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Sebastian Laminates Cellophane Carmel Brown 10.2 oz

Sebastian Laminates Cellophane Golden Brunette 10.2 oz Golden Brunette is a chameleon, changing in the light, changing her hair to suit her mood. Burnished brown flecked with gold, this girly goddess plays on her two-tone dimensions. Playful and fun, she sees the lighter side of everything – in her hair and her life. Light brunette can become natural blonde- enhanced browns. Blondes can delve into their darker side, dazzling with honey-brown highlights.

Key features

  • Peroxide Free
  • Deposit only

Honest reviews


Amazing conditioning and shine

I have been using this product for a few years now. I mostly use the dark brown brunette and the clear (although I’ve tried the red). It’s a good alternative to permanent dying (which I won’t do because I chemically straighten my hair). The only downside is if you use the color as opposed to clear, It will stain your towels and pillow cases. Also if you go swimming or wet your hair it will continue to drip color until it is washed out completely. I can get around that when I want a little color though. 🙂

Sydney Mullins, SC


This stuff its great for your hair BUT make sure you get it in clear any other color WILL get in your clothe for about 5 days. BUT it leave your hair looking shinny glossy BUT must important very very very healthy I love it I do it every time I color my hair.

Nan Jefferson City, MO

Easy to apply and can see results right away

I followed instructions from some other websites – no instructions on the bottle. It worked pretty well! I have very thick and coarse hair, and it is still shiny 2 weeks later. The bottle is pretty big and even though I have long hair, I did not use very much of it. I think I can reapply about 5 more times every 6 weeks or so. Well worth the price!

Estelle Nooksack, WA

A little color change but not much shine

I have light brunette hair that I’ve never dyed. I got this in Honey Blonde mainly for shine but also try to warm up the tone a touch. The hint of warmer tone I got, but shine honestly doesn’t look much different 🙁 If anyone has a good product for that reply to this please!Had to add an update: Looking closer, I do notice a bit more shine and when I flat-ironed my hair like another reviewer said wow, much shinier than usual. I guess just not as noticeable from a little farther away when my hair is still wavy. Also, really does make split ends look way better!

Lorrie Canyondam, CA

Clear and Red-Red

The clear has far fewer ingredients, and no silicones. It has a lot of wheat protein and other things in it that can make hair feel stronger if your hair does well with protein treatments. For those who do poorly with protein and need moisture only, the clear Cellophanes will likely make your hair feel dry. (Protein treatments make this hair type crunchy/dry feeling). If your hair does well with store-brand conditioners that contain protein, it will probably feel nice and smooth, especially after flat ironing or blow drying.RED-RED: A surprisingly beautiful color. The red in this is vibrant fox red, without the magenta overtones of the “Hot Red”. In my strawberry blonde hair it looks beautiful, but it absorbs inconsistently on the top 4″ of my hair vs the ends which are years older and more damaged. If your hair is damaged, you will get very quick absorption and vivid color in the 25 minutes suggested. If any part of your hair is virgin and in very good health, you will need either more time or more heat to get it to fully color.The staining is minimal, except where it splattered on white paint; this left a light orange stain. But staining on the skin is far far less than Ellumen, Adore, Manic Panic, or Jazz colorants I have used in the past in the same hue. The traces of color are faint and redhead colored, not burgundy or raspberry colored, so they don’t look too horrible even before they wash off. The stains wash off with a good scrub and shampoo.Tips to make it work best:1) Wash your hair with a regular sulfate containing shampoo beforehand, or the one recommended on the bottle. Sulfate-free shampoos do not fully remove silicone residue from conditioners and leave in products; this means the deposit only color will bounce off those strands unpredictably. Don’t use conditioner or detangler after washing, or you will reintroduce silicones to your strands, defeating the purpose.2) If your hair is virgin or color resistant, apply it to dry hair. It will soak up more color dry than wet, but also uses more product.3) If you do not have a hood dryer to apply heat, you can wrap your head in a plastic shower cap or kitchen cling film and use a blowdryer to heat through for 10 minutes or so. Just be careful to move the dryer often to prevent the plastic from melting. As soon as you’re done applying heat, wrap a warm towel around your head to trap the rest in while you wait.4) Extend your wait time beyond 20-25 minutes if your hair is in healthy condition. Damaged hair may be fully saturated at 20-25 minutes. Apply the color to the healthiest part of your hair first, then apply color to the damaged areas for the last 20-25 minutes if you are growing out old chemical/heat damage.

Marisa Perryville, MO

Not a good result at all

After all the great reviews I thought I’d give this a try. First of all it’s really messy and smelly, nothing new for hair color but it’s REALLY messy.It took forever to rinse out, tons of color kept going down the drain. The resulting color didn’t even cover gray.It was pointless.

