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Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Nailtiques nail varnishes are formulated with the same strengthening ingredients that the cult favorite protein formulas are enriched with. Giving your nail protein treatments an added boost, this luxurious nail polish allows the protein to penetrate through the polish, for maximum benefits.

Key features

  • Has long lasting effect
  • Provides silky look and high gloss
  • A top coat that is a must for oily nails or nails that tend to chip easily

Honest reviews


My favorite top coat

Seche Vite is my favorite top coat. It drys so fast with a hard glass like finish. Yes it stinks but most polish does lol. Mine shipped really fast and came in great condition. Thanks I will be buying again. 🙂

Lottie Eagle Nest, NM

Nice clear coat

It’s thick, it dries quickly, and provides an extra wear to my normal over-the-counter nail polish. It doesn’t prevent chipping, and I get an extra 1-3 days wear (I wash my hands 20+ times daily, have to for work), but overall, it’s a good top coat. If you want longer, I’d recommend a gel polish system (I have that too, but enjoy changing my polish more often). It’s cheap, and it works better than the clear coats in the store. I’d call it a good investment.

Natasha Lehr, ND

Seche Vite

Do I even need to explain why this is so great? The only downfall is that because it is fast dry is that you really only get to use 75% of the bottle, even when I used the seche restore to thin it out. But this Seche Vite is so awesome and amazing it will always be my one and only topcoat!

Mary Hillsboro, GA

Like it, with some drawbacks

I use only this brand of fast dry top coat. I tried Opi, it was horrible and didn’t dry that fast. This one dries VERY fast and gives the polish a very nice shine. However, the polish doesn’t last and starts chipping. I have heard that this can be battled by applying a top coat almost everyday. Another issue is that the liquid becomes thick VERY fast. I polish my nails every week, sometimes more frequently, so use this a lot. It does however thicken fast and almost 40% of the bottle goes in waste. This is an expensive product so I wish it lasted longer. However, it is still the cheapest of the best top coats out there, so I use it consistently.

Grace Mc Cool Junction, NE

Can’t live without this

This is tied for best top coat with Barielle Gel Top Coat. This one though is fast drying and covers any imperfection, so it’s nice when you are in a rush.

Winifred Galion, OH

Best Top Coat

This is clearly the best top coat I’ve ever used. It is 100% the fastest drying and it does prevent chips for a longer period of time! I’ve gone through a couple bottles in the past year as an avid nail painter.

Leticia Van Buren, AR

Best top coat

Best top coat I’ve had yet. Some people complain about the tips and sides shrinking, but I’ve never come across that yet with my use. Usually dry within 5 minutes and leaves your nails super shiny!

Michele Florence, CO

Love this!

I heard about this fast dry top coat from a person in London who said this is all they use as a Top Coat. I would typically use OPI’s top coat and would end up smudging my nails or waiting forever for them to dry. It really is amazing how quick this product works. I would definitely buy it again!

Dana Woburn, MA

I will buy this stuff forever

the only top coat I will use. Love this stuff so much! makes my manicure last a week and some change 🙂

Vonda Wilson, TX

Best topcoat EVER

I have tried over 10 different brands of top coat and this is by far the best I have used. It goes on smoothly and has a very nice shine when dry.

Rosemary Lakeside, CT


Love this top coat ! It’s the best top coat in the game in my opinion. It drys your manicure super fast & leaves a nice shine that lasts for days. I usually put more coats on my nails mid week as needed. The smell is very strong though but still you won’t regret buying this !

Marion Willow Springs, IL

Superior Product!

I like to run my own personal tests whenever possible, especially regarding beauty products. I’ve tried many different topcoats, from Wet N Wild, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, OPI and Barielle.I’ve tested Sech against all of the above mentioned products and recently, I tested the Sally hansen Acrylic Gel and Seche Vite.Results:The hand with the Sally Hansen product did not dry to a hard finish. The nails appeared to be dry, but indents or tiny lines were left when i tapped or touched the nails.The Seche Vite hand was 100% dry…I mean a hard finish dry. I tapped the tops of the nails, and no indents.Test this product for yourself, you’ll see that its superior to any other topcoat on the market.

Callie Myersville, MD

Pretty cool 🙂

i love it, it dries quite fast, leaves your nails looking nice and glossy, easy to peel off so don’t do that lol, i scratch my nails when i’m nervous.

Jeannie Sawyerville, AL

Extremely fast drying, but cracks quicker too

I bought this because I heard that it dried really fast and was set, not tacky, immediately. It definitely does what I was expecting (no more weird patterns from the sheets after going to sleep with ‘dry’ nails), but I found that my polish chips much more easily with this top coat.

Sharron Blanco, NM


Only within the past year have I gotten heavingly involved with polishing my nails, at least once a week, all sorts of designs. I would typically do the base color 30 mins before going to sleep, then hang my hands over the bed and hope they’d dry without any sheet marks(which I wasnt always successful), then do the design the following day and either stick my hands in the freezer for a few minutes or wait two hours before touching anything. Finally, I was done. After much research, I found this to be the best one. It really dries within mins maybe even secs(too scared too touch them too soon) Within 20 mins they’re completely dry. Ive never spent more than $3 for a polish of any kind. Got this for $5 and am so happy. Fast shipping, packaged well, works amazingly.

