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Scunci Effortless Beauty Wide Stretch Basic Neon Headwraps,5pc

With scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. scunci headwraps are a must have for sports or an active lifestyle. they give everyday dos an effortless fashion boost and highlight your features by keeping hair off the face. great when you’re growing out bangs or layered styles. soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear headwraps stay in place. a fresh perspective on casual looks in neon colors plus black.

Key features

  • Keep hair off the face while growing out or during sports
  • Soft and stretchy and won’t damage hair
  • Wear one or mix for chic style
  • Dress up everyday dos
  • 5 pack has neon colors plus black

Honest reviews


Perfect and so much cheaper than the other options

I got these for my daughters birthday party to keep the homemade masks they made off of their hair. They have stayed up with no problems and the girls loved the colors. They also realized that they could decorate them so they worked out even better than I would have thought. Considering how much cheaper they were than the other ones I found they were an incredible deal. Kept the hair out of the masks, great colors and they ended up being a brilliant activity for the girls. Definitely worth the money even if just for using to wash your face or for the gym.

Luann Elvaston, IL

results may vary!

i personally have trouble keeping headbands from sliding, so if your one of those people i wouldn’t recommend. if you have no problems i would say go for it scunci is a great brand, i personally just need to find no-slip products

Randi Wardell, MO

Fun colors

I wear headwraps daily and our local stores didn’t have much color variety. They also don’t have this width, which stays on my head better than the thinner ones. The pack I ordered came with neon green, pink, blue, white and black. I agree with the other reviewers that these work best when your hair is pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

Gussie Artesian, SD


They are soft and don’t stretch out of shape. Nice modern colors and better price than Rite Aide store who is overpriced on most things

Polly Leola, PA


I just wanted these for holding my hair back when I do a face mask or put my make-up on, they work great for that & I got them at a great price too!

Bobbie Romney, WV

Great bands

I use them when I ride my horse without helmet and they stay on place, hold hair back and don’t squeeze my had, so great stuff

Doris Harper Woods, MI

Fits comfortable and looks nice

I wear these during those times I need to keep my hair out of my face. While there’s nothing stellar about these — and I kind of wish these were wider — these are very comfortable and do what I need them to do. Unlike many of the other headbands I’ve bought here on Amazon, these actually fit. Many of the others run way too small. This also gives a nice selection of colors to go with most outfits.

Yesenia Mount Vernon, WA

It helps

Is a good thing to have for a bad hair day. It’s soft and pretty and helps to get hair out of your face.

Mia Canton, MS