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Sedu Professional 1½” Flat Iron

Sedu is a world-renowned beauty brand with a reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability. Its hair styling tools have always been developed with a focus on long-term maintenance of healthy hair. Each Sedu product is designed with the professional stylist in mind and features only the essentials, striking the perfect balance between high performance and effortless results. Sedu products are known for bridging the gap between you and the professional stylist. With unparalleled technology and performance, Sedu makes it easy to achieve salon-quality results. Sedu Ionic ceramic professional flat iron (1.5 inch plate width) featured patented ultra-smooth ceramic/tourmaline plates. It straightens, smoothes and tames frizzy or rebellious hair for long-lasting results. Ultra-smooth plates ensure smooth straightening motion without pulling of hair.

Key features

  • Sedu’s patented ultra-smooth ceramic / tourmaline technology
  • Smooth straightening motion that doesn’t pull your hair and cuts your hair straightening time in half
  • No damage to your hair while eliminating frizz
  • Ultra lightweight with comfortable grip
  • 2-year warranty if purchased from authorized seller

Honest reviews



I really wasn’t happy with this straightening iron and do not find it at all worth the rather hefty sum it costs. I have long naturally wavy brown hair and was expecting better results from this flat iron that the usual ones you can pick up for about $20 at a department store. Instead, my hair was limp and lacked shine, even when accompanying the use of the iron with some hair smoothing milk. The flat iron failed to straighten some areas of my hair; there were kinks left even after using the iron for 20 minutes. I do not recommend this product.

Daisy Percy, IL

Wonderful results!

I’ve been using this iron for about 3 months i can tell that it make difference. Not only that my hair is straight, but it’s also silky and shiny ( compared to the results after hair dryer). I have wavy ( not curly) hair and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to style my hair. And i have a lot of hair! I’ve recommended this iron to a friend of mine who has curly har and she couldn’t be happier. Just make sure that you use iron protector before using it and you’ll be amaized by results.

Cathryn Fox Lake, WI

The Absolute BEST Iron I’ve Ever Owned

To start with, I’ll describe my hair type. I have longer hair (about halfway down my back), and it’s pretty fine…but I have a lot of it! My hair is mostly straight, but gets a few waves in the back from me rushing to dry it as quickly as I can. I first started using my Sedu on just those few wavy areas, but after seeing how great it looked, it wasn’t long before I started using it on all of my hair. This iron really does give you that nice finished, polished look. My hair is so much more shiny when I use my Sedu. It heats up quickly (30 seconds), and it heats extremely evenly. I love the polished solid ceramic plates too. They are so smooth, and my hair never gets snagged like it used to with the other irons I’ve owned. I also like the fact that the Sedu has adjustable temperature controls. I usually use a heat setting of 320 degrees, which works great for me. I know many people with the harder-to-control hair need that higher temperature of 410, so it’s nice that this iron has enough heat settings so that anyone can use it; it’s all a matter of finding the temperature that works best for you.I’ve had my Sedu for almost a year now, and it’s always worked wonderfully. Not a single problem yet, and I use this iron daily. I believe some of the older Sedu irons had the adjustable swivel cords, which always seem to cause problems on any brand of flat iron. The newer Sedu irons do not have an adjustable swivel cord, making them less likely to tear up.I do recommend using a heat protectant spray anytime you use your iron. This iron doesn’t cause near the damage most flat irons do, but it’s still a good idea to use a heat protectant spray, to help provide a little extra defense against heat damage.I really feel like this is one of the better flat irons out there, and the price is great, compared to some of the other professional irons such as the GHD. I think the Sedu is every bit as good, if not better than many of the irons that are more than double the Sedu’s price. If this iron broke today, I can honestly say that I’m so happy with it that I’d be ordering another one right away!

Edna Artesia Wells, TX

No more salon visits to blow dry my hair straight…..SEDU ONLY!!!

