand after you try Seki! The price is totally worth it since they last forever.

Arlene Cuddebackville, NY

Best clippers I have owned

I love these clippers. They cut very decisively and the oversized bottom grip helps immensely with precision. They are easy to hold as well. I do not have thick or difficult nails. However, these trimmers are the best I have used.

Margaret Ft Myer, VA

Worth the $!

High quality, precise cut. I had no need to file my nails. (I keep them very short) they are great to trim kids nails also. No tearing. Would buy again.

Katheryn Ulster, PA

Really good.

First of all this thing is like a piece of artwork, and looks very sleek. Aside from that it does an amazing job clipping nails. It is very solidly built, good materials, sharp, and you don’t have to really put pressure against the nail at all. This prevents cracking and things that cheap clippers can cause. Is does not have a piece for cleaning under the nail, but is still well worth the price. Buy these, you won’t regret it.

Celia Lithopolis, OH

Luxury clipper

I like this a lot. It’s a good size for finger nails. I have the toe nail version as well. It is very sharp and high quality.

Candace Graysville, OH


There are so many cheap clippers out there, how do you find the one that really works? Easy, buy this one. It is excellent.It’s expensive- OK, but it will last forever.

Elisabeth Sinajana, GU