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Sea Buckthorn,balancing Facial Cleanser 4 fl. oz.

Deep yet gentle cleansing is the foundation of effective facial care at every age. this all-natural balancing facial cleanser gently removes dirt, impurities and make-up while maintaining a healthy balance in your skin without compromising its natural protective nutrients. This lightly exfoliating facial cleanser will leave your face fresh, clean, and perfectly balanced. Your skin will look and feel radiant.

Key features

  • Leaves skin looking and feeling radiant and refreshed
  • Removes excess oil and impurities
  • Contains micro-particles for a gentle exfoliation
  • Great for removing make-up
  • Non-foaming gel formula for all skin types

Honest reviews


not so good for acne prone skin….

I love the Sibu moisturizer, so I thought I would try this out. Unfortunately this did not work very well for my oily skin. Shortly after I started using it, I started breaking out. I really wanted to like this product, but after a few weeks of using it, I am throwing the rest of it out. Maybe I will go back to the soap, used that without any break outs.

Christa Union, KY

love Sibu!

Very picky and have sensitive skin so was careful in this choice. Love the very light scent, it’s clear but very hydrating and cleans throughly. Takes some rinsing so be sure to use lots of water to remove. I use the bar soap with my rotating brush but this cleanser is better used alone. Recommend

Sheryl West Milford, NJ

Best hands down

I first tried this about two months ago. I love it. Cleanses without over drying. Works well with my prescribed ERY 1% gel. I buy this with the oil and soap bar consistently now.

Chris Louin, MS

Amazing Cleanser! Gentle & Removes Makeup

I’ve been using this cleanser both morning and evening for a couple weeks now, and I am beyond happy with it! I typically use 1-2 pumps of the product, and apply as directed by working it into a lather in my moistened hands, and gently massaging it over my face. This product is definitely very gentle, and even with the exfoliating beads my skin does not feel tight or raw after I use it. My skin is usually left a bit red after cleansing, so it’s amazing that it just appears clear after using this cleanser.I am also impressed with how well it removes my makeup at night. Even my stubborn mascara comes off with this cleanser! I don’t have any need for makeup remover wipes when I’m using this Sibu cleanser.See full review on my blog: […]

Hillary Jeffers, MN

Good with my rosacea, and removes makeup with ease!

I have rosacea and bought this (and the sea buckthorn oil) to try out together. As I’ve posted in my other review, my face is a little redder from these but the texture/bumps are WAY less. I suspect that my skin may get worse before better, but the only thing that has gotten a little worse is the redness. The most embarrassing thing about rosacea is the dryness and bumps and this has calmed those better than products I received from the dermatologist.This cleanser has a “gritty” texture that melts away as you rub it in, if you feel this may be bothersome to your skin, you can definitely use a bit of water in your hands with the cleanser to help melt the “grit” into a smooth texture before you rub it into your face.I personally (surprisingly) haven’t really had to do this, as it melts pretty quickly and I combine it with lavender and tea tree oil cleanser and they *melt* together and feel amazing on the skin.This smells pretty nice, and overall it hasn’t irritated my skin (at least yet).The One amazing thing about this cleanser, is it removes makeup AMAZINGLY and easily. It manages to get off eyelash glue mixed with mascara off my eyelashes with ease, which Pureology cleanser was unable to do ( I LOVE pureology facial cleanser, but this got makeup off even better and was gentle/ didn’t irritate my skin!)I’ll post updates of how my rosacea does with this cleanser for those who need it! :)Update: THOUGH it helped with rosacea for awhile, It made my cystic acne much worse with this (It was very painful to even move some parts of my face).. It could have been a reaction, or it could have been the “worse before better”. But my skin looked so bad from the cystic acne that I couldn’t justify using it everyday. It’s good time to time. Will still post updates.

Courtney Lisco, NE

great skincare

It does not get much netter than Sibu! I love the products. This cleanser leaves your face feeling clean and soft. I would recommned using the entire line: cleanser, exfoliant, day and night creams for the best results. I have been using them for months and love the results!

Suzanne Olympic Valley, CA

Love it.

Very gentle and very effective product. As a matter of fact, I love this brand! I would say, it’s a best product I ever tried!

Christine Oswegatchie, NY

Cost effective and cruelty free

At first I thought "oh nice my skin looks less blemished." But then it got dry, this isn’t so "balancing" like the name implies and then I got really blotchy. I think I’m outright allergic to something in it. I’ve tried it twice because I wanted to like it. My skin is ridiculous. If your skin is more oily I think this would be good, but if you’re dry and/or sensitive, proceed with caution.

Tiffany Waterville, KS

Love this Cleanser

This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used – Does not dry out my skin or leave a greasy film on it

Lorie Wenona, IL


Not over drying. Feels gentle on the skin and still left with a fresh and clean feeling. Like the exfoliating particles

Julia Olton, TX