I was always skeptical about these flat irons, purchased a couple in the past years, didnt work. Someone recommended this one…told me to make sure I buy the “SEDU” Brand only. My hair is naturally super wavy, thick, and long. I pay alot at the hair salon just to blow dry it straight, not to mention all that pulling hair they do. After trying this…WOW!!! I love it. I can straighten my hair super fast and it leaves it shiny. I get compliments all the time. This doesn’t burn my hair, leaves it healhty looking. I soooo recommend this flat iron, NO OTHER WORKS THE SAME. It was costing me alot to have my hair professionally straighten at the salon, this is worth every penny!!!

Saundra Wallace, NE

Fantastic!! For soft, shiny, silk straight hair

To describe my hair, it is pretty curly, somewhat coarse and dry, long and frizzy. I ordered this from another website but wanted to add a review here also for anyone thinking about buying this iron. I have been dedicated to the chi for years now, since I was about 13. I’ve only had 2 CHIs and they lasted about 4-5 years a piece… so they still worked fairly well, I had no reason to replace them. Never had any complaints until they start getting old, the plates start to come undone and pull the hair.So in my quest for healthier, longer hair, I decided to try the sedu because of all the wonderful reviews and before and after pics I found on the web. I’m so incredibly glad that I did because my hair feels like silk when I use this thing! The one thing I noticed that is significantly different from the CHI is the plates. The plates are so smooth, I’m really not sure how they did it. It glides through the hair like none other and feels fantastic. I don’t feel like I’m frying and damaging my hair as I did with the CHI. I no longer get the ridge marks from it getting stuck and crimping, so that’s a plus also. It does claim to cut time straightening in half, which is not so much true for me other than the fact that I don’t have to continue straightening the same sections over and over. Once over is all I need. The ends, which are still somewhat damaged, don’t feel like straw anymore. I’m not sure how that worked out, but it’s very nice! My main goal was to keep my length and have it at least LOOK healthy, and this performed wonderfully to help me reach that goal.In conclusion, my advice would be to buy it if you are looking for something new, something that will help straighten and maintain your hair until the next wash, and help it to feel silkier, softer and keep it fairly healthy, I would insist you try the Sedu. You won’t be sorry!!

Corinne Cathay, ND

your search for a flat iron ends here

literally does it all. straightens, curls, leaves your hair soft and shines in the light. the light on it is so cute.. doesn’t pull or snag your hair. i’m in love.

Sophia Cornwallville, NY

Finally!! The best of the high-grade flat irons!

Ever since I discovered ceramic flat irons about ten years ago, I haven’t been able to live without one. I’ve tried so many different brands from Chi to Fhi to Hai to Solia and Sedu… Each has its own benefits and detriments. The honest truth about all of them, though, is that none of them last more than a couple of years. The wiring goes out or the casing cracks. Or they just die. Either way, no matter which brand you choose, unless you’re the most careful person on the planet, you aren’t going to have this iron forever..That said, the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is far and away the best iron out of all of those choices. Even if it won’t last forever, why not use the best in the meantime? And, I can assure you, this is definitely the best. I’ve replaced this iron three times for a reason.The first thing I noticed right out of the gate with the Sedu was how shiny and smooth my hair looked immediately after use. I’ve seen a little bit of that with the Hai and the Solia before, but those results don’t compare to the final product with the Sedu. Very beautiful. And my hair really did look so much healthier than it had before. It was a very pleasant surprise.Another bonus, and probably the most important one to me, is how quick I can work with this iron. I have long thick hair that sits about four inches below my shoulders. With the Solia it had taken me at least a half hour to straighten all my hair and I would have to iron out each section repeatedly. This was not the case with the Sedu! This iron was perfectly almost every single time on the first pass and, if not, I would only need to make a second quicker pass to fix anything I missed the first time. All in all it takes me less than 15 minutes to straighten my full head of hair, which is reasonable. I usually am under a time crunch in the mornings on my way out the door and this makes everything so much faster. I appreciate this aspect more than any of the others.I went back to Sedu after two years of using a cheaper Solia iron and, by the time I went back, my hair had sustained some pretty serious damage. I was forced to chop off the bottom four inches to allow for new, healthier ends to grow. Since using the Sedu again I’ve seen my hair damage cut down exponentially. Split ends are few and far between, thank goodness. And in the long-term that makes a huge difference to me.The results of straightening with the Sedu also tend to last longer than those with other flat irons. Usually I can do my hair in the morning, go outside, go to school, go to work and get home and my hair will be just as straight as it was after I finished it in the morning. I’ve been disappointed with the longevity when I had used the Solia, so this is definitely a big step up.Now, one of the detriments: the build. This iron is very light. While that is great for portability, it does feel more delicate than most others out there. The plastic doesn’t weigh a lot and this can’t take too many falls off the bathroom counter before the casing will begin to crack. You have to be much more careful with this iron than you might have to be with other heavier brands of irons. Also! Do NOT wrap the cord around the body of the iron after use. The wires at the base of the iron will bend/snap/fray so you must be careful not to wind them up.Also, if you’re looking to curl your hair with a flat iron, this one is not idea. It does not have a rounded barrel and it would be impossible to avoid those awkward kinks that look out of place. If you’re looking for an iron to curl, try Sedu’s clipless curling iron or maybe their Revolution hair straightener.This is without a doubt my favorite flat iron and I wouldn’t go without it. Even at a steeper price tag than most, this iron is worth its weight in gold.

