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Seche Vite Perfect Nail Rebuild, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Rebuild helps weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails. Strengthens weak, thin nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together.

Key features

  • Strengthens weak, thin nails
  • This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together
  • With each application, rebuild reinforces and thickens nails providing durability while promoting strength and flexibility

Honest reviews


WAS afraid to use this (See 1st & 2nd review)

I just got this today, and was so excited to use it. I opened the box, and what was staring me in the face?WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.”Great! NO THANK YOU!Edit:BTW, the vendor was gracious enough to offer to take back the product. However, I don’t know if getting a refund on a $5 bottle of toxic polish is worth the bother when you have to pay $2.oo (AGAIN) for shipping.********************************************************************************************2nd ReviewSince I decided not to send the product back, “Rebuild” just sat on my nite table for a few days.My nails were looking really bad, so I broke down, and opened the bottle. It didn’t smell too bad.I’ve got 3 coats on now, and let me tell you!! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!The split nail I had is patched up, so it doesn’t tear my hair out. My nails are now very smooth.Rebuild leaves a light, translucent, shiny coat on your nails. It LQQKS really pretty and natural.So, I’m changing my rating from 1 to 4 stars. Seche Rebuild loses 1 star for the formaldehyde, but gets 4 stars for performance.

Judy Kahului, HI

didnt work…

i used it but learn from my experience. its better to take biotin or something else because this still doesnt allow your nails to breathe.

Allison Monticello, MO

Top broken

There were no contents. Spilled into box, unable to use, you could smell the product when you opened the box, I am trying to get a refund.

Octavia Palm Desert, CA


I have really thin nails that chip and peel all the time. After reading the reviews on this product I thought it was going to work amazingly, I was wrong. First of all it says to apply it up to twice a day. I don’t have the time or the patience to keep adding layer upon layer. I didn’t like that it left my nails looking “foggy” I was expecting it to be a clear top coat. Not to mention the fact that it didn’t work AT ALL. If anything I feel like it made my nails chip even more! It barely stayed on for two days and would peel at the edges, taking layers of my nail off with it. The bottle also cracked and broke after not even a month of having it. I wouldn’t waste my money on it again.

Joni Mirror Lake, NH

Caused my nails to peel

Apparently… You have to follow the directions to a t! I applied this and left it on several days… As it wore off it peeled my nails layers with it. I don’t get to do my nails every two-three days like the directions advise. I was hoping to use as a base coat but this is a waste for me.

Beverley Carlisle, NY


I love the THEORY of this product, because my nails always get that tiny tear in the corner, and in the past, they’ve peeled a lot. However, they haven’t peeled in quite a while, until I put this product on. Which, ironically, I bought to PREVENT my nails from peeling. The very next day after I put it on, I noticed that my polish (over top, I used this as a base coat) had chipped off and shortly afterwards, I noticed the top layer of the nail itself was starting to peel. When I took my top coat off to put on a new layer of the REBUILD, AS THEY INSTRUCT, I saw another of my nails had begun peeling beneath the polish. Yes, this tends to be a problem for me historically, but my nails haven’t peeled in 8 months, so… I’d rather use the $1 basecoat from the drug store and have great nails, than this. Won’t buy it again, will actually probably throw it out. Don’t waste your money.

Carole Wellborn, TX


This product came to me in a broke bottle with its contents spilled all over the packaging. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Zelda Cutler, ME

It works!

I’ve been using Rebuild for a month and this is my second bottle. This product works. I’ve seen an increase in overall strength in my nails and haven’t had a break or a split since I started using it. Also have seen a vast reduction in the amount of peeling that happens – which used to be frequent. Very happy.

Myra New Haven, CT

Not the greatest for me

Honestly, when purchasing a base coat, you need to find the one that works best with your body chemistry. This one was not the right one for me. I love the idea of the product and have used it on its own in hopes that it helps rebuild the strength of my nails, but as a base coat, it wasn’t the one for me.

Kathryn Plano, IA

peeling nails

I hope that by continuing to use Seche Rebuild my nails will improve. It may be too soon to tell but they do seem to be a bit better and are peeling less.

Justina Tierra Amarilla, NM


Pretty good product, does what it says… adds some thickness to your nail. There was a review here that did say you could use it as a base coat, but I wouldn’t reccomend that. My polish didn’t stay on too well.

Adelaide Vauxhall, NJ

great Product

I have used this befor it is great for soft nailsThe hole line is great my nails are healing nowAfter one use great product

Caitlin Cromwell, CT

Awesome really works

I am amazed how well my nails look after using this three times a week ,my nails were breaking ,very thin and since I have been using this they have become stronger and are growing .I use this 3 times a week you could wear this alone by the way almost looks like a French manicure or with a color over it .My suggestion is read the directions well and I think you would be surprised just what a great product this is ,It does work!

Bianca Woodbine, KY

ruined my nails

My nails peel and break MORe with this product.If you read directions- they want you to apply every day for 4 days, then remove and start over.If I put any old top coat on 1x day for 4 days, I would get same or better results.

Millicent Gilman, IL

Flakes off my nails and doesn’t appear to help with peeling

I am displeased with the performance of this base coat. It chips the next day and doesn’t seem to be improving my nail strength. In fact, I am wondering if it is making my nails peel even more. I’m going to stick with OPI’s nail strengthening base coat.

Pamala Upperstrasburg, PA


This stuff is amazing, I received it really quickly and it has made my nails so strong. I love all the seche vite products.

Ann Bent, NM


this product does do exactly what it claims to do ‘rebuild’ your nails to strong healthy hard nails. It comes in 3 different strengths and i bought the most concentrated and would just use it once a week (not every other day as the product company suggests)…as it can tend to make your nails so hard they become brittle so go easy on the amount of times u use it. Just use it every time u change your nail polish and that should do the trick. I have the same bottle i bought 3 months ago and used it once a week for 3 mnths and no longer need to use it. My nails were not paper thin…but they were flaky and i was unable to keep them a decent length as they would just flake and start to peel at the ends at a certain point…using this product totally restored my nails as they were when i was 20 years old. Incredible!

Christina Warda, TX