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Scunci Effortless Beauty Mini Waffle Twisters, 6-Count

With scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. mini twisters are an essential for any woman with hair below chin length. keeps hair off the face while growing out or during sports. easily put hair up into a high ponytail or use low at the nape. wear one or mix for unique looks. good for quick casual style when you have to run out for errands. soft waffle material won’t damage hair. small enough for fine or thin hair. neutral colors, red, black and blue.

Key features

  • Keep hair off the face while growing out or during sports
  • Soft ribbed material won’t damage hair
  • Provides quick casual style
  • Small enough for thin or fine hair
  • 6 pack in neutral colors with black, red and blue

Honest reviews


I like scrunchies..easy to use

Im not great with hair so scrunchies keep it out of my eyes and face without having to curl, spray, etc. For those that are exasperated but don’t want to go to hairdressers or spend time in front of a mirror that could be more productive elsewhere…scrunchies are the answer,

Nannie Chouteau, OK

a lot smaller

I got these for sleeping pony tails and was surprised how small they are. I was hoping for some bigger ones, but these will do.

Francis Navarre, MN


Gave to a friend for the Holidays – She has very long hair and is a trainer. It works to keep her hair in a ponytail while working.

Angelina Mc Dowell, VA

An absolute necessity

Every woman who wears her hair long should own scunci hair ties. These are on the smallish side but perfect for pony tails or just tying my hair back out of the way.

Sadie Verona, KY

They are ok

I bought these thinking the elastic was more stretchable due to my daughter having a lot of hair but it is not.

Betty Hurlock, MD

I like these scrunchies

These are not as large as I thought they would be, but they do say “mini”. They do hold my hair well though. Probably they would be great for kids hair and if you don’t have a lot of hair to tie, or if you don’t want ones that are particularly pretty or decorative.

Marjorie Basking Ridge, NJ

Great size, nice colors …

I have fairly thick long hair, and these work nicely to keep it off my face. I can loop one of these twice around my hair for a low ponytail, and it holds tightly.These are really covered elastic bands — the covering isn’t too wide or thick, so they don’t look overly juvenile. The selection of colors is nice: good assortment of neutrals, plus a nice dark wine, a denim blue, and a navy blue. These are the colors I wear most often, so these are perfect for me.Quality seems to be superior, too. I’ve had mine several months, wear one of them daily, and they’re holding up beautifully. No complaints at all.

Camilla El Verano, CA

Great Quality

These are really good quality and do not loose shape. Excellent to wear hair up for exercise, bed or for a child’s hair.

Imogene Saltillo, TN


What can I say?! They hold my hair back as I expected……….no problems. In this heat, my hair needs to be up.

Carey Middle Grove, NY