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Sebamed Soap-free Cleansing Bar For Sensitive Skin, 3.5-Ounce Boxes

All Sebamed products are “soap free” and suitable for individuals even with the most sensitive skin. Sebamed is recommended by dermatologists in over 85 countries and is supported by over 150 clinical studies

Key features

  • Mild and moislturizing
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
  • With natural vitamins and amino acids
  • Same pH as healthy skin 5.5
  • Dermatologist recommended

Honest reviews


Goodby Soap – Hallo SebaMed!

I absolutely love this product! Hands down – swear on my mamas life – pry it from my cold dead hands – Love it!I like taking hot baths and for some time now I would step out and as I am drying myself I am also rubbing off dead skin. I was perplexed, well, I thought, every 28 days a new layer, or something in that manner, but this was happening more and more often, everyday in the end, and when it was happening that often, and all over my body, I finally took action. I have heard that soap was drying, but what is the alternative? Olive oil cleansing? But all over my body?! What a mess! Need a better way! If we can go into space, surly there must be something you can get clean with and not dry out a layers of skin!By some happenstance, which is beyond me, I stumbled upon this cleansing bar and thought Germans know their stuff! Lets try it… At the same time, how can you get clean without soap? Right?! I have been using soap all my life, old habits die hard. What convinced me were other peoples reviews… Now, if a product clears up your skin, and makes you skin silky soft, and people proclaim they will not simply live without this bar – it must be good! And guess what? IT IS!So I thought I too should contribute to the raving SebaMed reviewers, because I too am converted, and the world should know about this bar, so they can stop buying the other garbage products. And oh, I have had them all! Cheap, expensive, unconventional, tested and untested – I still do like using my blue light by Tria though…So after using this bar for less than a week, I am thinking to myself: How could I use soap? How revolting my old soap/ cleansing products look to me now! They almost look sad… Furthermore, yesterday, for the first time in months, I stepped out of the shower and no dead skin is rubbing off… anywhere? I even dry faster it seems… The first time I used it, I will admit I was sitting and just rubbing my arm in disbelief how soft and silky my skin felt. I thought I was soft before! 🙂 Well, the silky soft feeling others were talking about, it is true! No lotion or soap compares!I also love the way this bar smells, it makes my whole bathroom smell amazing… Thus, goodby soap! We had a good run…

Lee Dubuque, IA

no lather, strong perfume

i bought this because i use the sebamed shampoo and i’m happy with it. the shampoo has a strong perfume smell, and this soap has the same smell. it’s really strong. it does fade quickly after the shower but i kinda don’t like the fragrance. anyways, i bought this bar soap after reading the reviews, but it doesn’t lather at all. it’ll produce some lather after the bar is “wetter”. i’m not sure how to explain it. it takes time to lather up with this bar soap, so my showers take longer. i don’t like that. plus, my skin feels drier but less drier than dove soap. also, it doesn’t remove waterproof sunscreen very well. I had to soap down several times to take the sunscreen off. again, longer showers that i would like to avoid.i’m sorry that i had to give this a 1 star but it left my skin unclean and the very little lather is not acceptable. I rather use body wash that doesn’t lather than non-lathering bar soap. i use the rest of the soap as hand soap. however, I did like the sebamed body wash and that took off the sunscreen on the first soap down and lathered very well.

Sandra Union City, NJ

Good soap!

Good soap, smells good doesn’t lather much but does clean…. Price $4.00 a bar? A little too much …..kirks soap almost as good but priced better…….as far as skin balance goes I have not used it long enough to see a diffrence…. Stay tuned…

Lauren Rockville, IN

Its okay

Too perfumey and its hard to feel clean when there is no lather. I wouldnot purchase this item again.

Gayle Clearville, PA

For sensitive skin, this is great.

My husband has sensitive skin and this is the only soap that he has found that works for him. We first found this in 2011 in Heidelberg, Germany. My husband has been using it ever since, and has had NO SKIN RASHES since!

Cecile Grand Gorge, NY