Morgan Marshall, VA

Better than my Chi and Solia

I have owned many, many flat irons (Chi & Solia were my last ones) and this one is definitely my favorite. I have had it for a few months and it has not disappointed. I have curly hair (not ringlets but very curly) and because of this straightner everyone thinks I have straight hair! I usually use a blowdryer to dry my hair but not to straighten it (it is a huge, puffy mess when done). This straightner can take my full head of fluffy hair and straighten it within 10 minutes. My hair is beautifully shiny and not dry, or frizzy like I have dealt with in the past.My hair even stayed (almost) frizz free in the Houston August humidity – an amazing feet for my hair! Instead of getting frizzy in the humidity my hair would get a little wavy but I would take that any day over the mess the humidity used to turn my hair into.pros:controsl frizzshiny hair (some people see this as a con but my hair looks healthy)many heat settingsstraightens easily and quicklydoes not burn hairheats up quicklywide plates to straighten more hair at onceplug – it isn’t the 3 prong plug I am used to with other straightners so now I can plug it in with my hairdryer instead of having to dry my hair then straighten after.cons:can get very hot to touchnothing else so far…..I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a high end hair straightner.My Chi and Solia flat irons both died on me right after their year anniversaries so I will update when this one hits a year to hopefully say it is still working wonderfully. Even when they were new and working great, the Chi and Solia straightners didn’t leave my hair as healthy looking as the Sedu has.

Benita Berkshire, MA

Love It

This product worked great on my naturally frizzy and curly hair. It is quicker and lasts longer the any of my previous flat irons and I have tried quite a few! The only thing I would mention is that it does not have an auto shut off feature. This is more an issue with my memory than the product, but worth mentioning.

Felicia Lost Nation, IA

love it

ordered this for my mom. she has thick super wavy, long hair. she was excited about the results she got with from this tool. she said her hair was super soft and shiny and was pleased with how light in weight this tool was.

Diana Tomball, TX

Really great

This straightener is probably the best straightener I have ever used. It claims to use negative ions in your hair and make it beautiful or something, who knows. I have no Idea what that means, but whatever they did is awesome. Usually it takes about 3 times going over my own strands of hair with a flat iron just to get it straight, and it’s not even shiny or silky smooth, but with the Sedu, I have been able to finish doing my hair in half the time I used to because all it takes it one run through each piece. I even use this to curl my hair, it is a 1.5 inch, but it makes gorgeous curls as well. One thing that I don’t particularly like is how long the cord is, it’s just always getting tangled. Then again, it’s also able to reach really far so I guess it just depends on how you use it. So I would definitely recommend this straightener to anyone who’s serious about just having nice hair, not having a hassle every time they need to get ready in the morning, and who wants a flat iron that will last them for a while.oh p.s. the top of it gets really hot

Erna Paxton, MA

Hair iron

I purchased this at the recommendation of my daughter to replace using my Chi iron. I do like the wider plates and the variable temperature control. However, even with mostly straight, fine hair, I get the best results with the temp turned up most of the way. I do miss the swivel cord from my Chi, but it was simply causing too much breakage compared to this Sedu. Also, the tourmaline plates do seem to impart much more shine to my hair. I am still using Biosilk serum and/or finishing spray since these work best on my hair giving silky results. There is no indicator light to tell you when it reaches the temperature you have selected and does take a bit longer to get there than the Chi. While annoying, I find my hair laying everywhere from breakage after using my Chi more annoying!

