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Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Nailtiques nail varnishes are formulated with the same strengthening ingredients that the cult favorite protein formulas are enriched with. Giving your nail protein treatments an added boost, this luxurious nail polish allows the protein to penetrate through the polish, for maximum benefits.

Key features

  • Has long lasting effect
  • Provides silky look and high gloss
  • A top coat that is a must for oily nails or nails that tend to chip easily

Honest reviews


Does not work well with B3F polishes

I know I am in the minority but I do not care for Seche Vite at all. The first thing you will notice when you open the bottle is the odor – it is overwhelming and gives me a headache after only moments. It smells because it contains Toluene – one of the “big 3’s” that most polish companies have removed from their lacquers and treatments. Because of the toluene Seche Vite simply does not work with Big 3 Free polishes. You will notice your polish shrinking on the edges as it dries, and that your manicures just don’t last. As you get down to the second half of the bottle, the product starts to thicken considerably which makes it hard to spread onto your nails. You will notice as this happens that when you apply it onto your wet polish the polish will drag, wrinkle, and look streaky.Just a note- You MUST apply Seche Vite to wet polish. Wait no more than a couple minutes before you apply it or your polish will come off in a big sheet. You cannot use it to “refresh” the shine on a manicure you’ve been wearing for a couple days as that will make it come off in a sheet as well.What kills it for me is the smell. I just can’t get past it and that is why I will not purchase this product again. If you are looking for a good quick dry top coat that is shiny and gives you the glassy look that Seche Vite does, I recommend Poshe Super Fast Drying Top Coat. It has some of the problems Seche Vite does (must apply to wet polish, starts to thicken as you use up the bottle), but I do believe it is much, much better.

Maria Petrolia, TX

Simply Amazing – You HAVE To Try To Believe

This isn’t normally the type of product I review, but when I saw my favourite top coat listed, I had to review it.I know people everywhere will tell you how fantastic their ‘can’t live without’ cosmetic is, but this is different. This truely and honestly is the best top coat in the entire universe. It honestly is and you really have to give it a go. Without kidding, within two – three minutes of having applied this to two color coats of polish, you will be able to drive, run your fingers through your hair, put a cd in the player etc etc. And sheet marks at night??? A thing of the past with this. Even if you paint your nails a half hour to an hour before bed, there won’t be a problem in the morning. This really has to be tried to be believed and I can’t stop going on about the quality and professionalism of this product (I never can pronounce it, but I always use it). I wish all salons would use this so people out there get a chance to experience this amazing product for themselves. You’ll be hooked and will never try anything else again.

Jesse Auburn University, AL

Does what everyone says…

I can’t hate this product even if I want to.It’s great and THEN some.SO at first, I didn’t want to buy it because of the review about the Toluene that was in it. But when I bought it and used it, and saw how PERFECT they made my manicures, I had to study more about toluene. I couldn’t possibly stop using the nail polish because it was JUST PERFECT!The bottle does have a warning on it about how SV “contains a chemical that has been known in the state of California to cause Birth defects or possible reproductive problems”. WHEN I read that, I WAS LIKE OH NO!!! The warning didn’t say whether Toluene was the bad chemical though. Hmmph?Anyway, I used the nail polish again, and it was dry within seconds, shiny, perfect, no smudge, and just perfect.I really love the nail polish, but the Toluene bothered me. I later learned that Toluene is taken in the body through inhalation.. so I somehow found a solution. I Use a facial mask when I paint my nails now. This product is all I have been waiting for. I love doing my own nails. it dries in seconds. I can take a shower after 15 minutes of applying, and no smudge or imprints on my nails.I use my mask right now, and I will probably stop using this product because my mind is not totally at peace with it yet.. but it really is a great product.Even though I have a problem with the product, I won’t take away more than one star. Because it actually does what it says (and then some — like a birth defect maybe?)lol.. Ok I kid.. But u get my point right?

