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Scunci Effortless Beauty Thick Hair No-damage Bright Elastics, 5Mm, 24-Count

Scunci effortless beauty no-damage bright elastics are your secret to effortless all-day hold. slide into any situation without worrying about hair slippage. specially designed for thick hair. soft metal-free elastic bands keep ponytails tight while working out or for casual style and won’t damage your hair. 24 pack ensures that no matter where you put one down you’ll always be able to pick one up. bright primary colors and neutral shades to complement any outfit or hair color.

Key features

  • Soft metal free elastic for no-damage hold
  • Hold ponytails tight while working or playing
  • Specially designed for thick hair
  • 24 pack ensures you always have one on hand
  • Bright colors and neutral shades complement any style

Honest reviews



Bought these for my daughters because, like most little girls, they lose them ALL the time. These hair ties do not have the metal crimping so they do not yank so much hair when you remove them. They are a good thickness and stretch well.

Patty Shanks, WV


I don’t know why I can’t seem to find the ones for thick hair in stores. I have what they call the thick Irish mane! I have long hair and an awful lot of it. I am constantly breaking normal size elastics. These work perfect for me!

Tonia Viborg, SD

great size

Larger diameter than normal hair tie elastics these are perfect for thick or long hair, but they aren’t quite as stretchy as the normal elastics so there is limited flexibility

Mildred Premier, WV

Love All Of These

I have waist length hair so hair ties are a big part of my life. I have purchased this brand in many colors, I reviewedB0045H854Wearlier and I’ll say it again here. These are great, hold their shape, have no metal and I have tried to ‘seed’ my life so there is always one or two around

Chelsey East Thetford, VT

Breaks easily after a few

Works ok. Breaks easily after a few wears

Dolly Lakeshore, MS

They are hair bands

What do you say about hair bands. They are exactly what you would expect them to be. I gave them as a gift.

Laurie Ladera Ranch, CA

Just love’em!

Not much to say when it comes to just Scrunci for hair but hey, I am very picky. You can get ones that tear your hair or pull too tight or don’t go around the right number of times … well these are lovely! I use them when I cycle and workout and yoga – and it’s PERFECT. It’s as great as a scrunci gets, I suppose :)!

Evangeline Hillsboro, OH

Perfect for long hair

Works great! I have waist length thick hair and this holds my hair really well. Nice and tight. Highly recommended.

Gertrude Charmco, WV

Not so good product

They really do not last long, they just tear apart after a while. Not good quality at all. If it does not tear it stretches and does not go back to it’s initial size.

Aimee San Jacinto, CA

Necessary item

Everyone with long hair needs rubber bands that dont break super fast, that stretch enough for thicker hair, that hold your hair back when doing things like cooking or.. anything, that dont rip your hair out when you take them out, and that can really hold your hair back tight when you work out. These Scunci hair elastics do all that. They also have lots of colors if youre in the mood to color coordinate. I can appreciate that.

Wanda Whitehouse, NJ

Break easily

Colors were great, but when I tried to take a black one off the packaging it broke.. Some of these are cheaply glued together and although they may do the job, they won’t last long.

Rosalinda Robertsville, OH

great price

great price for a great amount of elastics. they do wear off after a couple times of use but overall they are great and do not pull on my hair.

Paige Temple, NH

Used to be my favorite – not anymore

These used to be my go-to hairband. They work well for thick hair, which I have. Held up well, didn’t pull or hurt, just a good, standard hair band. My only complaint is that after a few uses, they would stretch out, and lose their elasticity – which is pretty standard for this type of elastic hair band (scunci or any other brand). Once this happened, they became useless and I had to throw them away. Luckily they are cheap, but over the years, I’m sure it’s added up.I have since foundScunci No-slip Grip Evolution Bright Jelly Ponytailers, 14-Count, Colors may varywhich are just as good holding my thick hair, but also hold their shape, use after use. HOORAY!!!! I don’t think the jelly bands would be good for people with fine hair, but if you have thick hair, they are way better than these.

Juliet Monessen, PA

Great For Thick Hair

My other bands kept breaking, then I realized it must be because of how thick my hair has gotten, got these and haven’t had one of them break yet and they hold great!

Marcy Bayville, NJ

Work great for a limited time.

These are wonderful for my thick and my daughter’s thicker hair. They do not pull or become entangled in hair as you remove them. However, after just a few uses they start to pull from the seam and then are too loose to use effectively.

Vickie Vernon, TX

Can’t Beat These

These are great for long hair, with no tugging or pulling out hairs. I have had no issues with them breaking, and my daughter and I both use them. Good product, can’t beat the price. Plus- they give you a lot, so you don’t run out for a long time!

Kristie Lake Placid, FL

Fighting the PONY TAIL process…

These pretty and nice if you don’t mind them to be so thick and stiff. I prefer the thinner ones, they are bit easier to stretch without straining my hands and fighting the entire process and winding up with a pony tail that is crooked (on the side of my head). There is no metal crimped attachment, so yes they are “no damage” theoretically because they are smooth all the way around. But having to man-handle them just to make a pony tail (which is daily for me), could also be considered “damaging”. There are a nice variety of colors.

Tracie Maxie, VA


The colors weren’t the same as pictured. I think I received more bright colors rather then the neutral. But they work great and DO NOT snag my hair, which is what I need! Will buy again, once i loose all of these.. as usual

Lupe Sycamore, SC


I use these to knit hair scrunchies, keeping the elastics INSIDE the yarn. They work really well by themselves also. A good, solid item for someone with thick hair.

Brooke Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

So Far, So Good

I have very thick hair and a lot of it. Every hair elastic I buy will either break with time, or snap the first time I attempt to use it. I needed something a lot more stretchable and durable. So far, these elastics have worked. Pleasantly surprised. They don’t seem very durable but time will tell. I will keep searching for the perfect elastic and rate it a 5 star product..Hopefully it exists.

Jeri Eleroy, IL

It works

I mean.. what’s there to say about hair ties? I just bought them on Amazon cuz I was too lazy to hop over to CVS…

Debra Charlotte, VT

Works great!

These work as intended. Haven’t noticed them stretching out or losing their elasticity more than expected. Nice and thick caliber will hold thick hair.

Tricia Zuni, NM