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Sebastian Microweb Fiber,Flexible-elastic Texturizer), 1.5-ounce

Sebastian Microweb Fiber

Key features

  • Flexible-elastic texturizer
  • Micro web fiber is a remold able supple texturizer that creates silky definition and weaves 3D weightless micro web into your hair
  • Crafting flexible texture and touchable movement
  • Microweb Fiber is a remoldable supple texturizer that creates sliky definition and weaves 3D weightless microweb into your hair
  • Crafting flexible texture and touchable movement

Honest reviews


Works great! No strong scent

This stuff is amazing! You just have to try it! Does not make my hair greasy and a little goes a long way!Not sure why someone said it felt "sticky" or like "crud" maybe they used way to much? I don’t know but that has never been my experience!Hair is soft with subtle definition the way I use it. It is a little sticky on my hands but once I’ve worked it where I want it I splash a tiny bit of water and rub palms together and apply to my ends a bit more. Works great!

Kay Ferndale, FL


When the product comes out it is very glue like. However, with patience the product thickens hair and styles quite nicely. I will certainly purchase again. Good product.

Joyce Granger, IN

Use very small amount

I use this product to separate my long layers to give my hair movement. Start out with a very small amount, rub between fingers to warm, then comb fingers through the areas desired.Update: I stopped using this product, although it’s still in my cabinet with a bunch of other products I probably won’t use again. Even using tiny amount, it’s too tacky/sticky.

Willie Mannford, OK

For good but flexible hold and piecey-ness

I was introduced to this product by my haircutter. She gets way better results than I do, but I’m getting better with continued use. If you like to "piece" your hair, texturize it and see the layers, this product gives a nice result without being "crunchy". I put some in my hand then rub hands together and also put some on the tops of my hands. Then I run my hands thru my (dry,styled) hair and then pull out pieces as I want.For another look – the crunchier, wet look – which I also like, I use another terrific product Wax Works by Paul Mitchell. Both products are WAY cheaper here on Amazon than in the salon, and so far I haven’t gotten anything that I thought was a fake.

Eddie South Wayne, WI

I love the microweb fiber… Just not my bottle.

I was introduced to this stuff when I first chopped off a whopping 17 inches of hair into a pixie. I am in love with this stuff. It adds a ton of texture to my little pixie cut. I bought my first bottle at the salon and the second through Amazon. Unfortunately, the Amazon purchased bottle didn’t hold up to my standards. The Amazon bottle material did not make the "web" texture it is suppose to, therefore not the same effect. I didn’t send it back and I’m almost done with this bottle. I’ll give Amazon another chance but definitely sending it back if I get the same result.

Brandie Cumberland Gap, TN

Good stuff

I was looking for firm hold, but that left hair manageable, soft, without being too shiny or sticky. This did the trick. Only takes a little, smells great, and does not weight hair down.

Suzanne Talkeetna, AK

don’t buy what you haven’t tried…..

This product does not work on my hair as described. Left it heavy, almost gooy. I could not do a thing with it. I washed it out and went back to my old product. Not sure what to do with it now, as its been open & used once. expensive lesson…

Ava Johnston, SC

Great texture without the clamminess

As long as you use the correct amount (one pump, distributed over your palms) , this product gives your dull and body-less hair a nice, (slightly) damp texture without causing the problems associated with hair gels. Recommended.

Alexis Leesburg, NJ

Great styling product for my fine hair

I love this stuff! It takes a tiny amount warmed up between my fingers to give a piece-y look to my shoulder length hair. The fragrance is very light and pleasant. It takes such a small amount for me this will last me for a long time. This is a good value and I will buy again when I finally run out!

Claudia Linn, KS