Celeste Baldwin Park, CA

Best Topcoat I have tried

I have used this product for years. 10 years ago when I started getting acrylic nails, my nail technician turned me on to this product. Now, I bring it with me to the salon. I don’t get those annoying nicks from starting the car and buckling my safety belt!At home, it dries so well and so quickly, I can do my hands and toes a half hour before bed and wake up WITHOUT sheet marks on my nails the next day. My pedicures last tons longer than with other brands, which is a huge plus!I have found that after about a week or so, sometimes the top coat will start to peel. This, to me, is so minor compared with the overall performance. Also, it helps to buy the Seche Vite thinner, as sometimes the product gets a little goopy. The thinner works with any polish as well, and is definitely worth the extra money.

Rosanna Richfield, NE

Great stuff!

I’m typing this with freshly painted nails… base, two color, and two glitter layers… plus one application of Seche Vite. I’ll be confidently making lasagna for my family in half an hour, knowing all those layers are rock solid under this amazing goo. I don’t know how it works, but it takes that “oh crap” time (you know… can’t touch anything or you ding those perfect smooth nails) from hours down to minutes. I can do my nails half an hour before bed now. Magic! Wish I’d known about it years ago!

Brandi Round Rock, TX

Leaves white edges. You get what you pay for.

Okay, Seche Vite is cheap. But you get what you pay for. It leaves yucky whiteness around the edges of my polish and completely ruins my manis after a few days. I use OPI and China Glaze polish as well as China Glaze and CND Stickey base coats. I have tried different base coats in an effort to figure out what was making the edges of my polish look horrible. I finally realized it’s the Seche Vite top coat. The Seche Vite causes my nail polish to shrink at the bottom, the sides, AND the tips, making my carefully applied polish look sloppy and uneven and gross. So after a few days, when I have to reapply the Seche Vite because the first day shine wears off, my polish just starts looking worse and worse.Someone on here said in their review that “when applied correctly” Seche Vite works great. That’s a load of garbage. How do you apply a top coat incorrectly?? You just brush it on. That’s the extent of “application.” Seche Vite just plain sucks. I don’t understand how it got to be so popular, other than the fact that it’s cheap.So it dries quickly. Well, it dries the outside of the polish quickly. It’s dry to the touch after about 15 minutes, as with most other fast drying top coat products. But it still takes between an hour and two hours for the entire polish job to dry completely. I still have to be very careful for an hour or two to not bump my nails into anything. That is just too much time to sit around with wet nails.I used my Seche Vite for around eight manicures, and then it got all gloopy. Someone in the reviews said to buy some restorer product. I’m going to spend extra money to make something work like it should? I don’t think so.I’m giving it three stars because it does seem to keep my polish from getting chipped. But I think that’s mostly because I use quality polish. I used a Sinful Colors under Seche Vite once and it chipped right away. But I’ll give Seche Vite the benefit of the doubt.I’m done with Seche Vite. I’ll never buy another bottle. I’m moving on to other top coats.And by the way, if you do end up buying this product despite my warnings, then fine. But for the love of Mike, don’t waste your money on the Seche Vite base coat. Now THAT is an entirely worthless, one star product.

Kristine Beaver Dam, KY

Peels off, Strong smell

I bought this product after reading all the fantastic reviews to use over my OPI nail colors.This top coat peels off like scales of a snake in a few days and smells awfully strong :(I am not a professional manicurist so, maybe there are special ways of using this product?Anyway, will not buy again.. I will just stick with my Loreal top coat..

Lisa Mayview, MO

excellent product

Very pleased with product.I would use it again,hopefully my nails will improve……hands looking good,yippeee!!!can show off fingers with my rings…..Happy.

Bianca Junction City, WI

Dries so fast

This is the best top coat I’ve used because it dries my nails so fast and makes my life SO much easier. I’ve always had issues with messing up my nails because they didn’t try all the way. With this product, I don’t have to worry about that!

Jannie Swiss, WV

Maybe It’s Lost It’s Effectiveness

When I first used this, my manicure lasted over a week without chips. But over time it has gotten thick and lost it’s effectiveness. Now it’s like any regular old top coat. I can go a day without chips but my nails get crappy after. For a while I thought it was the polish I was using but when I tried it with the polish I initially used this with, same story. One day no chipping, then they start chipping.I’m on the fence. I don’t fing it makes my manicure long lasting. If some of this top coat lifts off the nail plate and you try to peel it off, all your polish goes off with it.

