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Sebastian 2 plus 1 Conditioning Treatment Unisex, 5.1 Ounce

Sebastian invented 2, an original recipe of 2 parts moisture & 1 part protein, to give the hair what it needs-deeps intensive hydration, combined with the power of a protein pack. Normal / damaged hair feels conditioned, silky, moisturized & healthy.

Key features

  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Produced with the highest grade materials

Honest reviews



I have chest length curly European hair which is chemical (relaxed) and colour treated. I try to do both services as little as possible which is why it has grown so long but I still dye it when the premature white comes through too much. After using Loreal Preference my hair was REALLY dry and NOTHING was getting it to lose that puffy and scraggly look that I have mostly managed to avoid. (Loreal excellence never does that and that is what I usually use). This conditioned my hair successfully and literally transformed it without stripping the colour at all. I used almost the entire tube but the next time around only needed half. I have a lot of hair! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Flossie Crowder, MS


I’ve used this product twice now and really like it. I have damaged hair (split ends, dry, etc) and I really like how easy this product is. I just shampoo/condition as usual, then put this on, focusing on the ends and leave it for about 3 minutes (per instructions) and then wash it out. I can really tell that my hair is much softer!

Lynne Tower City, ND

Protein yum

My hair love this stuff. First off my beautician recommended this product to me because my hair was breaking badly because I always use the same conditioner. She said that I should switch conditioner every two weeks so my hair wouldn’t get to use to the conditioner. I used this and stop using so much heat in my hair and I have notice a big difference in the texture of my hair. It is more soft and silky. My hair have ways to go but I know this will help it get back to where it need to be.

Cora Hale, MI

Don’t know what is wrong!

I know the brand and for me it is a very good one, I read several reviews saying how good this treatment is and bought it. What a waste of money! My friend actually told me to buy it because she has one and she loves it. I don’t know if they sold me a fake one or if the real is really not at all good? Just have to say that my daily conditioner is better than using this one. Didn’t return it because it would be another waste of money but I don’t intend to ever buy it again.

Cristina Stewart, OH

moisture/protein balance

Sebastian products are excellent. This one combines the right amount of moisture and protein to keep a healthy balance in your hair that helps prevents breakage. When hair breaks it has too much moisture or too much protein. With this product you don’t have to try to figure out what your hair needs.

Lottie Siloam, NC