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Scunci No-slip Grip Beautiful Blends Blonde Bobby Pins, 48-Count

Scunic no-slip grip beautiful blends blonde bobby pins maintain your hairstyle in any sticky situation and blend with your natural hair color. the inner grooves on these bobby pins feature no-slip grip technology to secure every last strand of hair. you may need one or ten, but you can never have too many on hand. perfect for updos, ponytails and short styles as well. 48 pack ensures that no matter where you put one down you’ll always be able to pick one up. specially colored for unobtrusive hold on blonde hair shades.

Key features

  • No slip grip technology holds styles on any hair type
  • Secure updos with unobtrusive hold
  • Hold back straying strands
  • 48 pack ensures you always have one on hand
  • Shades especially designed for blonde hair

Honest reviews


use all the time

if you’re a blonde or fake blonde like me that likes to do different styles I highly recommend this. I love putting my hair up in different fashions but I don’t want anyone to see how. These are great for undoes.

Trudy Mount Hope, OH

False claim

I bought these because bobby pins don’t stay put in my hair. I had hoped that these little babies would solve that problem but unfortunately they didn’t. They slip off just like normal bobby pins. The only thing that’s nice is the different colors.

Kate Mount Angel, OR

Good bobby pins

I am very happy with my bobby pins. I use them when I wear my thick hair in a bun, and they manage to stay in all day.

Abby Chatham, PA

Blends and grips

I have been growing my hair out for Locks of Love (creates wigs for children who lose their hair due to cancer and other diseases) and have been wearing my hair in a pony tail for the most part. These bobby pins are great. They blend into my hair and they also grip well keeping the wisps of hair under control.

Laurie Brantingham, NY

Decent clips

Some of these clips twisted on the first use, but they seem to have a strong grip and nice hold. The darker colored ones blend into my medium-brown hair nicely (brunette variety looked too dark).

Elise Waterford, NY

Holds better than standard bobby pins

My hair is fine and straight, so pins never have much to grip. But, these do hold much better than most pins due to the textured inside edge and the pin being clamped together a bit tighter than usual. I have noticed that after a few uses they tend to bend open a bit which makes them looser, but a quick pinch with a pair of pliers sets them all straight again. (All my bobby pins open over time, so I think it’s just the nature of the beast).I love the coloration of these. They blend well with strawberry blonde hair, and far better than the bronze or black colored pins. It’s exceedingly rare to find red hair colored hair pins/clips, but these are the closest I’ve found yet.I usually use these to pin into the hair rather than onto it (like french twists, buns, or to tuck in stray strands from a braid) and they are nearly invisible.

Tracie Industrial, WV

Very cute – excellent for multi colored hair

these are great to ‘hide’ bobby pins in ones hair. get the look you want without showing your bobby pins! These are coated nicely to prevent slippage and keeeps the metal away from the hair.

Colleen Hockessin, DE

bobby pins

These are perfect if you want them to stay in place. They really don’t slip at all. I think I could go out in a hurricane and they would still be there. They come out easily though when you’re ready.

Valerie Stephan, SD

Great color match!

These bobby pins work great and the 2 colors are nice and they match several hair colors! Good price on them too!

Celeste Pompton Plains, NJ

Pretty but disposable

You use it once and throw it out because it opens in a way that it becomes impossible, or useless, to try to use it again. I loved that I found in these colors though. As it is cheap, I’lll probably buy again

Allison Trail City, SD