Doretha Minnesota Lake, MN

First time user of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ❤

This was my first time using the Seche Vite, I thought it was just going to be what I used years ago, I only wear top coats on dark nail polish. I love this stuff!! It’s not oily, and gives a great top coat, keeps my nails shiny and keeps the polish on my nails looking good for 4 days!! And dries my nails quick, meaning to the point I can do light things, if I were to rub my finger nail hard on my jeans, yes it will mess them up, they dry them enough to where you can do things and not worry about if something touches your nails, and definitely keeps the polish from chipping or fading.

Earlene Laurens, SC

Love it

This is my go to top coat for regular polish. Drys so fast with a almost glass finish its awesome and makes any polish look brighter!

Autumn Sand Lake, MI

Best top coat and dries fast

I’ve try lots of top coats, from the basic of BEAUTY SECRETS to SALLY HANSEN, and many others. So far, this is my favorite, fast drying top coat for most nail polishes. Although, if you want a top coat, with fast drying step, plus a super shiny coat (especially when you wear jewel tones or bright reds), for a color pop, try PRO FX QUICK DRY HIGH GLOSS TOP COAT.

Kellie Bartlett, IL


It has a funky smell but I love it. Weird thing is it wears off within a couple of days. Probably because of all the handwashing. I just layer it every few days to keep up with my nails. It makes the nails so shiny!!

Sara Kelly, LA

Suuuuuuuuper thick.

Wow. Be careful applying this stuff. As advertised, it dries rather fast, and I noticed a subtle thickening of product in the bottle as I was applying it. I expect this bottle will turn to impenetrable goo before I’ve used even half of it.

Melisa Bard, CA

If it didn’t shrink, it would be perfect

I learned about Seche Vite from a nail board/forum & I use it over glitter nailpolish – it smooths out the gritty surface tons better than any other top coat b/c it has a thicker consistency that self-levels absolutely exquisitely. I haven’t found any other top coat out there yet that self-levels the way Seche Vite does.This is otherwise a perfect quick-dry top coat except that it invariably shrinks the polish from the edges of my nails. I hate that to no end! No trick I have tried has worked (even layering it over regular topcoat#. It has other faults too – the noxious fumes when I used to use it didn’t bother me, but now it does – I’m leary of the hazards of toluene though I haven’t completely cut it out of my life #just decreased#. Also the consistency thickens into a difficult goop over time. #I bought Seche Restore to deal w/this problem, but IMO the formula is never the same as when the bottle is new & fresh.)My longtime favorite fastdry topcoat is Jessica Brilliance, which I still use & keep backups of at home at all times. I also always keep Seche Vite around for occasional use when I’m in the mood for super-killer shine & am willing to tolerate the shrinkage. I have an intense love/hate relationship with this product. It’s hard to rate it accurately – I think 3 is too low but 4 is too high. I’d give it 3.5 – stunning finish but too many performance problems.

Marsha Orange Springs, FL

love it!

I don’t know how I managed at home manicures and pedicures before this stuff!I am admittedly clumsy, after a pedicure I have a bad habit of walking into things and smacking my toes on random stuff. And my manicures? One always smudges, always.Now, I still smack and bump things but I don’t have to re-do the polish or put on another layer of top coat if I’m trying to smooth out a spot.I was skeptical at first, but after my first pedicure and manicure, I’m hooked!

Natasha Randlett, OK

Smells horrendous…but totally worth it.

First, the cons.It smells HORRIBLE…and your fingers will smell like it for quite a while…no matter how much you scrub it. It actually took peeling garlic to finally stop smelling it. Seriously. You’ll want to apply it outdoors because a contact high is pretty much guaranteed.It goes on super tacky and bumpy and the brush does not spread over the nail. I thought I was going to have to remove it and buy another bottle of something else. While applying…it does not look smooth, at all.Now the pros.It dries FAST and smooth. It’s the fastest drying polish I’ve ever used. The bumpy bad apply job smooths out and it dries smooth.It dries hard. My nails feel stronger and they seem to go a few days without chipping. Most polish chips the same day I apply it, so it is nice to have chip free color for a few days.Overall, the odor and questionable brush are worth it to have such a fast-drying top coat. I just do not want to know what they put in it to make it smell so harsh. That chemical smell cannot be good. But hey, awesome-looking nails. Totally worth it.