Odessa Kivalina, AK


I have one of these and just orderd one for my daughter and I am going to order one for my niece. Flat irons I have used before have damaged the natural texture of my hair, this does not and my curls are returning. I am able to wear my hair straight or curly.

Angelique Titus, AL

My best friend

I really like this. I have very thick hair, and LOTS OF IT! Gotta say it lives my hair super straight, and my hair feels great. It does it’s job.

Rochelle Jacksonville, VT


This is what I don’t get about some Amazon reviews. This flat iron got amazing reviews, so I was excited to try this on my thick, coarse and wavy hair (not even curly) and I was so disappointed! First of all, there seemed to be a slight gap in between the plates, so I felt like it didnt have the ability to press my hair straight. I had to go over the sections multiple times.. and the heat was at 350. I have used way cheap irons at $50 that performed better than this. I have tried the HAI (black and blue plates) which is $60-$80 for years and it always worked for me, but decided to try something new because my HAI electrical connection would die after about 12-18 months of use, however at least it worked well. Back to HAI I go… I would not recommend this item at all.

Nannie Telluride, CO

It’s OK

I have naturally curly Type 4 hair that I semi-relax.I’ve used a chi, maxiglide(bought twice)and wigo. SEDU is was just OK. I just returned it.What I liked:1. Super light. MUCH lighter than Maxiglide2. Smoothly glides over hair3. Very fast heat up4. I liked the size of the plates. They were more of a square shape. Made for a fast straightening time.Cons:1. Didn’t make my hair shiny like my $30 Tourmaline Wigo! (I’m still in shock)2. The outside gets super hot. I mean, REALLY hot!When I curl my hair I’ll sometimes lightly hold the barrel for a sec or two.Not with this flat iron.I’m still on the hunt for my perfect flat iron. I want to look like i just stepped out of a salon 🙂

Patrice Penuelas, PR

Great results but cord issues made this unusable in less than 2 years

I purchased this January 2010! Loved it – it is lightweight, easy to use, has variable heat settings which is important as it does not fry fine hair, but will also tackle thicker hair and it left my hair smooth, frizz free and straight as could be!My hair is long, wavy / curly and will not stay straight without a good straightener and good product – this did the trick! It was easy to use, quick – less than 10 minutes and good to go! My hair stayed straight, and was soft, manageable and also important – not fried! This was just what I was looking for and as a past Chi owner, found it comparable, if not better!The reason I did not give this a better rating, was the cord issue that others had experienced. For the price I paid, I would hope to get more than 2 years out of the item, but in my case, I barely got 18 months! The straightener heats up quickly but as soon as I pick it up, it loses power and the heat dies down. In order to make this work, I have to hold it in just one particular way but of course when you straighten you cannot keep super still and hope the cord will stay still!!You have to jiggle the cord just to get some power back to the straightener!Its a shame, as it is a great item, works well but a little more life expectancy would make this even better!

Lakisha Autaugaville, AL

Yup, i love it

Ok, so I actually got this straightener a little over a year ago and thought I wasn’t crazy about it, why? Because it was my hair that was the problem not the straighter. Im AA with relaxed thin hair that was dead and damaged and it took me a year after buying this staightner to get it in good health, now that I got in the state that I was it I could tell how effective this straighter is. K, I LOVE IT!! It makes my hair so soft and smooth without leaving that icky brunt smell, it smells like the shampoo that you used after your done. So I would consider this a good product for relaxed hair!!

Jane Bullard, TX