Johnnie Montezuma, NM

Changed my Life!

A friend of mine raved about this product and I had to try it to believe it. Seche Vite applies smoothly and dries incredibly fast. I can put on three coats of polish and finish it with Seche Vite and everything will be solidly dry in under a minute, even when my polish is still slightly wet. No more fingerprints, bed sheet imprints, or gouge marks in my polish! It works with every brand of polish I have used, no matter how many coats I have applied. It dries to a shiny, hard sheen and it lasts without chipping or peeling. I have read some reviews that note that Seche Vite makes your polish shrink, but I have never had that problem.The only issue with Seche Vite is that it does contain Toluene, so it smells more like paint thinner than typical nail polish. But the smell goes away as soon as it is dry.This top coat has changed my life. I no longer have to plan to paint my nails at night and clear my schedule of everything to do so. I can now give myself a full manicure in less than 10 minutes! Fabulous product, worth the price, would definitely recommend!

Corina Viewtown, VA

Keeps nail polish on

This item is great keeps your nail polish from coming off and GPS on smooth so u can’t beat the price with this

Cara Lowake, TX


This is by far the best top coat on the market! It seals my colored polish in nicely and makes my nails dry super fast! I swear it makes your polish last longer and chip less 🙂 Buy it!!

Serena Beaver Island, MI


I like how shiny it makes my nails look. Even when you use it over nail art or make a tiny mistake it makes your nails look really shiny. It was just what I wanted.

Celina Milan, NM

Yep, it works great!

Having tried just about every brand or type of Nail Polish that is supposed to be great for not chipping or peeling off, all of them do (it seems) on my nails. I was desperate to find a solution to this problem. I did some reading on the net and discovered a few things. First, I went out and found a decent brand of base coat. Then using one of the same polishes as before (that had chipped), instead of just a clear coat on top, I used this Seche Vite and so far so good. I really have to be tough on my nails to get any chipping in the first few days. From there, I do believe I will need to re-apply a fresh coat (every other day, or every second day) until I redo my nails entirely. So basically, yeah. This helped my nail polish look especially shiny and protects them from chipping at least 2-3 days before adding another coat. I definitely recommend!

Marquita Lyons, TX

Second best nail top coat (the best is gel nail top coat)

Best top coat for the price and it does the job. My nail polish/art lasts me between 3-5 days. So is much longer than other top coat that barely make it 24 hours. A warning though, don’t over coat it or it will bubble up and eventually fall off. I just do one top coat and wait unit 5-8 minutes to see good results. Since the first time, I bought many more.

Nadine Covington, OK

I love Seche Vite

Seche Vite is always my go to top coat. After I finish painting my nails this top coat dries so quickly and leaves my nails feeling smooth and looking amazing. The one downfall to this topcoat is that it does cause a bit of shrinking when I use it with decals so I stay clear of seche vite when putting anything besides paint on my nails. Other than that, I cant live without it!

Stefanie Gresham, OR

Love this stuff, just wish it lasted longer!

I love this stuff!! Dry and hard to the touch in minutes! I just wish it lasted longer; a bottle will thicken and turn cloudy and unusable only a few months after opening.I bought the SV thinner but wish I didn’t have to spend that extra money; maybe next time I will try Essie which I’ve read doesn’t harden.

Meagan Rock Island, IL

Best ever

I rarely did my nails until I found this stuff. Not only does it make your nails incredibly shiny, it helps with chipping. I use my hands a lot, and my nails used to only last 2-3 days. Now, they last at least 5-6 days before I get any major chips. I always keep it in my cabinet now. Plus, it doesn’t smell bad, either. A win-win in my book.

Renae Stoddard, WI

WOW is all I can say

I have tried multiple polishes and top coats. This is absolutely without a doubt the best product I have ever used. It gives a nice high gloss shine. It lasts and lasts. So far I am on day 5 and not one chip, not one smudge. I am lucky if I can go one day and I have chips. I would highly recommend this product. I used a cheap nail polish too and it is flawless. It does have the toulene in it so it does smell and has a warning on it. With all the layers of polish that I have to use I’m sure this cannot be much worse than doing that. I just kept the area well ventilated. Definitely will be using this from now on and you cannot beat the price!!!

Stacey Cotulla, TX

Love love love this top coat!

I bought this after reading reader recommendations on Amazon. I absolutely LOOOOOVE this top coat! It dries SO quickly, although I will say, I definitely wait a couple of hours after my nail polish has fully cured (I use the OPI drying drops) to put on this top coat. However, once it’s on, my nails stay super shiny! And boy does this stuff last forever on your nails! Especially on my toes. 🙂 I can go at LEAST three weeks without repainting my toenails, and I know (tested it) it’s because of this top coat! Can’t recommend it enough!

Meghan Graford, TX

Fabulous top coat

This is the best top coat high gloss polish I have ever found, and I’ve tried them all. I use this over OP1 base and OP1 color polish and it lasts a full week, sometimes more if I don’t garden 🙂 Great high gloss finish and the best thing about this is that it really does dry your nails in 5 minutes.. without being tacky feeling or easily blemished. The best high gloss top coat I have ever used. I am a huge fan of this polish and have used it for years.

Karina Rockland, ME