Colette Mina, SD


The only thing i dont like is the smell but other than that i like it because it give my Esse colors a gely look and feel 🙂

Lula Gillett, PA

Da BOMB!!!

Super glossy. Nails dry almost instantly. No more waiting for my nails to dry and then still having them get messed up. Hated that. This stuff is AMAZING!!! My nails were good all week with NO nicks, chips, or peeling. I was hard on them this week. Scrubbing and cleaning my bathrooms, hanging a light fixture, painting, and working a full work week. And they were almost perfect at weeks end. Highly highly recommend!!

Jewel Delta, PA

Best Top Coat

I fell in love with Seche base nearly a decade ago. I refuse to use any other base coat and even bring it with me when I get pedicures. My friend told me about this top coat, so I purchased it. WOW. It’s not only fast drying, but it’s very long lasting. I will never use another top coat again. Now I’ll be bringing both base and top coats with me to get pedicures.

Bernadine Amherst, TX

go to top coat

i love love love this top coat! it dries my polish fast and it leaves my nails super shiny and helps my polish last a long time. overtime it does tend to get thicker but i bought the seche vite thinner and that gets it back to its original form. one thing to take caution of is NOT to use too much of a good thing because it will cause the polish to shrink, peel, or chip faster. this top coat is amazing over chunky glitter and makes it super sparkly and your nails will have a smooth/slick surface.

Merle Haddam, KS


Every time I paint my nails I end up smudging at least one because I am not patient enough to sit still long enough for them to dry completely. Every. Single. Time. I heard about this top coat on a YouTube channel and figured I would give it a try. It literally dries my nails in seconds and leaves them shiny and strong! Depending on the nail polish you use under it the manicure can last 5-7 days without chipping. I am floored by this stuff! The smell kind of smells like spray paint almost, but it’s not overwhelming and won’t stink up your house and dissipates once it’s dry. I will definitely repurchase this product!

Norma Riverside, UT


I got this product after reading a lot about how wonderful & fast drying it is. I ALWAYS got air bubbles in my nail polish after putting on the top coat so a fast drying polish was needed very much. As soon as I got this in the mail, I painted my nails & tried it on. It dried SO FAST! I was shocked! My nails were smooth as butter too, NO AIR BUBBLES! I am sold on this 4ever!

Agnes Blauvelt, NY

Top Coat

The best top coat I have ever used. It drys supper fast and makes your manicure look shiny and bright!

Katrina Baker, CA

Best top coat ever! ! !

This top coat is the fastest drying, thickest, most glossy polish I’ve ever found! It kicks all other top coats to the curb. Within ten to fifteen minutes at the most I’m able to go about my day without worrying about ruining my nails because they are dry. Not just "safe to go about my day carefully" dry, but really dry. I am so in love! I’m pretty sure if they ever stop making it I’ll die and then never do my nails again. I’m spoiled.

Elinor Grawn, MI


Love this Nail Polish, and finally paint it the color drifted, some minor defect is gone, so much the better, rather like.

Lynda Fort Dodge, IA

It’s fantastic!

This top coat dries really fast, in about 5-10 minutes your nails are up for anything! It leaves a surface that is smooth and super shiny, and it looks fantastic. Holds long. It’s the best i’ve ever tried!

Doris Afton, TN


I hate polishing my nails because by the time I get done I’ve messed them up already. A friend recommended this product stating it "dries instantly, even thick polish". I was skeptical. Not anymore! This is a phenomenal product and literally dries all layers instantly.

Sherry Creighton, NE


Best top coat ever if you like shine. Protects nails and polish. Very glossy. Have used this for years and would use nothing else.

Adelaide Bay City, OR