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Scunci No-slip Grip Beautiful Blends Bobby Pins, 48-Count

Scunic no-slip grip beautiful blends brunette bobby pins maintain your hairstyle in any sticky situation and blend with your natural hair color. the inner grooves on these bobby pins feature no-slip grip technology to secure every last strand of hair. you may need one or ten, but you can never have too many on hand. perfect for updos, ponytails and short styles as well. 48 pack ensures that no matter where you put one down you’ll always be able to pick one up. specially colored for unobtrusive hold on brunette hair shades.

Key features

  • No slip grip technology holds styles on any hair type
  • Secure updos with unobtrusive hold
  • Hold back straying strands
  • 48 pack ensures you always have one on hand
  • Shades especially designed for brunette hair

Honest reviews



Great pins… exactly what they are supposed to do…hold your hair in place!

Rhonda Lonedell, MO

Still Slips

I was impressed with this product. While it’s called NO Slip, it still slips back eventually, but not liketraditional pins. After using these I will not go back to the old bobby pins.

Gina Lyle, MN


I give these a 4 because of the price and they worked okay. I’m not sure what else to say.

Georgina Waterbury Center, VT

Poor quality sadly

I was expecting a lot from these bobby pins, because they have good reviews, but wow, they are just poor quality, I wear them and when I get them out, even when Im subtle, they are a bit deformed and I find very hard to use them again, so it is like Im wearing something disposable. The good things about these is that they dont pull your hair at all and the colors really mix with your hair if you are brunette.

Lizzie Sister Bay, WI

Good hairpins with great colors

These are your typical run-of-the-mill bobby pins, but revamped with colors that blend better with brunette hair. I have thin / medium hair, and I use these everyday to hold back my bangs or little flyaways. I love the coloring on these – much better than other brands that claim they are for brunettes or blonds, but are simply either flatly colored or metallic (which is worse, in my opinion.) The marble-y look on these is great. I originally bought these in store, but I haven’t been able to find them in a very long time.I gave 4 stars because I wish the entire card was full of these brown bobby pins. I never use the black ones which, sadly, take up half the card.

Diana South Lyme, CT

As described!

I don’t really know how I can submit a decent review of bobby pins, but these were great. I loved them. The only problem I have with bobby pins is Monday I buy a package of 60. By Thursday, I can’t find more than one. 🙂 But I think a lot of ladies know what I mean.

Tina Swanton, VT

Good Pack of Bobby Pins

I have shoulder length wavy/curly/frizzy hair depending on the weather and humidity. These bobby pins have made this heatwave stylishly bearable with French Rolls and Chignons instead of the usual ponytail. They hold well and blend well, just as I expected.

Marcie Clayton, NY

BObby Pins Sturdy and Nice

Can’t say it was totally worth the price BUT, works exactly as bobby pins should! I like the colors, like that the ridges make for gret grip!

Bertha Bethel Park, PA

Really hate this product

Worst bobby pins I’ve ever used. More than half of the pins twist open sideways during the first use. Even when the pins went go in cleanly my updo falls apart. The package comes with a little plastic bit to open the bobby pin but you don’t actually need it, the pins are so flimsy they are easily opened.

Audrey Loda, IL