seki edge Baby Nail Clipper

Baby nail clipper.

Key features

  • Designed For Cutting Small Nails
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved

Honest reviews


Made In Japan

And the better for it. You can immediately feel the quality in the build quality and during use. It’s very sharp and takes little effort to use. I used these in Japan and was delighted to find them here. My only complaint is that the size and curve of the cutter end is obviously made for smaller fingers than my size medium hands and my wife’s size small hands. We work around it and it’s still the best clipper I can find, but it sure would be nice if it was sized to western fingers.

Meagan Wheatland, IN


I love the adult Seki nail clippers and was disappointed in these. I thought they would be wonderful but had problems getting them to go over the nail.

Chrystal Ashmore, IL

Excellent baby nail clipper

Being a person who fixates on weird objects and must try all of them until I figure out which are the BEST, I recently ordered these Seki Edge Baby Nail Clippers and also the yellow Tweezerman Baby Nail Clippers I found here on Amazon. The Seki clippers are the best I’ve found to replace an old pair that have gotten quite dull. Their most important feature? The blades are sharp enough to clip precisely and the head is narrow enough to work well on tiny fingers.For the past 6 years, I’ve been trying to find a second pair of the fantastic baby nail clippers that I got SOMEWHERE after my first child was born, but the fog of sleep deprivation (or the flurry of baby showers) left me utterly blank as to where those came from. I bought pair after pair of clippers from the drugstore, the grocery store, the baby superstore at the mall… Most baby clippers are too dull, leaving me to tear (instead of quickly clip) my restless kids wiggly fingers. Many baby nail clippers have ridiculously bulky plastic casings and often cheap, useless “magnifying glass” parts that get in the way and slow down what needs to be quick work. (My older son is is school-aged now, but still fights me when it comes time to trim his scraggly nails.)The old, exalted baby nail clipper was, quite simply, a tiny version of the same all metal nail clippers I use on myself. The cutting blade narrows from the width of the clipper body on the old ones–and, probably not coincidentally, on the Seki clippers, too–but, otherwise they look just like the full size version. These Seki clippers differ from my old ones in that the body is narrower than an adult pair, but the overall length of the nail clippers is about the usual size of an adult pair. The underside of the lever handle has a “nail file” area like many adult clippers. They also have raised metal pieces running down what would usually be the open sides of the two long, flat parts that end in the two cutting blades. This is probably designed to catch the clippings, but, at least in our restless nail clipping experience, you’ll still be better off clipping over a wastebasket.

Suzette Gilman, IL

Best Baby Nail Clippers!

This baby nail clipper is simply the Best I have ever used on my kids (and none of them are big fans of getting their nails trimmed). The clippers are easy to use, sharp, and compact. We like this so much that I’m going to get the adult version. Overall a highly recommended product for your baby!

Elva Cantril, IA

too skinny

i have the adult version of the seki nail clipper, which i love. I ordered this one to cut my girls nails. While it is small, for kids nails – that’s good – it is just too skinny. I have small hands, but even i keep struggling to hold this nicely and cut my girls’ nails. It just keeps slipping. this is a very average nail clipper. The seki adult toe nail clipper is amazing, so I was a little disappointed with this baby clipper.

Twila Cedar River, MI


Great product! Wish I’d ordered it a long time ago. We have the adult sized clippers and these work just as well.

Rosanna Oceanside, CA

Not so much for young babies…

but perhaps for infants. For our 6 month, we found this too large, however, because of the Zeki brand, we are confident that it will be useful later on when she is a little older.

Ester Raymond, NE