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SEBASTIAN Shaper Plus Hairspray, 3 Bottles, 10.6 oz Each

SEBASTIAN shaper plus hairspray provides a touchable extra hold that holds shape even in damp, rainy weather. Shaper plus hair spray is also humidity-resistant. Never sticky. Extra control.

Key features

  • Never sticky
  • 24-hour extra control
  • Extra hold
  • Holds up in high humidity
  • Packaging may vary

Honest reviews


This is great stuff

Sebastian Shaper Plus (not plain Shaper or plus plus) leaves hair looking very natural. The product itself is amazing and holds your hair without looking like you sprayed it in place. If you overspray, you might get some flaking. When I had long hair, and wanted curls, I used to spray this on each piece of hair I was curling before rolling it so my curls would stay in for a long time. This spray is amazing for humid days.Couple of caveats:1. Don’t get it on your skin–if you do, wipe it because I find it clogs facial pores2. Keep the nozzle clean–the nozzle gets clogged easily and if you don’t use the product often, it seems to clog more. I wipe the nozzle often and if it gets clogged, I just pull off the crusting.

Francesca Saint Marys City, MD

My favorite brand of hairspray.

Light hold. Easy to comb through. Hold lasts all day. I was glad to find the 3-pack at Amazon as I could not find this brand locally. These three cans will last me a long time. The price was right too.

Melisa Peotone, IL

Magically -A Perfect Hold Hairspray and shaper WOW! My hair met it’s match

This stuff is magical. My hair finally met it’s match. I have used this for several years. Whenever I try another product Aveeda, Big head, Chi etc.. I always return to this shaper spray. I usually pay fifteen dollars a bottle -gladly. So, I was really happy to see this bulk offer on Amazon, Now about this product. It is just absolutely the best. Period! I carry this everywhere I travel. I can’t live without it. I have longish straighter hair that is very very hard to hold a style. Used to just fall l out easily. This holds great without stiffness and it even gets better. You can also use at the same time to style and even restyle your hair too so there is way less stuff in your hair. You won’t need a bunch of products if you use this. I can even touch up if I am going out at night and somehow easily l brush through my thickish hair yet keep my hair shape somehow. It’s magic. I love, love, love this product. Can you tell. I also spray on when my hair is almost finished drying as a styler and shaper. Then when dried and styled give it another spray. Them my hair knows to behave.

Sheena Point Mugu Nawc, CA

Beware – the formula has changed………

If you’re used to Sebastian Shaper Plus making your hair behave the way you want it to you will be disappointed in this product. For whatever reason the company decided to change the formula and it is no longer the hairspray we all knew and loved. You will do better buying something much cheaper than buying this current formulation. Why do companies always have to change things that work? If cost is the issue then for pete’s sake just charge more – don’t take away a tried and true product!!

Kristine Brockport, PA

Clean Spray

I’ve reviewed this one other time, and the product is still the same. This stuff is unique from my perspective, cause it holds my hair in place, yet when the day is over, my hair feels clean, not dirty.It may be seen to be more expensive to some of you, but for me it’s worth the difference. My barber was the first to show it to me, and that’s where the good stuff should be, in the hands of pros. Jeff

Lindsey Matthews, GA

very fine hairspray

I have used this hairspray for years. I like it because although it holds very good, yet you can brush it out and your hair is not left with that sort of wiry effect. It doesn’t take much spray either and a large can last a long time.

Lora Sassamansville, PA

Stands the test of time

I have been a faithful user of this product for more than years. It is e best! Amazon offers a great price. Much better than make up beauty stores.

Geraldine Latimer, IA

old faithful

Hope I never have to change hair sprays.. I love this one…Have used it for years.. Great for baby fine hair…

Libby Centerton, AR

Light weight hair spray

This spray is a little lighter hold than I had remembered . . . great for fine or colored hair. Easy to work with and doesn’t get tacky.

Marion Elvaston, IL

good value

I ordered this hair spray online because this in the brand my beauty salon uses, and it cost much less online than at the salon. For some reason though, it doesn’t smell as good as the one they use at the salon, and it doesn’t seem to hold as well either. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

Gayla Lucernemines, PA



Lee Bloomer, WI

love this hairspray

Never makes my hair feel sticky. Holds pretty well and can easily comb through my hair. I have yet to find another hairspray I like as much. Highly recommend.

Esther Parksley, VA

Leaves oily residue

I have shoulder length fine hair. I’ve been using this for YEARS. they’ve changed the formula and now I notice after an hour or so my hair appears oily and limp. Never in my life have I had a hairspray do that, and I’ve used everything from low-end drugstore to high-end salon professional products. Waste of my money!

Stacy Mifflinburg, PA