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Scunci Elastics – Black

Scunci No Damage Elastics Black

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Good stuff at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong!

A very tight pony tail can cause hair damage and lead to traction alopecia. This coated elastic creates a relatively loose ponytail so it does not damage hair yet stays on pretty well. When I want a tighter grip on my hair I use two of them at a time. The grip is still not too tight, yet stays on all day without adjusting.The ends of the elastic are glued together, there are no metal connectors between the edges. Another good thing for your hair! However, over time the glue does loosen. This not unreasonable, just normal wear which is expected.These elastics can be used for things other than hair too! They are more attractive than rubber bands and don’t break from sun exposure like rubber bands. So I found a number of non-hair uses for them. Here are two example: (1) I use them to keep label’s on home-made jams that I give as gifts; (2) When I take portrait photos I sometimes use a piece of nylon stocking instead of filter to provide a softening effect on the faces (hides fine wrinkles), I use this elastic to hold the nylon square over my lens.Good stuff at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong!Ali Julia review

Ramona Viola, WI

great deal, no snags!

I have hair that is about 2 feet long. It is important for me to have hair ties that will hold a lot of hair, and not get tangled when I try to remove the hair tie. These work for me!

Maureen El Sobrante, CA

These were perfect.

I have long hair that is now damaged from wearing it in a pony tail with metal on them. These are completely free of the metal and do not pull the hair at all. I highly recommend them.

Cassandra Elma, IA

No good for really thick hair

Since these were large I decided to buy them. I wish they were larger. They stretch out after one use, but that might be because I have very thick hair.

Patrice Sweet Grass, MT

Best hair elastics for thinner hair

These are PERFECT for long-enough hair that is mostly on the thin side. They stay in my hair all day without slipping, yet they also don’t damage or break the hair strands, nor do they pull my hair so they’re very comfortable to wear. I’ve bought probably 15 cards of these and will continue to buy more as I need them… provided they aren’t discontinued (the story of my life: everything I like and use gets discontinued right quick.)

Carmen Gaylesville, AL

Never gets tangled

I’m a loyal Scunci band buyer. I have three girls with waist-length hair, and these never get tangled. Also, I don’t notice the breakage I did with those bands containing the metal piece. The wider ones like these might overpower fine, thin hair, but my girls’ hair is thick. These hold, even through a hard basketball practice!

Araceli Norwood, VA


They dont break easily at all! Other hair ties I have boughten online in the past were horrible. But these ones havent broken yet and ive been using them for over a month now. GREAT!

Lidia Niles, IL

Great price and works without pulling at the hair

I have thick hair and this scunci really holds the hair and even during active sporting activities. it does not pull strands of hair like elastic bands and very comfortabel to wear. I have tried this brand before and love that it keeps it shape for a long time, unlike some that actually falls apart after a few months of use. I just didnt think Amazon would hold this product as part of the Prime program and offering such a great price – thank goodness i checked!

Lorie West Chatham, MA