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Scunci No-slip Grip Octopus Clip, 2 -Count

With scunci no-slip grip hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. scunci no-slip octopus clips are your hidden secret for secure all-day hold. this clip is strong enough to hold thick hair, but petite enough to throw into your purse. large enough to hold hair in an updo but discreet enough to blend in with your style. can be used to section hair and keep it in place for curling, styling or drying. eight interlocking teeth with no-slip grip technology hold tight to prevent strays and fallout strands. one basic black and one classic tortoise in the set.

Key features

  • No slip grip for tousled casual styles or quick updos
  • Eight interlocking teeth hold hair in place
  • Smooth domed top to prevent snagging
  • Sections hair while cutting or styling
  • 2 pack with 1 basic black and 1 classic tortoise

Honest reviews


small octo clips

these clips are ok for when my hair is on the shorted side but if I let it grow for a while these are way to small to hold a whole head of hair up. Good for short hair, not long.

Enid Clintwood, VA

hair clips

bought these awhile back, still use em every day. ive found, these are the only type of hair clips to actually stay in my hair. DEFINITELY worth the buy!

Diann Guilford, MO

NOT the listed Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.8 x 2″ inches but actually 2.5(l)” x 2″(w) x 2″(h)

I live in a climate that is mostly warm to too hot and so I keep my hair up a most of the time. I’m disappointed, since I thought these were much larger given that first of all the listing says “Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.8 x 2″ inches and I would take that to mean that the clip itself, being the product, is that size, not the dimensions of the card the clips are clipped to, with the 2″ being the height the of the clip. The ones I received are 2.5(l)” x 2″(w) x 2″(h), which is pretty small. The second reason I thought the product dimensions would be the size of the actual product is that someone said on their review that the clip was too big for their long hair. My hair is pretty long and the last octopus clip I had was about 4″ and worked beautifully to keep my hair up in a bun with minimal pulling on the hair it is fastened to and so I thought these were like that clip, given the information I was supplied.That said,which isn’t the fault of the clips themselves, they are well made and have some rubber type material inside to help it to stay in place, which the package calls “No Slip Grip” and “all day hold”. While I can’t put all my hair in these clips, it does work to put it on the circumference, in other words, if I twist my hair and clip it, much like a pony tail it works great and stays in place. So while I am disappointed they weren’t the size I expected, this clip itself is well made.

Shelly Deer River, MN

I am very glad I bought these

I am very glad I bought these, I was running out of clips because I have a toddler in the house who has a grudge against any and all of my hair accessories so I am constantly replacing them. I have been wearing one continuously since I received it 2 weeks ago and am very happy. These are very sturdy and the claws themselves are flexible so they give a great hold and wont snap apart so easily. These will last a long time.

Crystal Willernie, MN

Too big

I placed an order thinking they would be the medium size clips, but they are actually the large size. Will have to return them because i only use the medium size. This one give me a headache

Misty Wilkeson, WA


I bought this to hold my hair up during deep conditioning, protein treatments, and just to throw my hair up. I was a little worried by some of the other reviews that I had read that they were going to be too big or too small, however, they were a great size. I have thick hair that is a on the longer side, and I relax so I do not need anything tugging at my hair. These were well worth the price. I would agree with some of the byers on the plastic, if you do deep conditioning under a hooded dryer I would not use these they will bend and break under high heat.

Latasha Brookline, MA

Smaller than expected

I have thick non-ethnic hair about halfway down my shoulder blades. I bought a variety of octopus clips to see what would work. These clips were far too small for my hair, but the no-slip grippy things on the teeth seemed as good as ever. I’m sure they would be great for thinner, shorter hair.

Harriett Milam, TX


Not sure what happened, but these don’t seem to be as well made as the exact same Scunci clip purchased 3-4 years ago.

Ann Kittery, ME