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Scunci Effortless Beauty Mini Slinky Black Twisters, 6-Count

With scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. mini twisters are an essential for any woman with hair below chin length. keeps hair off the face while growing out or during sports. easily put hair up into a high ponytail or use low at the nape. wear one or mix for unique looks. good for quick casual style when you have to run out for errands. smooth black material won’t damage hair. small enough for fine or thin hair. all in slinky black to quickly update from day looks to evening.

Key features

  • Keep hair off the face while growing out or during sports
  • Smooth material won’t damage hair
  • Quickly update from day to evening looks
  • Small enough for thin or fine hair
  • 6 pack in slinky basic black

Honest reviews


Minimal hair damage, minimal early 90s appearance

My hairstylist recently (discreetly, with an aside that it should not be out of the house) suggested that I use scrunchies to hold my hair up, especially while it is wet, because they are a lot less damaging than elastics. These are amazing – they have all the benefits of scrunchies without being giant early 90s style puff balls.

Lily Breda, IA

good price, good product

I’m 16 and I’m kind of a fashion and beauty diva. Scrunchies are sooooo last century. BUT, they’re great for around the house when you need just your hair up and "outa yo bidness". I use them for school, exercise, and messy buns when I go anywhere from the house. (I have lots of hair, so messy buns cover the scrunchie(s) quite well).

Petra Rocklin, CA


I like these …they are not huge like some scrunchies …but if u have thick hair may not work for you . I can wrap them 2 times for a pony tail and i have thin hair . But great price and free shipping !!!

Selena Diana, WV

*not* “slinky”, perfect for fine/smooth hair, holds securely without pulling

I cannot STAND having hair in my face but I’d look like an idiot with bangs, so scrunchies have been my friend since I was a kid in the 1980’s. However, they seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur, and I must admit it
• would
• look sort of silly to have a puff of material on the crown of my head. But elastics and headbands are too fussy for me, so I have been searching for an alternate to the scrunchy for years and
• finally
• found these “Mini Twisters” several years back. They are essentially tiny scrunchies that don’t have that scrunchy-bunch, if that makes any sense.I went through the package (took about six years for them all to wear down/stretch out with daily use) and couldn’t find them in local stores. So I came to Amazon, and at first, I didn’t think these were them because of the word “slinky”- I assumed that meant they were made from some sort of silky/shiny material. But I ordered them anyway, and was ecstatic when I opened the box and found out they were my old favorites.These are mini version of the scrunchy, just with not as much fabric/bulk. They are made from a matte material that holds hair wonderfully. I have fine, smooth hair (but a ton of it) and these twisters will either hold all of it or just a few strands, depending on what I’m in the mood for. They are also insanely comfortable- even if I kinda crash on the sofa or am at the movies, it doesn’t hurt to have them smash against the back of a seat. They hold hair securely without pulling it.I’m so happy that Scunci came up with a modern twist on an old classic. Even if the big fat scrunchies come back in style, I would never switch.

Essie New Bedford, IL


I love these. Just the right size for thin, fine hair. I can wrap them around a bun, use for a ponytail, and then launder when needed. Very good buy!

Eleanor Summerville, GA

Needed some more

…after I wore mine out! These are not as bulky as the big scrunchies, and they are easier to work with because of the smoothness of the material.

Elena East Chatham, NY


These are perfect for thin or fine hair. The hold snug with no slipping..yet aren’t so tight they cause tension breakage.I can never find this size in stores so was thrilled to order them here.

Helene Smithfield, NC

good deal

Useful basic black hair accessory. Good deal for the pack of 6. They are the small size that’s perfect for my long thin hair. I wrap one 3x around my hair at back of neck, and it stay’s put all day.

Melba Reynolds, GA

Good Quality

Good quality scruncy for a decent price. I think I will buy from here again for my future hair accessory needs. The mall over-prices them anyways. This brand is decent for my hair needs. I have lots of fine (thin) hair.

Maureen Linch, WY

Hard to find favorite

These scrunchies are my favorite. They are the right diameter and thickness – just stretchy enough to hold my hair in place all day long but still be the right size to fit around my wrist without constricting my circulation. Black matches everything. I have a hard time finding these in stores anymore.

Shelly Orient, SD


Great item at a great price. Not much else to say on the matter. Works well, and no complaints. I recommend.

Rosalia Romeoville, IL

rather small

I have thin hair and these are really small. Just like the title says they are mini-twisters and really only are good to cover a pony tail. Wont hold a top-knot for me. Ok on fabric and hasnt snagged my hair.

Neva Fairhaven, MA

Keep hair back without tearing it

Because these “scrunchies” aren’t tacky, like the “evolution” elastics and other products, I doubted they would hold hair in place, but they work just as well as other elastics, and the fabric exterior doesn’t tear hair the way elastics do.

Kimberley Plummer, ID

Second order

Love these! I have super-fine wavyish, somewhat thin, hair that is super prone to breaking. These are gentle enough not to break my hair and small enough hold my thin hair. I have dark brown hair so they don’t scream “scrunchie”! This is my second order because hair ties just seem to disappear over time for me, kind of like the second sock in the dryer, LOL. I liked them enough to reorder the same kind.

Blanca West Boxford, MA

Not for thin hair

I’ve purchased in the past, but these were just too large for my very very thin hair. I returned them

Verna Easton, WA

Perfect size for my daughters hair

These are the perfect size for my daughters hair. I really love how soft and silky they are as well.

Nell Pleasanton, NE

Perfect for my thin hair..

These work great for me. I knew I should have bought a few more cause I lose them so often, but i just wanted to see their quality first and sure enough. I’ll be buying more. Thank you

Willa Hastings On Hudson, NY

Bring’ the 90’s Back

I love these things. I only wear them around the house though, I’ll admit. In any case, they’re comfortable, stretchy, and hold my hair very well!

Tammy Maysville, WV

love it wish i had more

i love it they are helpful and i keep them on my door, and its so convienent and the best of all it doesnt pull my hair and break it off

Stefanie Memphis, NY


I use these every night to keep my hair up off my neck. I can’t sleep with a fur necklace it’s just too hot. I have thin hair and these work with only to times around my pony. Not too tight, not too loose. I keep at least a dozen on hand all around the house for when it gets too warm.

Rhea Harris, MN