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Sebastian Collection Potion 9 5.1 Ounces

Sebastian Collection Potion 9. Treatment to help repair damaged hair while building style

Key features

  • The only wearable treatment with nine ingredients to help repair damaged hair while building style. Anytime. Anywhere. Anybody.

Honest reviews


Great stuff.

I would’ve never paid the full price for this hair product, so I’m glad I found it “cheap” (I confess, the first time, at a Big Lots store!) This stuff is fabulous! My hair is long and very fine–tangles and lacks body. I dispense one full pump and comb it through every night after washing my hair. My hair looks and feels strong and shiny and will actually hold a curl all day! Smells great too. I read the directions and didn’t see, as one reviewer suggested, that you’re not supposed to use it every day. Most leave-in conditioners weigh my fine hair down, but not this stuff. I believe it’s worth the price–especially the Amazon price. (But I sure would like to find it at Big Lots again!!!)

Allie North Miami, OK

Magic in a dime-sized dollop

I have fine hair, so most conditioners weigh it down. My hair, nevertheless, goes frizzy on humid days. Not with this product! A dime-sized dollop worked through while my hair is wet keeps it smooth but not greasy, and surprisingly it seems to add volume as well.If left to air-dry, Potion No. 9 holds my hair in place like a mousse (I have short hair). When blow-dried, this prevents split ends and adds a nice shine.I love this stuff!

Jan North Anson, ME

The best so far

This is truly the best hair product I have ever purchased. I’ve tried hot oils,serums, leave in hair conditioners,countless other products. Granted, I don’t often try very expensive salon products ,but all the good reviews of this on Amazon convinced me to take the plunge. I have dry, frizzy,wavy hair from years of dyeing and now even more fanatical dyeing due to my graying hair. I was considering chopping it all off and giving up as my hair either looked dry and overstyled (after blowdrying) or limp and lack luster (after air drying it). This product within one use convinced me this is the best money I’ve ever spent on my hair! I feel like Ive turned back the clock 10 years (I’m 40) My hair, after one use, is soft and manageable and shiny. I have only used it, so far, after letting it air dry. But I’m convinced it’s going to yield a great result after blow drying also. I will be so upset if this is ever discontinued. I will buy this again. I think someone else mentioned it being their Holy Grail of hair products. It’s certainly mine, already!

Adele Jacob, IL


I have been going to cosmo school for about 10 monnths now. We sell Sebastian products at my school. I LOVE potion 9. We use it on ALOT if not all ethnic hair clients. I have fine (white) Hair. Just a little goes ALONG way. Its a great for thermal heat. (curls,flat iron, anything that requires heat) Its also FANTASTIC for chemically damnaged hair. It made my hair so so so so soft LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF. I use this on almost every client when we have it on back bar. All of our clients ask for it by name and we are always running so short bc of how great it is. I can’t stress enough on what people are missing out if they havent used this yet. I love it to DEATH. the price on Amazon is AWESOME. beats spending 30 MORE dollars at a salon.

Paulette Warfordsburg, PA

Love this product

I’m a long-time Potion 9 fan. Great price! However, the bottle started leaking a few months after I bought it, so I put some of it in a tupperware container, and the rest I sealed off. I think the container started leaking for some weird reason. Oh well, love this stuff. Awesome for your hair.

Lea Wilson, NC

Love this product for a detangler

Really works on my fine hair. Detangles after shampooing and ads some body. I can’t go without it! I love it.

Chasity Roosevelt, OK