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Sebastian Shaper Hairspray 3 Bottles

Sebastian Shaper hairspray that set the standards by which hairspray are measured. Modern Look, same great formula & fragrance!

Key features

  • Brushable styling Hairspray with hold and control

Honest reviews


Hair spray

All I can say is this is the greatest hair spray I would ever use. No sticky and white bubbles on your hair from the spray, it just combs out the next day and soft as the day before. I posted this before and I will continue because it is the best of all spray!!

Latanya Creamery, PA

Best Hairspray Period!

This lets me create great shapeable hair then keeps it that way for days as I have dry hair. This is a keeper. I have used this hairspray for years and years. No matter what else I may try to use Aveeda, Chi, etc.. I always come back to this hairspray. I have straight hair with a slight wave I wear long and straight. I can use this to style and when done styling I give it another spray. It keeps my hair in place but not sticky at all. Just soft, bouncy and healthy looking. I can still brush through it lightly and keep my style. I also am using this the second day after shampooing and it still creates softly styled hair with no build up. When I am styling, I apply this when my hair is almost dry. You will not need another style product in addition to this. I love that I don’t need to keep a bunch of different stuff. My hair looks so healthy using this so I can’t say enough great things about this hair shaper spray. Love, love, love it and the price I pay with this deal. You will be set for months. I was paying 15.00 a can so I am saving a bundle this way. Please keep this great deal Amazon. I also use prime shipping to keep cost down.

Rene Prather, CA

Best hairspray on the market!

Best hairspray on the market! How delighted I was to find this triple offering. It’s not sticky. It doesn’t weigh your hair down. AND it holds! This should last me through the Houston summer. If it doesn’t, I know where to find more. ;o)

Queen Central City, CO


I have used Shaper hairspray for years. It doesn’t get the buildup like some sprays. Has a lite scent also. Beauty in Style shipped it quickly & 3 for $25.95 is an excellent price for this product.

Millicent Quail, TX

my favorite hair spray

I have been using Sebastian hairspray for many years. During that time I have switched a few times to cheaper brands, but have always come back to Sebastian. It’s never sticky and I love being able to brush or comb through it even after using this hairspray.

Jo Castaic, CA

The best light spray out there.

This spray can be used as a styling spray (i.e., when you’re blow drying) to give a lift at the roots or to add staying power to curls with a round brush. It is the only spray I’ve found that you can touch WHILE you are spraying… to kind of shape the hair where you want it to go. With most sprays you’d end up with a mess and hair that is all stuck together. In the summer though, when the humidity is high, I use this spray first, as a shaping spray, and use a heavier, more humidity-resistant spray as a finishing spray.

Darcy Warminster, PA