Kerry Wadsworth, OH

not what I expected

I did not like this product.. I have used cellophane before but at the hair salon and it never did this. First I bought the golden brunette which left my hair black and the first time you put it on, you try to wash it off the first time and soo much color come off, then you shampoo again, and soo much falls off again. Doesn’t last long, wouldn’t purchase again.

Deana Needham, MA

The cure for dull hair!

Wow! This clear Cellophane made my hair go from dull to shiny, silky and fuller. I followed the directions, washing my hair before and after, and following with a light conditioner. I left it in 15 minutes, covered my hair with a plastic grocery bag, and covered it with a heat cap. I’m sure if I had this treatment in a salon, it would cost a fortune. I plan to try the tinted Cellophane next.

Isabel Reserve, MT


I love this stuff and have been using for over 30 years! Especially good after a chemical, color or on African American hair. Just abfab!

Terrie Lanesville, NY

noticed a little bit of improvement but not a miracle worker

I got the clear one, and used it over freshly redyed hair. my hair is as damaged as it gets. overly bleached, split ends, etc. my hair is also super fine and straight, if that makes a difference. Anyway, I tried this out covering it with a shower cap and using a hairdryer on it for heat for a few minutes until I got bored with it. Left it on a little while longer and washed it out, using redken’s all soft shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels a little softer and smoother and is a little bit shiny. I wouldn’t call this product a miracle worker or anything, but it did seem to help a little bit and I am satisfied. I will use it again. I like that the bottle has a generous amount of product so I will be able to get many uses out of just this one bottle.

Kenya Eaton, IN

shine without color- or with

I got the clear. If you follow the directions on the package it works really well. Made my hair shiny and soft. It seems to be lasting too. I wash my hair every other day.

Megan Wilmer, AL

The Best!!

This Cellophane is Great for the hair! It gives Color, Texture, Smoothness and it smells amazing! Have to repurchase this.

Ava Cook Station, MO

Much Happier Than I Thought I’d Be

This stuff works much better that the other John Freida stuff or even their own product from a few years ago. Apply to dry hair and it really sticks and lasts through a few shampoos. Yes it will leave brown spots on towels so make sure you only use your hair towels or bleach-able ones.Other than that it’s great for roots.I paid $18.49 from “The Smart Look”.

Amalia Danville, AR

Extreme Makeover for Your Hair

How often have we–image-conscious humans–thrown away perfectly good money on perfectly useless beauty products? Too embarrassing to think about, really. Sometimes, though, a rare product appears that–surprise–does exactly what it promises to do. Now that is major excitement. Sebastian Cellophones–no exaggeration–is that product. The honest-to-goodness beautifier that works. Whether your hair is damaged by the sun, by styling products, by coloring–or even just by age, Cellophanes are a complete MAKEOVER. You really ought to have someone take a photo of your hair IN THE SUN with every frizz and faded strand and all those split ends and the overall unevenness in all its glory, then use this Cellophanes and then take a photo of your suddenly SHINY and SMOOTH and FLOWY hair. You know how Giselle Bundchen’s hair looks in all those photos of the amazing Brazilian beauty? That’s what your hair will look like after Cellophanes.A couple of downsides, and they aren’t much–when applying, be careful not to let it get onto your scalp–don’t freak if it does, just scrub it out. This stuff does stain–but the stains do come out–they just take a little effort. Secondly, the shine lasts through maybe three washes. So do reapply before an important event or perhaps every week for maintenance. Lastly, even though my hair is red, I use the Golden Blonde color because I didn’t want to add too much red–if that’s what you want, cool. The Golden Blonde works great as a sort of warming shinifier (that ought to be a word, really).Now a tip–you do not have to sit under a heat lamp or in a beauty salon chair to do the heating portion of applying the product. You can sit in a nice bubbly hot bath with your hair in a shower cap and the Cellophanes slathered on under it–that works great. Also, if you have a hot tub, the same deal works beautifully.Literally, I am excited about this product because I went from having hair that looked my age to having hair that looks like my young daughter’s age. Truly transformative product. Just grateful to have found it.

Darlene Ernest, PA

Good Shine!

I mixed this with the coffee bean by Sebastian and got a really good shine. I’m still going to experiment a bit with it, but so far I do not notice any damage at all.

Esmeralda Tucker, AR


good for any tipe of hair any color! can be mixed with other colors from this line, to make less intence color or maybe ligher… as usual, add shine and bright and gloss to ur hair

Veronica Karnes City, TX

Five Stars

I like this protect make my hair glass and shine thx

Ilene State College, PA

Bright red

Great for renewing color I got lots of compliments. When I first used it, I thought the color was too bright but everybody seemed to like it. So, I’m sold!

Audrey Garden Valley, CA