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Scunci Effortless Beauty Velour Comfy Twister, 3-Count, colors may vary

With scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. twisters are an essential for any woman with hair below chin length. keeps hair off the face while growing out or during sports. easily put hair up into a high ponytail or use low at the nape. wear one or mix for unique looks. good for quick casual style when you have to run out for errands. comfortable textural velour won’t damage hair.

Key features

  • Keep hair off the face while growing out or during sports
  • Textural velour won’t damage hair
  • Provides quick casual style
  • Wear one or color mix
  • 3 pack in assorted colors

Honest reviews


Gentle on your hair but keeps it in place

I wanted these because I have an old one that has lasted for years but is finally coming apart, and I won’t be without it. WHenver I have to put my hair up to take a shower, wash my face, or put on make-up, I pull my hair back in one of these, and it feels comfortable on and never breaks my hair or pulls too tightly like rubber bands and similar bands do. I like these.

Selma Etna, ME

Much worse than they used to be

I use scrunchies all the time at home to keep hair up and off my face. The best by far over the years had been the Scunci velvet ones. I came across these on Amazon and purchased a new set, as the elastic on my old ones is stretching out. Big disappointment when they arrived. They look the same (colour, material, size) but the only thing that has stayed the same are the colours. The fabric and elastic is much thinner and cheaper now. They don’t fit the same and are uncomfortably tight because the fabric and elastic is so stingy now. Wish I was able to find these in a retail store. I would not have purchased these, had I known. Price is very reasonable at $4/3, but even at that price I wouldn’t buy these, and would keep looking.

Alba Jacks Creek, TN

not a fan

They stretched out way too quickly. Not a fan. I was gonna try to jump on the scrunchie fad train especially after I read that scrunchies are less damaging to your hair than normal hair ties. However they ended up being way too big for my already thick hair after wearing them for like a day.

Amy Cape May Point, NJ

Nice big, soft scrunchies!!

I liked the fabric, it’s velvety. The colors are nice and the elastic is soft. They don’t snag or feel too tight in my thick hair. They seem versatile, like they would be good with formal or casual clothes.

Ina Pioneer, CA

Doesn’t tug my hair

I have wavy/curly/frizzy hair. These soft, smooth scrunchies hold my hair in place and I haven’t found that they slide down at all. When it’s time to remove them, they come out easily without pulling any hair with them. Which seems like a miracle, considering my experience with every other scrunchie I’ve ever used. =)I do wish I could buy a package that was all black or brown, or a mix of neutral like black/brown/tan. That said, both the icy blue and the white-white are very pretty in the soft, puffy velvet. If everyone would start buying these like crazy, maybe the manufacturer would even offer other colors like red/teal/green etc!

Kristen Bode, IA

Love them!

I ordered a bunch of the Scunci Effortless Beauty Velour Comfy Twister scrunchies because I read the review and saw that they are on the big side. Which is exactly what I needed. I have long, thick, curly hair and the scrunchies in the stores near me are just sooo freaking small. I love these, they fit my hair nicely and they came in several colors; black, white, pink, grey and light blue. They are very soft too. I just hope they don’t discontinue making them I will be so disappointed but I did buy 7 packs of these so that should last a while (hopefully) I do seem to lose them often.Any way I would totally recommend these scrunchies for the ladies that have “big hair” they may be a little too loose for the ladies that have thinner hair though. But there are a million types of scrunches made for thinner hair!

Kimberlee Jefferson, CO


great scrunchies. I love these, but every time i order blue i end up receiving grey… so don’t count on the blue. get pink

Angela Nineveh, NY

Not Made For Thin, Fine Hair.

I bought these to use strictly to put my long hair up on the top of my head when I sleep. It works well for that purpose. But, if you’re looking to use this on a day to day basis, for ponytails or something, I’d say that it wasn’t made for thin fine hair. It’s more of a bulky item, and I found that you’d need to wrap it a few times around the ponytail to keep it snug. However the bulkiness of the item makes wrapping it that many times, too thick and cumbersome.

Deloris Hammond, OR


i ve got blue pink and black. so those colors. and i do really like this because it not hurt my hair at all. after work, normally i just pull it away let my hair free. love them

Rosalinda Jadwin, MO

Perfect to use around bun

I have a bun dummy, so when I make a big bun for a special occasion, I use this twisters to hold it and they look pretty and hold good

Matilda Maitland, MO

The perfect scrunchie

The velvety material provides just the right amount of soft extra grip yet doens’t have hair “stick” to it when you remove it like the thermal ones (once they start pilling, I use scrunchies all the time to thow my x-long hair up in a bun to clean the house). I’ll be getting a bunch more of these.

Mallory Plymouth, IA

Velour Comfy Hair Ties

Let me start by saying that I have hair down to my waist. Let me also add that during the day I use just regular hair ties with no metal clasps on them. Now, fast forward to night time when I am home from work and in my sweats: these things are in my hair all night! I love them! The velour is so comfortable and it it holds my hair back in a pony tail all night (even to the next morning after I’ve slept with one of them in my hair). I’ve had hair ties like these before that were not velour and they slip out of my hair so easily. Not these babies! Love ’em!

Audrey Lindsay, OK

Great scrunchies

I love these. I am always on the search for an ouchless hold and these seem to make the cut. I would recommend. I have thick, curly hair so it does well for that type of hair but I’m sure it would do well with straight or fine hair.

Tommie Montrose, MI

Nice Scunci

This package was for my sister and niece, both of them has thick and long hair. It holds everything in place and till now they didn’t complain.

Lois Kaweah, CA